Happy Father’ Day – Honoring the Divine Masculine

I had incredible parents, both mom and dad.

But today is Dad’s day to be honored so I want to share a little story with you.

Growing up my Dad always wanted to be a doctor but there was no way his family could afford any higher education because they were very poor.

He told me he needed a miracle.

That miracle came in the form of WW2- an ironic choice of miracles, but for but him it personally was. He was a man of devout faith so he became a conscientious objector and joined the medical core as a field medic. He did not carry a weapon even though he was trained in their use.

The first thing they told him was when he got to Germany (his first battle was the Battle of the Bulge) was don’t wear the “Red Cross” helmet as it was the preferred target of German Snipers!

On his way into battle he was in the back of a truck when a German plane strafed his column. Sitting next to him was a man of the exact same name but with a slightly different spelling. I’m guessing the troop carrier assignment was alphabetical.

As the plane made its run the commanding officer shouted “Get Down” and everyone did, or so my dad thought. When the attack was over he found his immediate neighbor and namesake sitting bolt upright eyes wide open. He shook him and asked why he didn’t get down.

As the man fell over dead in front of him he noticed a small hole in his skull. Same name, different spelling, sitting next to my dad- dead.

He told me from that moment he realized Divine Providence had saved him. And in my dad’s own cheerful way he went about his grim business saving lives and burying the dead for the next few months until the war was over.

When he returned, he was able to attend college and get into med school under the financial aid of the GI Bill.

I am personally not a big believer in coincidence so I agree with my dad’s viewpoint- one which he kept the rest of his life. He was chosen to be a doctor, a healer, in a long line of healers. It was his fate and his Truth. He led a magical life.

He comforted, healed, delivered and saved many lives in his 50 year career. I had the privilege of working with him for 6 of those years before he lovingly told me. “ I’m holding you back Dave- go out and make your mark your own way.”

And he loved his kids and did everything possible to make sure we had every advantage in our lives.

He passed 20 short years ago but he, like mom is with me every day.

He was and is a hero of mine and while this day is dedicated to all Dads, I think of mine with incredible appreciation, veneration and awe. I know he was exception and wanted me to be the same- to fill my potential as a man and a healer and a spirit.

I believe he succeeded!

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

And to all Dad’s out there may this day be magical for you and the ones you Love!


P.S. And Happy Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse- a Powerful day for the Divine Masculine Indeed

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