New Product Announcement- “Is Your Manhood Under Attack?”

With the advent of my newest supplement Super Male Max X I wanted to let you know that if you are a man, your manhood has been under attack for some time.

Quite awhile as a matter of fact!

Now for the ladies reading this, you among all of us know better if your man is losing it!  And you might be the best person to intervene in the process and stop the down slide that is associated with lowering of male hormones.

Men if you are honest with yourselves, have a look at the statements below and see where you might be on this spectrum!

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Lack of desire to have sex as frequently as before
  • Lack of energy in general
  • Loss of the ability to focus and make decisions
  • Loss of physical stature and height
  • Loss of stature at work or in the community
  • Weight gain, specifically fat around the middle
  • Carbohydrate craving
  • Loss of body hair or change in body hair pattern
  • Thinning or loss of pubic hair
  • Loss of muscle mass and “weak” posture
  • Change in the timbre of voice
  • Appearing bored or disinterested in most things
  • Hot flashes (yes men get them!)
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Trouble concentrating

True this is a short but broad list but ladies (and gentlemen) the symptoms and signs are not always overt and can be quite subtle especially in the early phases.

And there are other biologic markers as well as physical conditions associated with declining testosterone levels which can include diabetes, heart failure, and my personal favorite, shortening of the biologic time clocks, the telomeres.

Getting your testosterone checked and being told its “normal” is not always accurate, especially if you are under 60. Remember lab normal are based on a very large age range and what is normal for a 90-year-old may not be normal for you!!!

Anti-aging physicians have long treated with hormones to reverse some of the physiologic changes of aging and improve the quality of life.

I spend years practicing medicine of that sort myself.

But there were many many men who for all kinds of reasons did not want to bother with shots or creams to boost their testosterone levels.

Sadly, the supplement industry had no good answers.  Initially they came out with hormones and pro hormones, but that fast became illegal.

Next we were stuck with things like Tribulus and Tongkat Ali that only work in the presence of true testosterone enhancers. But lately a key, previously missing ingredient that is (currently at least) completely legal and known to be safe and non-addictive has been researched and added to the mix to create a unique blend of herbal all-natural testosterone supplementation.

It’s brand new and for a limited time it’s on sale for the lowest price of the year.

I call it Super Male MAX X.  And you can lock in the sale subscription prices right now while the supplies last.

Ladies, help your men!!!

Men Help Yourselves!!!!

Get started on Super Male MAX X now and remember what its like to feel like a man!

After the sale is over, it’s over..

Super Male MAX X- For the Man in Your Life!



Dr. Dave

See FAQ’s Cautions and Caveats.

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