On Your Own – Waiting for the Next Virus?

I had an enjoyable walk through the Autumn woods this morning with an old friend.

My friend whom we’ll call Dave (actually his real name!) is a very recently retired ER doc who is my age.

Naturally we compared notes as we often do.

The topic of viral infection and immunity came up. This is something we had talked about in the past. We respectfully disagreed with each other on many of the topics, with him taking the party line and me the “conspiracy theory”.

Dave and his wife had just gotten over a bout of Covid that laid them both out with upper respiratory symptoms and extreme fatigue. Both of them, being part of the medical system, had been vaccinated 4 times. Dave’s last vaccine was 5 days before both he and his wife got what to them was severe Covid. Actually, I’m sure it would have been classified as “moderate” based on the current criteria and both of them appear not to have any long-term sequela yet.

I asked if he thought the vaccine worked expecting the party line, “Well it might have been worse if we hadn’t gotten it”.

Instead, he said, “You know now that I am retired and they can’t touch me I tell you I think this virus was man made or at least man altered.”

That was a 180 but I neither agreed nor disagreed (fact checkers and censors please read that last sentence again!).

What I said next was a simple belief. “Well, you know Dave I think we are pretty much on our own!”

This was a sweeping statement that encompassed my philosophy about health today.

You are pretty much on your own!

You may and hopefully do have good doctors to turn to but many of them are not able to express their opinions and treatment options. Then there is the mass exodus of trained doctors and nurses and other personal who are leaving the profession for good due to “The covid crisis”.

Burnout was never a factor although for 2 years prior numerous reputable medical journals we citing it as a cause for the decline in active professionals.

When my friend Dave retired last month medicine lost a great talent that will most likely not be replaced.

There is good and bad in everything – shadow and light, Yin and Yang etc.

The good thing is that if you are willing to be responsible and educate yourself you stand a lot better chance of surviving and thriving in the “New Normal”.

Being on your own might just be a good thing when the narrative keeps changing at the expense of you and me.

These days, I sell insurance….

Like lots of things its better to have it and use it and not need it, but why not help the odds!

Here’s to floating in a heavy world.

Dr Dave

2 thoughts on “On Your Own – Waiting for the Next Virus?”

  1. But Dave…your friend did not answer the question you asked. Whether or not the virus was man-made…so was the vaccine effective in his opinion? I agree we need to take care of ourselves with supplements etc, this is why we continue to purchase your products, but that does not mean you have to neglect all medical research, advice, care. We do both – and get all vaccines, don’t see how it can hurt.

  2. One of the issues that causes me real concern is reading about those who just don’t know that they don’t know. The base root of their abject apathy must be FEAR. Except with the issue of “this virus” and its helper the “vaccine” this is not” false evidence appearing real.” Oodles of global evidence abound to the contrary and I have let go of trying to help.

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