This Amazing Gift of Health Needs No Introduction!

Todays Super Holiday Sale item is my Ultra Potent Fish Oil.

As with all other items its at is best price with free Shipping in the Continental US.

So, stock up and refill your coffers with the Best Fish Oil on the Planet.

Remember there are cases available too for the lowest price of the year.

One word of caution.  Some of my dedicated readers have told me that the imposters are out there selling outdated fish oil! If the manufactured date is anything past mid 2017 it is probably outdated and well past its best.  It’s up to you if you want to risk rancidity but I wouldn’t advise it!

Go here instead.

We have a good supply but not a great one so you might want to move quickly Hint Hint!!!

And while your at it don’t forget to order some for your friends and loved ones.


The real Dr. Dave

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