Sweet Poison / Long Covid

I have gone over the sugar addiction with you my dear reader many times. I have talked about AGES (Advanced Glycation End Products) since 2003!

I have detailed my experiences and understanding of low carb diets with my PhD co-author Dr Zagorodna in our amazing book The Keto Edge and provided a Ketogenic product for those of you who want a fast start to your weight loss / fat loss or simply keto diet.

So, what more could I possibly tell you about the virtues of maintaining a lower blood sugar.

Emerging but as yet anecdotal evidence suggests that people who have higher than normal blood sugars as in “pre diabetic” or simply high carb consumption situations (which can lead to episodic higher than normal blood sugars that are not yet considered a disease or pre disease state!) are more susceptible to Covid and “Long Covid” problems.

Now here is where the problems arise.

Like it or not we live in an arena (yes, it’s a WAR!) of censorship. The ridiculous power we have given to the individuals who own social media platforms (naming names: Twitter Facebook and Insta and Reddit and no doubt tick tock whatever the hell that is!) and the gigantic news media feeds like Reuters that police them has made it impossible to speak freely without risking “cancel culture”.

Ask me how I know!

Along with this has come a new language. Words Like cancel culture, anti-vaxer and my personal favorite “death years” and HODL (supposedly a drunken crypto miner’s term for HOLD) are now in the common parlance because someone decided for us that it should be so.

I will not pattern my speech or my behavior after a drunken crypto miner’s! HOLD is the word I will use!

Now, Death Years is not a new term but it was never widely used. Simple attribution to the word death or deaths apparently is not enough. According to current medically accepted sources the C vaccine prevented “UP TO” 279,000 deaths. No one reads the “up to” portion of that and very few people question the statistical machinations that allow mathematicians to predict death! In my experience as a clinician death is rather unpredictable. Do you know anyone who recently passed that was not expected to die!!!!

Now 279,000 people is a lot, but apparently it’s not impressive or scary enough! Using the “death years” the also mathematical calculation for death years you wind up with several million loss of life in number of years premature x number of people who died).

I have said this before: Beware of mathematicians playing God! Numberous (yes that spelling is deliberate- my drunken crypto miner’s version of numerous!) C based mathematical models have been dead wrong, or is that death years wrong? Be advised that AI highways are now being built to collate all kinds of data for the expressed purpose of predicting the future via mathematics. I predict there will be a rude awakening when people realize our math and computers and AI do not describe things in enough detail to predict life or death events! Simply put people will die in the process of learning where we missed the boat. New Normal I guess!

But back to death years: Millions is far scarier and far more attention grabbing than a couple hundred thousand, no?

One last point science is not scientism, and AI is indeed artificial. Now you can use your own brain and decide whether all this plays the way it should and whether you believe it

Are you embracing the “new normal”? I am not! I suppose it comes with the risk of being curmudgeonly or irrelevant but frankly stuff that makes no common sense is not something I will freely embrace!

You do as you wish of course. But before you giggle at this stuff and say “it’s funny” just be aware social acceptance does not mean YOUR acceptance nor does it have to mean your compliance. I am deadly serious about this and my spider senses have been tingling since February of 2020.

So back to science for a second and then back up on the pulpit lol.

With all the caveats of anecdotal (not yet proven but being widely observed) be aware that higher sugars may cause more vulnerability to “C” both the old C and the new C word either of which can wind you in a heap of trouble if you say something against Big Pharma.

So as usual I am not making medical claims. But diabetes is a risk for the above complications of C for sure, so while not totally scientific it stands to reason that it MIGHT be an issue to have higher than normal blood sugars!

I personally use Sugar Balance Support Formula which contains the precursor to metformin* to “support” a healthy blood sugar along with my nutrition.

I cannot stress enough the long term importance of supporting a normal healthy blood sugar.

Now more than ever!

Please use your head when taking care of your body!!!

Dr Dave

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