Updating Your Resolutions

Bye Bye January!  Didn’t that go fast!!

We are about to land in February so it’s a great time to look at your resolutions and your life in general.

The year is still young but time moves faster in our society if it’s possible.

A long time ago I made a wonderful supplement called Instant Endurance. As usual the raw materials went sky high when the ingredients were “found” by everyone else and loads of copies and half assed versions came out. But they were cheaper and of course that will always be a consideration.

But you get what you pay for!

But I digress- back to YOU!

Are you happy with your progress so far?

If not don’t fret you are never too late to take hold of your life.

The real limiting factors are energy and focus!

This has become a bigger issue since Covid as there are long term sequelae involving both.

Fear not, we are back in stocky with Energy X Maxx your go to for non-caffeinated energy boost and performance enhancement.  It does take a little time to build up in your system but the long-term benefits are really worth it.

I recommend 3 months trial to give it a real shot. I also recommend you pick one or two objective measures of your progress such as running times, exercise level, overall fitness.

Projects that you were stalled out on that you get done once and for all!

A while back I mentioned my garage. Well that was a major project but boy did I nail it. It feels sooooooo good to have a check next to that box.

There is nothing like having fun, energy, and focus when you are getting stuff done!

When you circle back to your resolutions and start marking them off as “done” you will not question how good Energy X is as a daily helper in your life!!!

Here’s to more of the good stuff!

Dr Dave

P.S. I also wanted to update you on my latest book “Navigating You- A Guide to Finding and Keeping Your Center in Calm and Chaos!”

The text is done, the various numbers (ISBN etc.) are applied for and the printer will have the text in 2 days.  After that it goes up on Amazon so stay tuned.  This is book number 7 or 8 for me- I’ve lost count- but it sure feels good to have it “done”.  Thank you Energy X Maxx!

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