A Life in Balance Part 6

I’ve done some bad things!!!

Honestly, I don’t expect your to remember the first 5 emails on this topic.

I’m not 100% sure that I even do!

But I know that the topic of balance and learning from your mistakes is one of the keys to health and longevity, so I am going to share some good things I’ve found as well as some “mistakes” I’ve made.

Time travel backwards some 20 years (actually it is timely since another birthday is just around the corner for me).

Some bad things I did:

Work too hard physically. My mind is restless or at least it was until I decided that I actually do have “time” to do what I need to do and everything is perfect notwithstanding the recent exploration of topics such as human programming and behavioral modification of the negative kind.

Restlessness has been replaced by curiosity and fear of dying by acceptance that I have already “done enough”. The rest is gravy or a gift if you will.

In addition thanks to Brain Force 1 I am calmer and more focused in the face of uncertainty. I am and you can be aware of things that are truly meaningful to you and yours instead of what “they” want you to obsess about.

A note about accepting my mortality…. It may seem strange coming from a guy who wants to prolong life and health by decades but honestly in the long run, we do what we can without any guarantees. That said Telokynase and the Immortality Edge Packs are huge bets in your favor.

As I’ve said before I make this stuff for me but I am honored and happy when I can provide you with solutions as well.

Who else wants to live longer and better? Telokynase.

Next mistake: living in the future. Viz a viz the above it is in my “nature” to plan ahead. Part of that comes from my professional life and part of it from the desire for control. Both have softened in recent years as I see that energy, both positive and negative is just that – energy.

So with awareness all energy can be morphed into whatever direction and form you want!!!!!

Next mistake: Working out without warming up, warming down or being aware of the cost in mental and physical (metabolic) energy.

Blues singer Bonnie Rait who has had a long career on the road and survived and thrived once sang, “Life gets much more precious when there is less of it to waste!

This has been a personal mantra as the years pass. Not because I fear the future or notice large changes in my abilities! If anything I grow more capable both mentally and physically as time goes by. Some of this is due to my creations Toco Q and of course Telokynase.

Some is due to personal growth. But the preciousness of life and the desire to be as good as I can be also needs tempering with kindness for my body and those limitations that show up again and again because I’ve overcooked something.

Similarly I’ve grown in compassion for others.

Simply put if I had balanced things out more I would have been able to sustain the effort over longer periods of time without injury time outs or over training. That rarely happens now fortunately.

Next mistake: Not addressing mobility. As you may know I practice Yoga most days in the context of mobility. I freely admit I am not enamored with what appears to be covert religious principles in the East Indian forms of Yoga. But I do not denigrate them, I simply do what Bruce Lee advised – take what is useful and discard the rest.

Most of these principles are universal anyway.

As I mentioned recently I am now exposing myself to a Taoist form of Yoga with the founder, Pauline Zink, to broaden my horizons and satisfy my need to grow and learn. You may think it odd but the nootropic brain supplement Brain Force 1 helps me learn the physical faster as well as the mental.

The final mistake for today: Not being aware of my true nature!

It’s easy to think of yourself as “good” when everyone tells you you are. It’s easy to think of yourself as “smart” when everyone tells you you are. But there are weaknesses and exploitations that happen when you are not, as my friend and mentor Matt Furey has said, “ Neutral in accepting praise and criticism”.

When ever we pigeon hole ourselves into categories we reduce ourselves to less than what we have to offer ourselves and others who “deserve” it.

My personal pigeon hole is “Carrier Empath”. I nurture, I heal, I relate, I strive for harmony with and among others and I carry the planning responsibility and provide structure for those less structured and capable.

But not everyone wants to be healed and trying to heal those who are not on that wavelength is exhausting and energetically and spiritually draining. I used to think such people -energy vampires- were “bad”. Now I simply avoid them and they rapidly forget my existence and look for other more rewarding prey.

I am no longer prey or a victim to anyone or anything. Rather I am accountable, responsible and own my nature and my flaws and strengths.

The hardest thing to have learned comes in the form of a personal quote which is now in my T shirt collection, “ Love heals everything just not everyone!”

The dual nature of flaws and strengths is fascinating and you can look for more of this in my upcoming book “Demons and Angels- The Narcissist-Empath Dynamic”.

But actually there is another book that is literally one hour away from being done that will be released first. It is as honest and controversial as I am and I will offer it with genuineness and neutrality towards criticism and praise.

It is in my nature to write. If it is in your nature to read, thank you for spending this time with me.

I hope you can benefit from my mistakes as well as my creations.

Peeling the Onion layer by layer,

Dr Dave

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