In Search of Your Lost Manhood, or- Oh Brother Wherefor Art Thou!!!

One complaint I get

From both men and women is the seemingly inevitable loss of sex drive that occurs as men age.  As is typical of our society the usual answer was for many years “You are just getting old!”

Fortunately, with the advent of Big Pharma jumping into age management about 15 years ago we have an “acceptable drug” for decreased manhood.

Before we get into the where’s and why’s let’s take a quick look at the What’s!

As men age, they become more like women!

Hormonally their male juice drops off (testosterone, DHEA and the metabolites) and there is a slow but steady increase in the ratio of female estrogen to male testosterone. Key work being ratio, not necessarily absolute numbers!

Another wonderful age related phenom is the rise in Sex Binding Globulin which in a rare case of medical clarity was name for exactly what it does- binds up sex hormones and decreases their availability.

There is so far not a ton you can do about the later but it appears to be less important than the former and that one has a simple solution: increase male (in this case testosterone) hormone.

Now you can use gels, creams or shots for this if you want to go that route with your doctor and he or she will play along with you.  But many men just want an all-Natural Testosterone Booster.

By using Pine Pollen and other natural support agents

We can boost testosterone through an intermediate known as Androstenedione. So far this is the only legal use of this compound which was banned quite a few years ago because in its non-natural form it was being abused.  Pine Pollen being a natural version of this has escaped the scrutiny of regulating agencies.

Don’t wait though because even naturally occurring agents can be called unnatural by the powers that be.  Especially if they dig into Big Pharma’s pocket book!

Once your levels are restored

To natural male normal, you will feel and be stronger, more virile, more decisive (because the big brain has more receptors for Mr. T than your little brain does!).

There is also a good chance you will lose body fat and have thicker more strong looking skin as well.

The Best News is that Super Male Maxx is at its lowest price ever and is shipped to your door free in the Continental U.S.A!

Don’t waste time!  Reclaim Your Manhood now.

Ladies as an FYI YOU Might need to be the one to break it to your man.  Do it gently and remember the Fragile Male Ego (made worse by low testosterone levels).

You can give it to him as The Gift that keeps on giving!!!


Dr Dave


*Several men have asked me if they can “stack” this on top of their Testosterone Gels and Patches.  The legal correct answer is “Ask your doctor”! Those that have love the results and sometimes can get off the Pharma stuff- but that is anecdotal- always ask your doctor before changing or stopping any meds and remember this is a supplement that makes NO medical claims at all!

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