Athleticism vs. Aestheticism

Athleticism versus Aestheticism

Ok maybe those are not real words but you get the idea.

A lot of times people ask me about those 2 things.

More often than not they actually want more of one than the other.

The average person wants to look good. This is ego based since in their minds looking good equates to feeling good.  For many that is true. 

For some, they will tolerate less well being for more looking good. This is especially true of young people. Not to get too psychological but what you are seeing there is herd mentality and insecurity.

Some are only concerned with performance. This is true of serious amateur and professional athletes especially those in combat sports. While this is also seriously ego based, there is giant component of self and career preservation here.

The problem arises when the “average” person who is neither asks me that question. It’s a problem because what they have read and what they have seen is usually based on extremes that are not doable for them.  The average person who works for a living and has limited resources cannot work out like Daniel Craig did for his role in James Bond. Or, the way a professional fighter does in preparation for a fight.

But these are the packages and packaging they are sold under the misconception that it will work for them and if its good enough for a pro it’s a “secret sauce” for them.

Sorry to disabuse you but with 25 years in the health and wellness industry and as much time of self experimentation and coaching none of that is true for most people.

The who concept of an extreme 30-day transformation is fraught with problems, not the least of which is what happens after! Now it is true if you do anything everyday for 30 days without fail and within some reasonable coaching guidelines you will probably get better enough at it to be happy.

But again, what happens next!

Most of these things rely on “maintenance programs” of lower volume and intensity. Sorry again, that doesn’t work since you didn’t get there with less. There is always a limit.  That limit happens a few months into the program or training for most of us and THAT is where we truly land.

It could be great or a great disappointment depending on all the factors of time, money, motivation, support and attention and focus.

I’ve detailed a lot of what I CAN do on a daily basis in the past and no doubt will regale you with that again in the near future.

For now, understand this simple concept.]

Nutrition is what gets you the look. Exercise is what gives you the athleticism.

You should tailor your goals based on that premise.  Which of the 2 is most important because you cannot serve to masters well at the same time. And for the record bouncing back and forth in a “periodization” fashion may work for athleticism but it does not work when athleticism is alternating with aesthetics. One or both will lose!

Final thought: Your specific desire is what should determine your specific workout routine. Your body will adapt to that and nothing else.  There is very little utility for mixing things up EXCEPT if your overall health is the goal.

I can teach you about nutrition. I can teach you about aesthetics (seem my prior personal and LGE Instagram posts for a start). I can teach you about performance since I have had a ton of education and personal experience there as well.

But I am most interested in your health.  And in the coming weeks and months that is where I am going to focus.  I will shoot a few pics as well as I tune my current programs.

I am also toying with offering a specific coaching program but will only invest that time if there is interest. So, if you want to learn what a I know about exercise and longevity. Drop me a not a

If there is enough interest, I will open up another program. If not, you won’t hear this again any time soon.

Stay well, stay strong, stay younger!

Dr Dave

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