This email to you could be easily one of simple appreciation by me for you.  As a matter of fact, let’s start there.

If it was not for people like you..

There is no way I could continue to create the amazing things I get to create.  There would be no need to help people, no need to improve life, no need to make our own lives and that of our fellow man and woman better.

There can be no better reason to wake up in the morning.

That said I have had a lot of help!

It seems to me that all I have to do is ask and the right people show up to spoon feed me exactly what I need to know in a fashion that saves me literally years.  And while I expect to have many years left, the Dali Lama said it best, “You only think you have time!”

So, while you and I are buying runway in health and probably life as well it’s always good to recognize how much love and support.

In addition to my wonderful long time customers turned friends, people like Greg and Edgar and William and Sarah and Natasha and so so many others I want to thank the following people specifically:

Mom and Dad for their unqualified love and support and for not programming me too heavily with their needs, but rather seeing me as a totally free individual and allowing that freedom.

To my sister for her tolerance, understanding and unending belief in me.

For a few people who wish to remain unnamed but are still out there believing in me even when I allow myself to be weak.

To my first business mentor and friend Matt Furey.  I don’t know anyone who has created more of what they wanted in life than you.  Thank you for sharing that incredible gift!

To Bill Lands- the godfather of Omega 3 fatty acid biology for showing me the truth!

To Maria Blasco Mike Fossel and Bill Andrews, the most prolific proponents of the telomere theory of aging- for sharing your knowledge without reservation.

For Rafa and Tony my brothers in arms in Stem Cells- together we change the world.

To my guitar mentor Michael Angelo Batio – thanks for recognizing me as exceptional and what an honor to own one of your personal guitars.  Shred til you’re Dead Brother!!!!

For my tribe all over the world

Who look to me for guidance- You will get all of what I have to give.

For all the people who have ever inspired me, living or dead, in my life now or gone – my breath catches when I think of what we have done in so short a time!

For those who have failed me or caused me to fail. Its all part of the Warrior’s Path.  Thank you for reminding me how truly strong I am even when vulnerable!!!

And finally YOU who are reading this right now. We never know how our words, our support and our belief will change history.  Whether it’s the history of one or many doesn’t matter.

I would ask you to take a moment to thank some of the people who have shaped your life. And then I would tell you “Take Your Fish Oil!

Yours in a Magical Life,




I want to hear your story

I always love hearing from customers, fans, and everyone who just wants to live a longer and healthier life. If you’ve got a story, we’d love to hear it. If you’ve got someone to thank, let us know and we’ll see if we can share that with the world. We love pictures! I’d love to hear about your journey and progress and share it with the world. Reach out to me!

I just wanted to let you know I am back in the country after a month long excursion into self growth!

What an amazing trip it was and so many changes.

The biggest theme for the whole thing was for me to learn to let go of that which does not serve me and make room for that which does.

On this weekend of rebirth, it is truly fitting that I have experienced a rebirth of my own- one for which I am truly grateful!

The things, people and places I am letting go of have taught me much about myself and in truth will allow me to serve YOU better in the coming months.

I also want to celebrate Spring’s arrival with you. My little enclave in Southeastern Pa is absolutely gorgeous and I return home with renewed joy at what I have accomplished. I send those things away that need to go away so that I can focus my energy 100% on the amazing discoveries that I have been working on and bring them to final fruition so that we may both benefit.

Perhaps as you celebrate this weekend you to may be called to let go of something that has been dear but is no longer fitting in your life. Embrace the change and embrace the newness in YOU.

But some things will never change… Take your Fish Oil !!!!

Happy Holidays!

Dr Dave (DD)

Normally when I travel

I don’t make a big deal over it. After all I seem to always be going somewhere mostly for work or research these days.

But right now I am in Costa Rica doing a one week intensive session with an amazing Yogi named Pablo Lucero at a gorgeous place called Rio Chirripo.

If this sounds strange to you well, it sounds strange to me too since a few months ago I could barely touch my toes!

That said Life is for living and everything in its right time. Frankly the importance of body mechanics and posturology has become more important as anti-aging strategies with each passing year.

As I find myself

Growing younger,stronger,and faster and maybe wiser I also find that free range of motion or lack thereof accentuates or limits my strength and how well I control my body in space!

5 hours a day of strength based Yoga is a huge challenge for me.

The answer? The thing that allows me to recuperate? The thing that allows me to break for 3 hours and then dive back in?

Well it’s actually 2 things that each provides very different, but very necessary attributes.

First and foremost is fish oil. I am now taking 6 caps 2x a day. That’s right 12 caps a day total! This takes the aches and inflammation right out of my body and FAST! Without it I wouldn’t have made it out of the first day! I am also certain it makes me more flexible!!! If you’ve taken on a more intense then normal schedule, give it a try for a few days and see what it does for you!

Next is Energy X Maxx, obviously for strength and endurance, both of which I need buckets of during the hours and hours of training I’m doing.

At the end of my day today I have made rapid progress in the hand stand poses, something I’ve always dream of becoming proficient at. I encourage you, especially if you’ve ‘fallen out of it’ to jump back in. There is simply no better time than the present to start planning for your healthy future, and that planning needs to involve physical work, mental clarity, and a renewed focus.

Meanwhile in Costa Rica..

It did something it rarely does this time of year: It rained for hours, and the power has gone out leaving lots of time for simple contemplation. I’m not sure if it’s the Yoga, the rain, or my mega doses of fish oil but it’s been a long time since I’ve had this clarity of thought.

I’ll keep you posted for sure! Thanks for joining me!


Dr Dave

First of all I want to wish you a continued and continuous Happy Holiday.  If you celebrate Christmas as I do have a Blessed One!  Whatever you celebrate I hope you are filled with the spirit of the holiday and renewed for the coming New Year 2019!

I also want to tell you how flattered I am that so many people wrote in telling me “Doc You missed a couple of products in the Sale”!

Well, you know me I never do anything exactly the same twice so this year we are going to pick up the rest of the products starting on the 26th and moving thru the New Year, so keep your eye on those emails!

Love, Joy, Health and Happiness to You and Yours!

Dr. Dave

Today is the day for the fabled mid term elections. We are bombarded on all sides with contradictory information in the form of facts.

The truth of the matter is that most of these things do not play on our intelligence, they prey on our emotions. It’s actually similar to buying behavior. A study of buyers’ habits revealed that even people who weigh all the odds and make what the consider to be an intelligent choice based on stats and figures are actually buying emotionally.

So, all the work that is done to make an intelligent choice (think consumer reports etc.) is actually done to satisfy the emotional need to weigh all the odds and feel like they made an intelligent choice.

Hey I didn’t make this world, I just live in it!!!

But the least you can do is support your ability to make an intelligent choice by giving your brain a leg up in this day and age of endless attention deficit and sound bytes.

By that I mean using Brain Force One to provide the substrates for a healthy happy brain.

The only advice on voting I can give you is do so.

The rest of your life still awaits and it will require intelligent choices.

Don’t let your Brain fail you!!!



I have been inundated recently by negative reports on all kinds of supplements. The “fish oil is worthless” thing never seems to get old.

But ironically sales are up up and away on the global market. Funny you’d think if something doesn’t work it would disappear.

All this is in spite of the onslaught by Big Pharma and their known $! Billion dollar campaign to make themselves look better in the eyes of the public. A large part of that campaign is hiring anti-supplement press and anti-supplement mouth pieces with big money to advertise and get eyeballs.

It’s ironic that one of my friends asked me about the “Codex Alimentarius”. He wanted to know if I wasn’t scared by it.

Not at all… The Codex has become a lame duck lazy man’s boring way of trying to mobilize anti-government sentiment, specifically against over regulation.

I have been “threatened by it” for over 15 years.

Me and my freedom, You and your freedom are far more threatened in more subtle ways.

Let me explain:

The Codex has been hanging over everyone’s head for over a decade and a half but it has never passed and it never will. Why?
Because any politician who votes for such an obvious breach of public freedom will never stay in power. Even the most government-oriented types have not passed it and we certainly have had fans of big government in power.

A far more dangerous and subtle threat comes from the advertising and control of “science” by the people who stand to gain from it and who also fund it: Big Pharma.

As the second biggest lobby group in the country don’t think for a moment they do not control health care policy. There is a reason why we pay 2x as much as Canadians for drugs and 5X as much as in Mexico.

There is a reason why the CEO of a drug company can defend a sudden 50X price increase in a vital drug like Epi Pen without fear of reprisal.

And they absolutely do control science and research. And who is going to question science and research and not be branded a quack?

Sweet set up huh?!

The tools of Big Pharma are the alphabet agencies that “save you from yourself” and believe me if they want to silence or squash someone it happens fast and hard.

But because we live in a relatively free society it has to be done with YOUR complicity.

Which means you can still decide not to be fooled.

I urge you to educate yourself to the best degree possible.

And now just a quick reminder.

Your gut is the key to a large part of your health.

Your gut determines what you absorb and discard including your supplements.

Much has been made of formulations that are nano particulated, enteric coated, non-compressed etc. etc.
All of that is good and valid but it doesn’t mean a thing if your gut microbiome is off.

That is why I make Pro Life Ultra PB- a pre and probiotic that gives you the microbiome boost you need.

If you can worry about nutrient timing, formulation construction and absorption do so, but don’t forget to start at the beginning.
Your Gut!!!!

Dr Dave

Back in the year 2000 when I started to practice anti-aging medicine, hormone replacement was a major part of our therapy.  At the time it was the one thing that other doctors did not really do much of especially for men.

As a matter of fact it was downright quackery in the eyes of some of our more established (read old) colleagues. I have made many comments on the transition that has taken place mainly driven by Big Pharma’s ability to patent testosterone patches and creams. What was once quackery is now sanctioned by the establishment and the question “Is it low T?” is being asked in doctors’ offices around the world.

I have to tell you it’s because of all the wrong reasons.  Much like the Viagra revolution which is a thinly veiled attempt to legitimize recreational drug use (by treating erectile dysfunction) testosterone replacement is being used to make men feel better about themselves. Now really there is nothing wrong with that but it misses the point: testosterone replacement is a real treatment for other legitimate diseases like heart failure, diabetes and bone loss in men (and women!).

My most memorable case was that of Joe F. aged 86 who had intermediate grade prostate cancer and was in the hospital every 2 weeks in heart failure much to the chagrin of our cardiologists.

I decided to treat Joe with 100 mg of testosterone cypionate a week.  I was called by no less than 3 of my colleagues asking me if I had lost my mind. Didn’t I know the testosterone was absolutely contraindicated in prostate cancer?  Didn’t I know I was going to kill the patient?

Fortunately for Joe I did not listen to them and went with what I knew would help Joe. He was never again admitted for heart failure and his diabetes went away as well. His quality of life was much better and he lived another 6 years to die of pneumonia.

If only we had had TA-65 then!

I had to laugh when 3 years ago world renowned Harvard based testosterone expert Abraham Morgantaler was lauded for being radical by treating men with prostate cancer with testosterone. That is almost as radical as Dr.Oz endorsing the Paleo diet and telling you it’s OK to eat butter. My coauthors and I made our preference for that diet known back in 2010 with our book The Immortality Edge.

But we are not from Harvard nor do we have a TV show!

So last week I read 2 back to back studies that I will sum up for you here.

These studies primarily looked at men but they apply to a degree to women as well. They basically said that power output and muscle mass were independent predictors of aging and death. The less muscle you had the more likely you were to die. The funny thing is I recently had the occasion to listen to the introductory fish oil CD I give all my new customers.

I had a long, long drive ahead of me and I was thinking maybe I should redo that CD- after all it was recorded in 2007. The more I listened the more I had to give myself a pat on the back and the less I wanted to tackle the redo.  I never use notes for any of my lectures and the CD is no exception. Honestly I do not know how I packed all that info into one CD.

One of the things I talk about is power and muscle mass as it relates to Omega 3 levels. And I specifically talk about how it relates to morbidity (sickness) and mortality (death rate).

So now 7 years later science has given us 2 specific studies that show that muscle mass and strength along with testosterone and activity levels are independent predictors of how well you will age and how long you will live.

And all of this without telomeres.


So here it is in a nutshell:

The way I practiced medicine as an anti-aging doc- trying to maximize hormone levels safely- should probably be standard of care especially for men, since it directly affects mortality.

Next since big Pharma now has patented testosterone formats it has become “OK” to do this since we are not taking away their profit margins by doing it ourselves the way I did so long ago.

Next, not doing these things – exercise, hormone management, telomere management, omega 3 management is not taking care of yourself or your patients to anywhere near the degree we would all want to do and have for ourselves and our loved ones.

Turns out it may be more important than you think.  It may not just help you look great this summer, it may help keep you alive and healthy much longer!




Warning this one is a heartfelt, uncomfortable truth bare your soul email so read it at your own risk but if you do please read it all!

Sadly, there are unscrupulous people out there who have no qualms about misrepresenting themselves.

Some potential examples of this are the current (should I be saying recurrent?) cross hairs that are trained on Costco- this time for misrepresentation of their fish oil brand.  Now we live in a guilty until proven innocent society these days because we read qualifiers – may, could maybe, what if, might and the like as absolutes.

They are not.

But there is this magic word the government uses called “insinuates”. Guess who gets to decide what is an insinuation and what isn’t!?  If you guessed the same people who decide that the number of randomized placebo-controlled studies you need to prove a claim in the government’s eyes is undefined and subject to changes, you get the gold star.

The real answer to the study question is: “More than you’ve done however many that is.”

And they do not poll the general public to see what the definition of “insinuates” is.

And as far as Costco is concerned we might wait until this legal situation is over to pass judgement.

The problem is most people will have long decided based only on the headline and never bother to follow the actual case for the real verdict.  Damage done and maybe not for good reason.

Ask me how I know*

In addition, there are far too many people who just read headlines and concoct an entire story about it much like the recent fish oil study that showed moderate benefit (and was poorly designed or perhaps ((another qualifier)) designed perfectly to show a negative result by using tiny doses of fish oil).

This study got blasted all over the internet as the “FINAL VERDICT”.  I am not a profane man but that is you know what ridiculous especially since even a small dose of fish oil DID show benefit.

Combine qualifiers as absolute and headline skimming without reading or understanding what you are talking about and you have 50% of the internet.

You may as well get all your information from Facebook.

The FDA and the FTC could have a field day if they cared to.

However, there are some real phony baloneys out there. For instance, if you had a company that was named after a doctor say, “Dr. John’s Supplements” wouldn’t you think that very strongly implies there is a doctor there?

I suggest you ask.  The Longevity Edge is the ONLY place that has Dr. Dave Woynarowski.  If you see someone saying there is a doctor somewhere, I’d ask who that doctor is and check to see if it’s a real person with a medical degree.  Nothing against my PhD colleagues but treating rats does not qualify.

Honorary degrees in vaguely related disciplines don’t count.

Remember this guy?

Similarly, if you were to get an email from Dr. John’s Supplement Company and the headline started with “I” and no other “I” was mentioned you might wrongly assume that “I” was Dr. John when there was no such person there.

Under any circumstances the FTC would consider that deception.  If you are getting emails from someone like that please report them to the FTC so they can be investigated!!!!

Next if it’s too good to be true it probably is.

I know this because I have gotten complaints from customers about products that are discounted 50-80% and are either expired or about to expire.  They are surprised to hear that I am not involved in any way and The Longevity Edge is about to celebrate its 2nd birthday with the only Dr. Dave W there is at the helm.

I am sorry if you were one of the people who has been deceived by any of the above scams but again, it was not me!

OK now for the fun stuff.

The first of our telomere products is due in less than 10 days so stay tuned for an early April launch.

I’ve got something special planned for you at that time!

Our amazing probiotic will also be in stock again at the end of this month- for those of you who wondered why we haven’t been talking about it – it’s in short supply!

Well it sold so well that we barely had enough to meet our subscriptions for this month, but we timed it right and when you start seeing emails about it again it will be a “no wait” situation.

Until then I wish you a great rest of the weekend and stay alert for con men.  They are most definitely out there**

*and **-  I used to think you had to really be way out of line to attract negative attention from the government or Quack Watch and the like.  I have learned over the years that it really is not hard to get negative attention at all.

There are 4ingredients any one of which can lead to costly negative attention (costly in legal fees even if you are found totally innocent, and costly to your reputation) even in the face of complete innocence.

  • You piss someone off. Either someone who has more money than you do to waste on legal nonsense or someone who has far more time than you do and makes a career out of an ax to grind.
  • Similarly, if you are a colossal flapping celestial size anal sphincter you may get nailed on karma alone. This is the “witch hunt” scenario you occasionally hear about where some jerk is totally innocent of everything other than being a jerk and they get nailed. No one really pities them but…. The problem is these people generally take a lot good people down with them.
  • You make what someone else considers an obscene amount of money. For example, a company I know of (no its not mine!!!!) recently got dinged by an alphabet agency even though they did pretty much everything right including studies and using great scientists to prove their findings. Problem was 2 or 3 of these findings potentially made them competitors to Big Pharma who is selling “real” drugs (You know the kind that build bone in your spine but erode your jaw, or the kind that lower your cholesterol and it took 30 years of continued studies to make a questionable case for their wide spread usage).  Big Pharma doesn’t like competition from supplements and has done everything in their power to make sure they don’t have any.  Alphabets comply.

But please remember they exist for your protection!

Or is that an insinuation?

So, all over the 50+ page complaint filed by the agency were references to the money made and paid to people for various advertising and “false” insinuations and claims.  That case is now up for public complaint and the average person who does not know anything about the health care industry is going to see an alleged figure for gross income of 39 million over 12 years and think this company must be greedy beyond all belief. The concept of salaries for employees, various types of insurances, legal retainers and expenses, physical plants, shipping, taxes of all kinds-Federal, State, City, disability for the employees, Social Security, Medicare, SS disability contributions, supply and manufacture, quality control, scientists and consults and providing income for several dozen people and several other companies-is not subtracted from that sizeable figure.  After all, if you are trying to get the public to hate a company just show the gross income and imply they get to keep it.

For the record The Longevity Edge does not look, feel or make anything anywhere near that nor did my former company. We always have been (until the original company was sold) friends and family running the business and our inventory alone costs us about 55% of what we make. This is because when I ran the company they were custom made.

Then there are all those other fees!

Right now, I have 3 people including myself in the company so the numbers are tiny compared to the company that got nailed for false claims by the FTC.


At the time of this writing my February 2018 income after expenses was $1600.  Yeah, I’m really greedy!

If you still think greed is motivation recall that Big Pharma owned supplement companies that you don’t have any idea are owned by Big Pharma because they have wonderful titles that include nature, natural, farm fresh, clean, green, earth and all kinds of variations on those names that are not even words but look like them AND, similar meanings in other languages that are well known enough in the West to imply a “natural” or raw or from the earth naturally by association.


Why is that not an insinuation?


These companies are reported to gross 50 Billion with a B yearly from supplement sales. So, if money is your only criteria for judging greed please judge them far more guilty than some small business (small business earning definitions vary but generally under 500 employees and under 50 million YEARLY in gross receipts = a small business- who knew!)

Those of us who do not even dream of that amount of money in our life times are likely to judge anyone who makes that much as greedy. Hence the unending references to the amount of money made in this particular FTC complaint.  They know what they are doing.

  • You actually do something wrong either out of ignorance or malice AND #1 and or 2 have occurred.

There are plenty of mom and pop business out there that simply do not have the legal background or the finances to hire the legal background to prevent themselves from making a mistake. That used to constitute a “stop and don’t do it again” letter.  Now it can become a costly investigation and or lawsuit in a heartbeat. Free speech stops when you start selling some things ( not something or anything, just some things)  and it gets even more circumscribed when you are more successful than the average person-even a little bit.

Then again as I mentioned in paragraph one of this blog there are some serious quacks and frauds out there. Be vigilant!

If you’ve read this entire thing then bless you.  I appreciate your continued support and will do everything in my power to make all of our lives better in as many ways as possible. And I will share that with you!

Dr. Dave Woynarowski MD

We have become a trend society.  It’s fun in some ways and sad in others.

The fun part is there is always something new to look at, evaluate and if you are so motivated- to try.

The sad part is that a lot of people need trends because they cannot focus for more than a few minutes days or weeks on anything. This makes us reactive instead of proactive.

One of the greatest secrets to success I have ever encountered is simple persistence and the ability to create a habit that is healthy. Like it or not the body does not respond at sound bite speed and all the “hacking” in the world will still only lead you to a few simple habits that need and I mean NEED to be tended to daily.

Sleep, exercise eating and stretching are not sexy. They are in every single book about health that has been written for the past century and will remain so. In our book the Immortality Edge one critic wrote: this is hardly new advice.  I guess he skipped all the chapters on telomeres and telomerase.

So what is trending now?

Fish oil is back in vogue again after threats of a massive groundbreaking study that would debunk the whole myth of fish oil being good for you. That study apparently never materialized or if it did for some reason it’s not allowed to be seen by the world.

With that out of the way we now see that fish oil is good for high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy, pregnancy and developing children. How long will this trend last?  I am guessing based on media behavior and “trends” the answer is about 6 weeks.  At that point there will be a 180 degree turn around and fish oil will be bad again for another month or so and then by the holiday we will be back to its good for you again.

The habit you should have is to take your 4 to 6 fish oil on a daily basis. Trends will change; human biology will not at least not for millions of years.

On the telomere front everyone is writing about telomeres these days.  The continued unending surrounding controversy around that topic that “trends” is “Does telomerase cause cancer”.

This stems from the fact that at some point 85% of human cancers express large amounts of telomerase to keep themselves going. It ignores the fact that telomerase inhibitors have not worked against cancer, and the other 15% of cancers have an alternative method and so far the activation of telomerase is a late occurrence in the cancer chain of events.

On top of that the class action lawsuit against TA-65 for false claims was dismissed.

Of course there will be more angry people who don’t like the concept that we might be able to slow or stop the aging but for the moment it’s all quiet on the Western Front LOL!

The importance of having health and normal telomere length or even longer telomeres has been reinforced by yet another cancer-telomere association that uses genetic evaluations of the genes that maintain telomeres.  When these genes are defective or poorly regulated,the incidence of cancer increases. The latest cancer to show that association is melanoma.

Recall back in 2011 JAMA released a study that showed a pretty much global association with cancer incidence and short telomeres. Other cancers like melanoma and glioblastoma are associated with longer telomeres.  Once again its important for you to understand that these are not “longer healthier telomeres” and the loss of regulation is the problem not the length.

So as more and more people jump on the telomere bandwagon my prediction is that soon a well known internet entrepreneur doctor will release a book on the topic. Hint: It will not be me- my book will be much broader and in point of fact I actually started that trend with the Immortality Edge!

Finally and briefly, the mitochondria are in the news again as possible sources for some of the diseases of aging, cancer as a metabolic disease instead of a genetic one is gaining momentum, and we are seeing a resurgence of the high fat diet. The latter is not mainstream but its heading that way.

My predictions on these are: Mitochondria will found to be directly linked to cancer but controlled by nuclear telomere length, cancer therapies will eventually include “metabolic profiling” as well as genetic profiling because we have spent too much money and are far too in love with genes to just abandon them as a cause for all of our problems, and some watered down version of a truly high fat diet will come out with the name of someone famous attached to it.  It will ultimately fail because people will not be able to understand what carbohydrate restriction really means much less practice it!

It you are serious about your health and reversing and or slowing down the aging process stay with me.

If you are serious about not wasting your time on stuff that cannot work- stay with me.

If you want to know what really happens, what really matters and what it does to a live human being who does not mind being a guinea pig- stay with me.

If not by all means follow the trends!




In Part 1 which I sent out as an email to my list (hint, hint!), I said a lot of things about a lot of people we follow. I pointed out that we need to do and be something very different than what most people tell us to do if we are going to change anything. I specified some gurus who left this earth far younger than they “should” have because of diseases of aging as examples of people who were followed by millions but clearly did not give the best advice.

Please remember that when you hear things like “he has a good reputation and millions of followers!” That usually means the individual is spending more time marketing things than researching them!

In this installment I want to tell you a bit more about the actual mechanisms of aging and why I address (read attack!) them the way I do.

I got an email from a reader named Margaret, regarding Part 1. She said, “Doc what are you really trying to say! You said there is a lot we don’t know and we should not follow gurus, but we should follow you! That sounds a lot like you are a guru! Given what has happened to all the gurus you mentioned why should we follow you! ?And I hate to say it but compared to some of the docs out there most people probably don’t know who you are!?”

Good point Margaret! The last thing I want to be known as is a guru. I spend my time researching and trying things out, always on myself first! That means that what I do has a certain urgency that most people don’t have! It also means I am too busy to “market” myself!

I have said many times that I do what I do for ME, and my immediate loved ones but you are welcome to come along and join me. Most gurus define themselves by the “rules” they set forth for us. I don’t set forth rules. I just tell you what works.

Once again you are welcome to join me! The main point I want to make is that most of the gurus who tell us something that makes perfect sense but die too soon of diseases like cancer and heart disease is that there are only two real possibilities.

Either they were not doing the things they said or the things they said don’t work. Right now as we speak there is a very famous health guru suffering prematurely from a disease that is clearly an age related problem. Yet that person is still making more money than some small countries selling health related advice and products. What that person relates to us probably doesn’t work! It certainly didn’t work in this case.

When things don’t work in the case of aging it’s usually because they do not “allow us to escape our genetics”. Most human longevity up to this point is not happening for the reasons people think and certainly not happening because of what these oldsters tell us they do when we ask them.

There are a ton of books out there interviewing old old people and asking for advice. While these people should be venerated, their advice should not be! If you ever read any of these books as I have you will see there is almost nothing in common for any of them.

That means they simply had good genetics and of course now we know epigenetics.

You cannot control your genes! But since they are responsible for only 20 to 30% of what is happening to you in most cases, you can do a ton to improve your epigenes!

I wrote a book about all of this called The Immortality Edge. Unlike most books on the topic that lose their shine after a while, this one has gotten “more true” over the 5 years since I wrote it! In addition there is the physical proof and lab proof that what I say works.

Ok here is the science part put as directly and simply as I can say it. If you look at populations that consume high levels of omega 3’s they live longer and have better health unless their environment kills them. This is true of Mediterranean area people, Japanese on Okinawa and for the last part hunter gatherer Eskimo tribes. They have less cancer less arthritis and less of pretty much everything else that is killing us. They have nothing in common geographically or genetically or even epigenetically. They all have high Omega 3 levels and lower Omega 6 levels.

Again without slamming you with membrane science let me say that in addition to all the anti-inflammatory and epigenetic reprogramming that Omega 3 fish oil in adequate doses is capable of doing for you, it also helps keep the powerhouses of your cells, the mitochondria, healthy. As a matter of fact there is a newly describe theory on longevity that directly ties omega 3 levels to decreased aging and increased functioning of these powerhouses that we are slowly figuring out are responsible for many of the diseases of aging.

In terms of “escaping your genes”, there are 3 published human trials on TA-65 and its effects on your health. There are also others that suggest the mechanism is a decreased portion of shortening telomeres. Up until now the only thing that we could count on is that you telomeres are going to shorten as you get older. This is directly linked to the dysfunction of aging and the occurrence of disease.

I do not expect I will live forever. But I do expect I will outlive my genes (parents!) by a fair margin barring accident trauma or acts of stupidity.

I expect you can too!




This is continued in Part 3, “The Exercise Industries Dirty Little Secret“.