Of Myc, Men, Telomeres and Cancer – Buying what is being Sold

I have to warn you

This is going to be one of them thar scienticifical like articles.  If you are already jonsing for the “what is the pitch part”, it’s this: Take care of your telomeres!  I make a wonderful telomere centric supplement crafted by the deep research I’ve done over the past decade.

Ok onto the science.

There are lots of so called oncogenes out there.  If you want the precise definition of oncogene it’s actually very imprecise.  It goes like this, “a gene that sometimes under certain circumstances can transform a regular cell into a cancer cell.” If you see some weasel words in there then you might wonder how an entire theory of cancer- one that has now cost us 2 trillion dollars- has evolved into the central paradigm for looking at the dreaded disease. You might wonder how we could spend so much money to “win the war on cancer” over the past 4 decades and still not have had any significant effect on death from cancer. You might wonder at the slippery slope phenomenon that seems to permeate all of medicine these days.

What is that you ask?  Well it is when a previously accepted value that was a standard slips in one direction or another to accommodate certain agendas.  What those agendas are I will leave you to decide. But examples are cholesterol going from 220 to 180 (more statin drugs anyone?), blood sugar going from 120 to 90 (more diabetes drugs anyone?) and of course 5 year cancer survival being rearranged to fit cancers that have a 4 month survival. If you get these poor souls to live 8 to 12 months you’ve “won” the war on cancer and can justify your next big money making drug.

If you aren’t winning the game just change the rules.

After all all we need is more money to solve this problem right? Guess whose money they are spending!

Ok off the soap box with a reminder: take care of your telomeres or at least “support them”.

Back to oncogenes. One famous oncogene is called Myc pronounced more like the derogatory term for an Irishman but I prefer to say it “mice” since so many of our cancer models are in mice!

Myc is one of those genes that have been mutated manipulated knocked in singly doubly or more and amplified in all sorts of ways to generate mouse and other models of cancer.  It is one of the prototypical oncogenes or drivers of cancerous transformation.

Now remember recent brilliant minds

Have deemed cancer a “random bad luck event that defies prevention”. Those same people publicly state that we should work even harder to prevent cancer especially with life style and environmental changes. Then they say quit smoking.  Duh! What about the rest of it especially the environmental part.  It all stops short there perhaps because one would have to implicate several of the very same revenue generators that float our economy including Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Oil and a whole host of other sanctioned abominations that shall remain  unnamed because I am already enough of a target of said “Bigness”.

Reminder short telomeres are a risk factor for cancer- just sayin’!

A recent article linked mutated or amplified telomerase as a driver of the driver oncogene Myc.

Remember this is all random.  It couldn’t be possible that cancer “has a plan” called cell survival that dates back 500 million years now could it? Back then cells behaved like single entities in a sea of primordial competition.  They thrived on simple sugars, loved acid environments and grew like weeds.

Sound familiar? Sound like hallmarks of cancer?  Of course not it’s just bad luck and we need more money and more drugs!

According to our brilliant scientists cancer just randomly mutates all the right genes and some of the wrong ones to create an out of control cell mass that eats its host to death and kills itself in the process.

According to a recent PBS special half of us will get cancer by 2050 and it’s way too smart for us to cure. We can however make small slow progress against the “Emperor of All Maladies”. Talk about pre-conditioning an audience!

Did I mention that short telomeres are a risk factor for cancer?

In the scenario of telomerase driving the Myc oncogene to higher and higher levels of expression, there is a complete loss of control of cellular replication. Telomerase does this. But wait! Somehow you have to mutate both telomerase and Myc in a coordinated fashion.

This coordination is random and happens enough times that by 2050 half of us will have cancer.

This makes perfect sense to me. Not!

I ain’t buyin’ it.  I have said many times I think we are barking up the wrong tree for the wrong reasons.

I am frankly not allowed to say more anymore.

I can say this

I make a wonderful little telomere support pack.

You can find it here.

The rest is up to you, your doctor, the FDA, the FTC, the AMA, the NCI, the EPA and god knows who else that controls your thoughts and your future and of course your money.

Me?  I ain’t buyin’ what they are selling!


PS for the record I am not stating implying or otherwise insinuation that I can do anything to cancer or my supplements can do anything for cancer prevention or treatment. Just to be clear because there are a lot of people out there who want to protect you from people like me!

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