Hidden Benefits

Over the 2+ decades I’ve been writing about the health benefits of fish oil I have seen an interesting but predictable shift from skepticism to acceptance and eventually to enthusiasm on the part of science.

I’ve also honed in my focus both for my company and my personal mission to help mitigate the sad declines of aging.

Fish oil of course, has been a central theme there but I wanted to share some new information with you.

There is increasing evidence to suggest the beneficial effect of fish oil on muscle metabolism.

It actually started years ago when it was demonstrated that fish oil increased insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle and decreased triglyceride and insulin levels. Eventually this led to FDA approved fish oil based drugs for triglyceride control.

Much later the muscle sparing effects of fish oil on chronic muscle wasting diseases like chronic lung disease and viral HIV were described.

Now there is increasing evidence that fish oil may help in the fight against age related muscle loss known as sarcopenia, and power loss known as dynopenia.

While these rather fancy names may not suggest serious threat anyone whose been to the gym over the decades of 40s, 50s, and 60s knows how much harder it is to maintain let alone build strength as we age.

In addition, life gets harder as you get weaker. Opening jars, getting up from sitting or just simple activities of daily living.

Now here is the punch line. If you wait for your muscles to get smaller and weaker you face a massive uphill battle with a less than perfect ending!

So, start NOW. I have taken fish oil every day for over 25 years in the dose of 4 to 6 capsules a day. I am now capable of doing things I could not even imagine when I started. Its no joke and it’s no coincidence!

You can change the path to a better one and a healthier future!

Every day habits build long term benefits!

I cannot predict the future, but I do know that being strong will be essential!!

Dr Dave

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