Waking Dead or Why you should never be first!

They Knew it All Along

I remember 23 years ago when fish oil was considered dispensable and nonsensical.

Now everyone knows about it and lots of people take it.  Some doctors recommend it although they are usually careful to point out that ONLY the prescription brands are to be trusted (yeah you can trust Big Pharma and their stellar track record of “proven” science!).

Speaking of which prescription brands are now several and the amount of negative press about omega-3 fatty acids has been relegated to supplements- the similarities between them and prescription brands notwithstanding.

Here’s another one: fasting and water fasting.  My library is full of tomes on apoptosis.

I don’t even have to explain that word anymore because the bloggers and influencers of the world have co-opted the term and explained it to their minions who now walk around spouting it as if they are experts.  Go Figure!

And then there are the clever marketers who refer to senescent cells as “zombie cells” using the popularity of the “Walking Dead” to cell their “proprietary, revolutionary product endorsed by your favorite influencer.”

None of this is new, of course. marketing has been going on since the first caveman made a better club, but the sizzle far far outweighs the steak.

There is good news, however, and that is all of this has at least peripherally educated some people on some of the physiology of aging and what might be done about it.

While it’s still true most people would rather believe the personal anecdotal stories of an “Influencer” rather than an actual physician who has been morally, legally, and ethically responsible for caring for and saving actual human beings- at least some of it sinks in.’

The final “everyone knew about this all along” topic is telomeres.

The telomeres probably require no intro either since the topic is often discussed by influencers and bloggers. I simply refer to them as the “biological time clocks” that determine how long your cells live.

My biological flow chart of cells to tissues, tissues to organs, organs to organ systems, and organ systems to YOU shows the importance of healthy cells.  After all, you wouldn’t want to be made up of “zombie cells,” would you?!

And I remind you that in addition to telokynase I make an affordable dedicated telomere support supplement known as the Immortality Edge Packs. Think of it as a specific multivite for your telomeres.

And an antidote to Zombie Cells lol!

Dr Dave

So why not be first as I have so many times? because you will be ignored until lighter-weight less qualified people who are less frightening and more appealing to the general public come along and co-opt your ideas.  In the early 2000’s I wrote over 600 blogs a year.  No one paid attention, and we got very little interaction. A few years later businesses ran on blogs.  In 2006 I had over 5000 Facebook followers on my FB page. I didn’t know most of them, and they were writing all kinds of things, some offensive, on something that was then called my “wall”. To hell with that, I said… now you can’t survive without social media.

From Dr Dave the Nash Metropolitan of the Internet!

The Nash Metropolitan was an automobile introduced in 1955 and was said to be at least 20 years ahead of its time.  It sold poorly- e.g., you don’t want to be first.  Similar designs showed up 30 years later and were much better received!

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