I NEED to Say This!

Ok you may already be bored of my litany of buy fish oil now reminders. I didn’t invent the real and manufactured BS of today’s world but I can tell you my clairvoyance tells me it ain’t going back to the stability we had a few years ago any time soon. Especially when Big Pharma and other “Big” agencies are raking in the profits.

So, we have to embrace the change!

I hate to say it but hoarding is the new normal. There are of course lots of reasons for this – some real, some invented but I have in my 20 years of business not seen anything like this ever. Of course, I said the same thing about my 40 years in medicine!

As I mentioned in a prior email our greatest strength is our greatest weakness. We need special distillation facilities, special encapsulation facilities and a special size capsule along with multiple QA samples. We don’t grow our stuff in a VAT and put an exotic label on it!

Yet none of that was an issue in these past 2 years. Neither was the supposed back log of far shore orders in Long Beach Ca since nothing we use come though there. 95% of everything and 100% of my fish oil is made right here in the U. S. of A. including the offending items: bottles and caps!

It was interesting to see how fast the bottles and caps were found when we asked for our product to be shipped to us so we could find another bottler. 24 hours and all of a sudden, the supply chain issue was solved! Sound fishy to you?! I guess that is the “new normal”.

That being said we are stocked although not exactly swimming in our flagship product.

As a matter of fact its flying off the shelves at an alarming rate. I know it’s a good problem to have and I appreciate the fact my customers know they are getting something special, but I hate making people wait or turning them away!

I expect more in 2-3 months which would actually be the fulfillment of THIS order placed LAST August! But as with all things in this “new normal” delays are almost a certainty.

So, I NEED to Say THIS. Order now, hoard if you have to.

Even I can’t predict this future but I can hedge against the BS!


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