Sugar Balance Support Formula CASE (12 Bottles)

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Sugar Balance Support Supplement CASE (12 Bottles)

The Deadly Part of Your Diet and What You Can Do About It!!!!

Dear Friend,

WE live in a pretty tepid emasculated world.  We cannot say what we want even with the First Amendment.

I have experienced this personally during my career as a supplement designer. Specifically, I have tackled the problem of living longer and better and been placed under the cross hairs for it.  Even though aging is NOT YET admitted to be a disease by the current powers that control our health care.

There is far more profit in chasing the symptoms of the disease like heart failure, heart attacks, cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s than there is in looking at what causes them. Interestingly enough there is no general agreement on what causes these diseases, and even less on what to do about them.

There are no causes and no cures- only a lifetime of drugs!

The current thinking is that these diseases are random events caused by defects in our engineering as humans and bound to happen. Occasionally some one mentions “life style” or “the environment” as potential issues but that is about as far as it goes.

Well today I am going to go out on a limb once again and attack the status quo by telling you that there is a deadly addictive and disease causing additive to nearly everything you buy in the grocery store.

You probably don’t even realize it but you were hooked at a young age and you hooked your own kids at a young age, especially if things like boxed cereal, fruit juices, or pizza are on your weekly shopping list.

Now its very hard to combat this dangerous killer that lurks in your diet unless you know its there so let me tell you what it is.

It’s Sugar!!!

But understand that sugar hides in many forms and has many fancy names.  Most of the carbohydrates you see on the food panels of the foods you buy are going to wind up as pure sugar in your body.

As a test count how many things you buy that have more than 15 grams of carbs.  Then look at the serving size and see how much you and your kids eat.  The average carb intake per day in America is around 500 grams per day.  While its somewhat less in Europe, its climbing just as it is in Asia.

Consequently the incidence of diabetes, and many other diseases of aging* are rising right along with the obesity rate- another consequence of too much sugar and carbs!

Now my job is to help you live long and prosper!

I honestly believe it is possible, so much so that I devote most of my day to research and development of things that will help you maximize your chances. Even though aging is not a disease in the eyes of the almighty powers that control our health care, I promise you sooner or later we will get to the point where it is undeniable.

And one of the fastest accelerants of normal aging will be sugar and its cousin carbohydrates.

Now not all carbs are “bad” just like not all fats are “bad”.

But when you look at where and when our genetics were developed  it is clear we were not meant to take in hundreds and hundreds of grams of carbs and sugars daily.

Then there is the addictive potential.  If you will try to reduce your carb intake to say, 50 grams a day, even without minding calorie intake you will find out how much and how fast you are addicted to sugar and carbs!

I practiced standard Internal Medicine for 18 years and I can tell you that not once was the question asked, “ Why do we keep seeing more and more and younger and younger diabetics?”

All that was done was to create more drugs.

Similarly no one asked, “Why do we keep seeing more and more obesity in younger and younger people?”  All that was done was to create more stupid diets and awful failed drugs that wound up hurting and killing people!

Sound familiar?

Actually you could go down the list of “diseases that have no cure”, most of which rise as we age and find the same situation- more drugs, more money, no cures.

Cancer any one?!

Well very very slowly the linkage between risks for these diseases is becoming clearer even to the profit motivated thick headed geniuses that follow the age old path of “wisdom”.

The link between obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s is beginning to be mentioned more and more.

Eventually when what I called “The Unified Theory of Disease” takes hold the same geniuses will begin to look at the aging process as a causative factor.

Now you may be saying, “Wait a minute Doc, how do you explain kids getting sick?” My answer is with the exception of the very young who have genetic or congenital defects I will tell you to get familiar with the term “Accelerated Aging”!

That is right!  It is in my opinion possible to differentially age certain parts of the body to get them to behave like they are 80 when they are not even 16!  Throw in a weak immune system on top of that and now you’ve got an old pancreas, or an old heart in a younger body that should have many more miles in its tank!

I will also tell you that insulin excess and sugar overload will Accelerate Aging faster than just about any legal substance I know of.

And we are surrounded by it.

Remember just a few moments ago I told you my job is to give you the best shot at a long and healthy life?

Well if sugar and or carb addiction is pretty much a given then I’d better have something you can take to help with that issue no?

Enter my new Sugar Balance Support Formula!!!

Ok, Ok I know it’s a clunky name but there is a reason for it.  Why don’t we just call it SBSF for short from here on in.

Now why the clunky name.

Do you have a sense of humor?

If you do then you’ll remember my initial comment about emasculated, wussified, weaselly terminology.

In my opinion the word “Support” is about as wussy, wimpy, weak and flaccid a term as there is!

So, why would I use it?

Answer: because that is all “they” (the alphabet agencies that watch my every move and police the world so you and I cannot have an independent thought about our health- yes, it is getting that bad!)

Simply put diabetes is a multi-billion dollar a year business that no self-respecting drug company or anyone who defends their rights is going to ignore without defending their turf to the max.

Diabetes is a disease, insulin is a hormone and modifications of sugar levels and or insulin levels constitute structure and function claims.

In other words, if I so much as say something that vaguely sounds like I might be suggesting you can modify your glucose levels or your insulin actions by taking a supplement- well that is Orange Jump Suit Territory.

Cease and desist will be foregone and yours truly will be flirting with the wrong kind of people in the wrong kind of place or catching the next plane to Latin America!!!

Now I love living here in the U.S. so I am not going to say those things but there are some things I can point you to so you will understand this supplement and why it might be useful.

The first is to understand everything I wrote above about the dangers of sugar and carb addiction and the speeding up of the aging process that they can be implicated in.  Remember that one place we can make a difference is with inflammation.  Excess insulin (hyperinsulinemia) is inflammatory and not only seems to contribute to the failure of certain organs like the pancreas but to the global epigenetic shift towards aging.

Now remember how many fat people you see of all ages and how many diabetics you know about of all ages and your refresher will be complete.

Now let’s look at the ingredients and what I can legally tell you about them*

To avoid any misconception about the validity of what I am saying or the possibility of me being attacked for saying it, here is a direct quote from Pub Med.

“Chromium dinicocysteinate (CDNC) is a unique chromium complex consisting of chromium, niacin, and L-cysteine. Previous preclinical and clinical studies support the safety and efficacy of CDNC in modulating oxidative stress, vascular inflammation, and glycemia in type 2 diabetes.”

Ok so in simple English that means this compound is safe and effective and can reduce oxidative stress, inflamed blood vessels and blood sugar increases- all of which are typical of Type 2 diabetes, the most common form you are likely to suffer from in aging.  Similarly, there is not a danger of low blood sugar if this compound is used by itself in the absence of diabetes medication.

Here is another one: “CDNC supplementation lowers insulin resistance by reducing blood levels of TNF-α, insulin, and oxidative stress in type 2 diabetic subjects. Therefore, CDNC supplementation has potential as an adjunct therapy for individuals with type 2 diabetes”.

Here they are actually coming out and saying you can use it to help treat type 2 diabetes.  I cannot say that for all the reasons I mentioned above but if you are one of the 40+million Americans who suffer from pre diabetes, or you are simply concerned about getting it- now you know!!!!

And yet another one: “When controlling for diabetes medication, CDNC supplementation showed beneficial effects on blood markers of vascular inflammation, insulin resistance, and oxidative stress compared to placebo”

OK I think we beat that horse enough let’s move on to the next ingredient: Bitter Melon

“Overwhelmingly, it may be inferred here that bitter gourd holds the potential to significantly improve diabetic conditions and associated late complications with no ill effects on body organs.”

This is even a stronger testimonial to the efficacy of this ingredient in the ravages of Type 2 Diabetes.

And now: Goat’s Rue:  I am going to tell you about this one and just add the references at the end. Goat’s Rue in many ways is the grandfather/mother of metformin the current darling of the anti-aging world and one of the most prescribed drugs for diabetes.  As with most drugs metformin had its origins in a natural compound which we add here as Goat’s Rue Powder.

I don’t know about you but I would rather take this than a prescription drug**!!!!!

Now I am guessing by now you are getting a bit tired of science so I will cut to the chase: I am very proud of this compound and what it might do for your sugar balance.  As always if you are on diabetes medicine beware of potential low sugar episodes if you are taking prescriptions and always always always ask your doctor about adding supplements for any conditions you might have!

And while you are at it ask him/her where metformin came from! The answer will be telling I promise.

Here is the label so you can see the recommended dose and the other ingredients in case you have allergies or sensitivities!


So, you’ve seen all the science now let me tell you what I see.

I see yet another age-related epidemic that is waiting to feast on your health!  I see the chance to do something about it and maybe just maybe based on the science you could nip a potential problem in the bud while you still have some runway to deal with it.  Just maybe.

I look at the relationship between sugar/insulin and aging. I look at the diets of most of my readers/clients and patients. I see people who are healthy now heading towards unhealthiness and more rapid aging in the future unless something is done- even if you do not have diabetes!!!!

Sugar and insulin balance are about homeostasis- reaching a safe effective balance that fosters good health, decreased inflammation and the best tissue repair possible.

Homeostasis is the Hallmark of Youth!

That is what I want to achieve for you (and ME!!!!) with SBSF-Sugar Balance Support Formula!

If you are worried you can rest a little easier now! The Deadly Part of Your Diet now has a Healthy Foe!!!!


PS My main intention with SBSF is to provide people who want to take an anti-aging routine but do not actually have diabetes with an alternative to metformin.  There are now literally thousands of people out there taking metformin for “anti-aging”.  I have issues with metformin and its actions on the mitochondrial energy chain as I have alluded to in many past writings.  I think SBSF is a much safer alternative to a prescription drug and does not cross the lines of government regulation in the process.

It’s clear to me that we (you and I) will probably need to take something to combat what seems to be a more or less inevitable occurrence as we age!  This is it!

*Remember no medical claims are being made, no claims of modification, mitigation, treatment or diagnosis of disease are stated or implied and while the ingredients in this supplement have been tested and found to be effective in certain laboratory studies with human subjects, this specific supplement has not been tested and therefore cannot be assumed to behave as the sum total of its parts according to the FDA, The FTC, the AMA and other bodies in power.

** While the origins of metformin can be traced to Goat’s Rue, Goat’s Rue is not a drug, a substitute for a drug nor do I claim any drug like qualities or behaviors to this compound. This is a natural sugar balance support supplement.  You can do the research and come to your own conclusions.


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