Stem Stim Hair Growth Serum

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Derived from clinical grade stem cell media in the laboratory and concentrated to a specific amount to give you the absolute best possible hair growth!

Each Bottle is a 2 Month Supply!

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Stem Stim Hair Growth Serum

Men And Women Are You Losing Your Hair or Do You Have Less Hair than You Want?!!!

Dear follicularly challenged friend,

As an anti-aging doc, I can tell you that hair loss and hair thinning are among the major problems I have seen in my practice over the years.

This is a vexing problem for both men and women as they age.

Now guys eventually made a fashion out of it with the bald headed look becoming almost as common as tattoos. But not every man and certainly very few women embrace hair loss as an acceptable natural occurrence.

Most people I have talked to simply are forced to make due and accept things the way they are. In quite moments of honesty I have caught even the most committed bald guy wishing he had his hair back.

Now here is the catch: If you are already bald there is not a whole lot you can do except hair transplants.

But if you are just going bald either in your 20’s or experiencing that slow inexorable hair loss and thinning that seems to start then and progress throughout old age leaving you with a certain chrome dome in your future, then I do have something you might want to try- and sooner rather than later.

I have, with the help of some dear friends in the stem cell field developed a formula that has helped me personally fight the dreaded hair thinning and hair loss I have been experiencing since I was young.

There is no question in my mind I have more hair now – thicker faster growing hair than in the past 25 years.  And, I am no longer afraid of going bald anytime soon.

You see my family has been plagued by very very thin hair that gets less and less as we age.

For men it’s the typical scenario.  Baldness or at least the dreaded “horseshoe pattern” awaits most of us by the time we are 35.  The only reason I escaped that was the very, very early adaptation of the drug minoxidil as a topical formula.  I started losing my hair in college and my dad who was already bald took pity on me and ordered some of the drug from Canada because it was not available in the U.S. until several years later.

I continued its use off and on until I was in my late thirties and then I found fish oil.

Frankly I was glad to get rid of the potentially toxic blood pressure drug by then and focus on more natural alternatives – just like you I bet!

The fish oil worked well for quite some time and I began to even see some similar results in specific patients who were taking “high dose” fish oil*. In particular I can remember the joy that one of my MS patients expressed when he noticed new hair growth (he was in his 70’s!) when he started my fish oil.

But in truth the progress of hair loss and thinning is not something that anything is sure to fix even drugs and higher dose fish oil.

In men the problem is usually related to an increasing conversion of testosterone into “hair loss causing metabolites” and estrogens.  In women who have thin hair to begin with something similar happens due to shifts in estrogen and other hormones**. Then on top if it we tend to have protein repair issues (yes hair is a kind of protein) as we age.

But because I am deeply involved in stem cell therapies and research I got to thinking about some ways to harness stem cells and possible reactivate or recruit new ones into the scalp to re grow hair.

I have seen exactly that for myself – hair regrowth!! and I cannot attribute it to anything else but Stem Stim, my new “hair growth support formula”. If you are wondering why I don’t just come out and say hair regrowth formula like so many shampoos and creams you see on store shelves and online, it’s because I am honest.  I do not use third party paid validations for this product and I have not done hair and scalp biopsies on myself to microscopically prove what I see with my own eyes is happening.

But I can tell you what I have seen and I can also tell you that a $25 bottle of shampoo cannot possibly have any “stem cell stimulants” of any meaningful amount that could possibly contribute to the recruitment or reactivation of any stem cells left in your scalp.

I am sorry but that is the hard truth. Real stem cell growth factors are very expensive to acquire and concentrate. Since I am affiliate with stem cell treatment centers I have access to those growth factors called liposomes, or sometimes microsomes.  If there are any of those factors in most of what you see advertised out there they are either worthlessly from animals or plants and not likely to be active in people.

Or there is such a vanishingly small amount (sorry to my homeopathy friends!) that they simply cannot call up any stem cells to thicken or create new hair follicles.

My product is derived from clinical grade stem cell media in the laboratory and concentrated to a minimum specific amount to give you the absolute best possible result.


Check out some of NJ’s results after just 6 weeks of using the product:


After 6 Weeks of Stem Stim

NJ After Using Stem Stim

Many more pictures to come!! But there is a catch…

This product does not contain live cells but it still has to be treated with care because the proteins and liposomes are very fragile. This means:

  • It does not start to work for about 3 weeks until AFTER YOU START using it. It is not instantaneous!!! For this reason, we will only sell it in 2-month supplies.  There is no point in you spending your money if you are not clear on long it takes!  Hair growth is a very slow process anyway- I mean seriously how often did you get your hair cut even when you had a full healthy head of hair. So please understand its going to take a while and you need to commit to at least 2 months use before you judge the results*** The maximum shelf life is 6 months in the refrigerator so use it up when you order it!!! Stored longer it will lose potency!
  • Because it is fragile, requires on the spot mixing when you order and special handling, a minimum 2-month order as well as the laboratory time and energy required to extract and purify the liposomes it is expensive. We are introducing a 2 month supply (depending on how much you use daily) to a very small number of customers (we can only serve the first 25 people at this time!!!) for $349 which includes shipping. Basically, this product is only for people who know and trust me because of my long history with delivering unique products that are the best on the market.

If that is you order now!

Do not be surprised or offended if the cost goes up in the future for new customers.  I am 100% leveling with you. If you are one of my tribe and you want more and thicker hair, man or women or some other version of humanity- then do this for yourself now!!!

OK I know that is a lot of rules and regulations but like I said this is not for everyone. If you are capable of accepting a little personal responsibility then I can deliver the REAL DEAL to you not some phony nonsense that can’t possible work. While I will make more of it, I will only make enough to service the demand so order now, get on the list and get started!!!!!

FAQ’s for Stem Stim:

  1. What is it? Stem Stim is a trademarked and patented blend of stem cell derived liposomal growth factors derived from enriched stem cell media created and processed in our stem cell clinic’s Research and Design lab.
  2. Is there any risk of infection? This product does not contain live human cells and is purified and treated with EDTA to retard contamination. There is no risk of transmissible disease from this product.
  3. Remember it may take 3-4 weeks to see results so continue to use the product for the full course of 4 to 6 weeks and longer if needed!
  4. Does the hair growth last “forever”? Nothing lasts forever but it is not unreasonable for you to expect your hair regrowth and rethickening to last several months. Once you are happy with the results it’s up to you whether you continue or take a break until it becomes apparent you are again thinning or losing hair. It is also possible that you will reach a “stop point” where your hair will simply not get any thicker and new follicles will not appear. You can stop using the product for several months then and simply restart when you notice thinning or loss happening again.
  5. Does this product work on men and women and are there any side effects? The product is designed to work on men and women but is not a substitute for hormonal blocker therapies like Propecia.  If you need those therapies (ask your doctor) you can use them with this product. There are no know side effects but if you develop any redness or soreness in the areas you are using Stem Stim discontinue it right away and consider yourself sensitive to this product! While the product is not systemic and should not cause any systemic side effects if something weird is happening and you have no other explanation stop the product!!!  I hope all of this is just common sense- but in today’s world there seems to be no such thing at least from a legal standpoint!
  6. What about testosterone induced hair loss- will this product help with that? I have not done studies on body builders or similar types who use high dose testosterone.  There is no reason to expect this product will not help, but again you may need hormone blocker therapy if you are on higher doses of male hormones.  Keep in mind your doctor is your best source of information for this and, if you are taking that much testosterone or other anabolic hormones to cause hair loss, you are probably taking too much!!!!
  7. Is this product guaranteed to work for everyone? Sorry but there are no guarantees with anything in this world and this product is no exception.  I have personally experienced enough of a joyful regrowth and thickening of my own hair to put it on the market to a small select group of people I trust like you but I will not lie and tell you it will work 100% absolutely without fail for everyone.  No one could guarantee that!!!
  8. What about side effects? The only side effects that have  been reported are a tingling of the scalp in some users. This was not reported as pain but in one case was “very mildly discomforting”. The majority of testers reported no side effects of any kind.
  9. Does it get rid of grey hair? Several of our users have reported the new hair coming is the original color and that grey is less or gone in the new hair. In my personal experience the new hair that came out was indeed the color of my hair as a young adult but in areas where it had previously been grey, it turned grey when it grew out to about 1 inch long.
  10. What if I get it in my eyes when treating my eyebrows? Answer: nothing is likely to happen but remember you are opening and closing the bottle daily which makes skin bacterial contamination possible (we do add EDTA which retards bacterial growth.) The eye is a sensitive structure and just like if you rub it too hard with your hand you may introduce bacteria and could get a red eye.  This has not happened but it’s a theoretical possibility. Just use it carefully and place some kind of blotter under your eyebrow to sop up the excess if you are treating your eyebrows.

So that its it my friend! I would prefer to sell this only to people who know and trust me from years our relationship hence all the disclaimers and caveats. But it is the real deal from our very own lab and is as unique and special as you could possibly get.  If that is what you want then be one of those lucky 30 people and order it now!!!!!!



Dr. Dave Woynarowski




*The current dogma on fish oil is “Don’t take more than 3 grams a day as there is no proof that this helps anything. Of course, there is no proof because there are so few studies that ever get near this dose. After all, if you fixed your Omega 6/3 ratios (Lands ratios) with my recommended 4 to 6 grams a day you might take a dent out of Big Pharma’s pocketbook and we wouldn’t want that would we!

**Hair loss can be a symptom of auto immune diseases like alopecia or other serious medical conditions. This product is not meant to treat, diagnose, mitigate or modify any disease states. Hair loss is not considered a medical condition but there are FDA approved drugs like minoxidil and Propecia for hair loss. This product is not meant to make medical claims or to be compared, contrasted or mentioned in the same sentence as any of the FDA approved drugs which you should always try first and always consult your doctor who is an expert on your hair loss issues first!!!!

People have asked where are the before and after pictures.  The answer is more are coming but I really was so excited by my own personal hair regrowth that I did not want to wait weeks or months for you to have a chance to get started. After all the longer you wait the more hair you will lose.

This product is not meant to restore gray hair to its natural color although it would not surprise me if some of this happened for some users!

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2 reviews for Stem Stim Hair Growth Serum

  1. Brian

    Holy Crap! It actually works!! I’ve been having some MAJOR ISSUES with my receding hairline and crazy widow peaks… I was super skeptical but figured I like all the other products I’ve had from here and it’s a hell of a lot less than going to Bosley… Could not be happier with the decision to give the hair growth treatment a try. It worked!

  2. Patty

    Best part of my day! My hair feels great and I love the smell. It’s like a spa treatment at home. A little goes a long way and my hair feels softer and conditioned. I love it!!

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