It’s been Such a Long Time- Male Maxx Returns!!

I guess I’m showing my age by quoting a Boston song for the email title.

I was actually shocked when I saw it was released in 1976!

I can remember a lot about that year since I was about to graduate High School!

They also had another song called “What Does it Take to Be a Man?!” and that is actually the topic of today’s email. Please hold any comments about the “PWO” and misogyny since this is about hormones and nothing else!

After what seems like forever Male Maxx X my purpose built all natural male (and once a week doses female) hormone support supplement is back in force!

For a while it was “impossible” to get the raw materials. The translation is the raws were deliberately made scarce to create an artificial drop in supply and increase in demand with the resultant inflationary increase in price.

Sound familiar?

The good news is for the moment the “supply problem” is solved and we are NOT increasing the price…yet. In fact, since this one missed our Christmas Sale, we are putting it up on Christmas sale pricing for the next 48 hours only!

We are holding the line for the moment but the increase is inevitable as it has been for everything else.

If you had a subscription order that will be filled first.

If you did not you might want to consider that since we always fill those first before we get to the one off orders.

Either way if you want a boost in your hormone profile in a safe natural and non prescription format Male Maxx X is what you want.

The ingredients list is unique (again the blessing and the curse) so check it out before we run out again. I am not hoping for that but these days it doesn’t hurt to stock up since the shelf life is 2 years and we have our already discounted cases on sale for just today!

For you ladies you may recall testosterone is an important part of your hormone profile albeit at much lower levels. This is why Once a Week Male Maxx is reasonable for an active lady!

Here’s hoping the good news continues and remember…. For the moment we are not increasing the price.

All the Best,

Dr Dave

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