The Strongest Predictor of Early Aging

You will probably find this email a bit distressing for at least a couple of reasons.

The biggest one is that I am going to do what I always do:

Tell You the Truth!

Now I will say this is one of the few times when I will admit there might be more than one truth. But this is mine garnered from decades of experience in taking care of people and dealing with aging.

Telomere length is probably the most powerful predictor of how you are aging and where your next 5 to 10 years will lead you. You have, if you have been with me long enough, heard me say that telomere length is the BS detector of anti-aging medicine.

I don’t care what diet you eat.

I don’t care what exercise you do.

I don’t care how much stress relief you practice or how much you sleep.

If your telomeres are getting shorter

Or more specifically if you are accumulating more and more critically short telomeres over time, you are aging,  If your telomeres are eroding slowly you are aging slowly. If your telomeres are growing slowly, odds are you are getting biologically younger.

Now be advised that in spite of lots of data and studies to support that statement it is still not widely accepted.  Neither is telomerase activation, stem cells or gene therapy. I’ve also said this before: lots of people will negate this stuff until it is so obvious it works no one can argue. Then they will say I knew it all along.

Our book The Immortality Edge got great reviews and lots of them, but still the “most useful” reviews were the critical ones written almost 10 years ago. Where are those people now that everything we said has come true?  Not one word from any of them!

Ok I have actually just asked you to qualify yourself in a very subtle way. Most people reading the above will pick a side they are on and define their own attitude to pretty much everything that is going on in anti-aging medicine-stem cells, telomeres, and gene therapy.

So here is the distressing part

If you believe in the importance of telomeres, what is your telomere length?  The sad reality is that even though Life Length makes a phenomenal assay, only 10% of my clients who are on telomerase activators or support compounds know the answer to that question.

I have long ago accepted that in place of something that may be even more important. That something is that you DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN to slow the erosion of your telomeres, and possibly reverse it.

The two most important compounds I make that can help you with that are Ultra Potent Fish Oil and the Immortality Edge Packs.

Add these to exercise, proper diet, sleep, stress release and now you have a big part of the anti-aging picture.

We can be objective. We can measure and follow these values.  But it does take money and time and a little bit of dedication.  In place of that, if you do all the rest of the stuff, I have a lot less worry for your future. And I have less worry that you will grow old before we find the next big break through. It’s coming – you just need to make sure your buying yourself enough runway to get there!

Dr Dave

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