What Does It Take to Be A Man?!

These days you are likely to get as many answers to that question as the number of people you interview.

And the answers would be as varied as the number of political, geographical, social and environmental influences you could think of.

But there is one thing beyond the shadow of a doubt and beyond any bending, straightening, shaping and shifting that will always be a correct answer: Testosterone.

Now I won’t bore you with the details of hormone metabolism but in this cholesterol shy world there are a lot of men out there who tend to be more feminized than ever because of the effects of drugs on cholesterol.

Then there is the plethora of xenoestrogens ingested as various forms of food additives.

Then there is the ocean, literally, of plastic by products.

And finally, there is the oldest, cruelest and most pervasive testosterone killer of all: Father Time.

Yes, age rears its ugly head as testosterone loss (andropause) for most men long before their time.

So, I have designed and all natural legal non-steroid oral supplement to combat this problem and help you balance your testosterone if you are a man *

It’s called Super Male MAX X and it is already changing the life of men all across the globe.

If you are getting older, slower, more passive, fatter and dumber (yes, all signs of low Testosterone) and you don’t want to take steroids, injectables, or drugs, this is your BEST answer.

The rest of being a man I will leave up to you… for now!



Dr Dave

*Women can take this product once a week

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