Possible? Life Extension Without Genetic Modification

Before we get too deep into the science

Let me remind you some people have different definitions for “life extension” If we use the current life span as a scale, we are living somewhere between 78 and 82 years. Technically anything beyond that could be considered life extension. For the past several generations, this seems to have happened de facto, with a few years being added for each subsequent generation.

But population-based life spans are the result of everyone’s journey, and since there is an increase in death rates in young adults due to trauma and suicide, this may be the first generation that does not register gains.

That sobering thought aside, we are “genetically programmed” to live in reasonably good health until our mid 120’s. All of us have seen people with serious chronic illnesses who at least approximate normal life span in spite of their diseases. As a matter of fact, in spite of the efforts of our current medical system, most of our elderly suffer from some kind of disability or disease and are on some kind of medication.

Most of the medication they take treats what are known as end points-numbers like cholesterol and blood pressure etc. Only recently has there been some reasonable proof that a few of these endpoints mitigate life expectancy-again only by a year or two in most cases.

There is literally nothing in our traditional medical literature focused on health span (how much of your life you are healthy) or life span.

As a result, with typical allopathic and scientific hubris, we say, “nothing works to change either of them.”

Then as if to put an exclamation point on it, many of our scientists and doctors say, “Any attempt to change your future this way is a waste of time and money!”

Personally, I have no problem with either because I know 100% unequivocally what will happen if I follow the very guidelines I have been educated in.

Mediocrity in health span and life span, at best.

I don’t know about you, but for me, that ain’t cuttin’ it.

You may have noticed I write a lot about telomeres. Ten years ago, now I wrote what had to have been the first authoritative book on taking care of YOUR telomeres.

During that time and due to my passion for supplements, I researched and created a supplement that would help support telomere health. That supplement has been through several iterations and name changes, but it is now called The Immortality Edge Packs- a tip of the hat to my book of a decade ago.

IN its current iteration, the Immortality edge Packs represent an affordable daily addition which focuses on my experience with staying younger and healthier.

And the experiment continues.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see I am aging far better than my parents in both healthspan and ultimately probably life span. You can too!!!

Frankly, I am a curious lad, and I am really curious to see what happens next in so many different fields, including my own of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Join me because I am sure you know what happens if you do nothing!

There is no question gene therapy will be the next huge step in longevity research. The problem is it will not be affordable or considered safe for a long, long time. And in order to actually access how much longer people live with this. It will be decades until the data is in, especially if it is successful.

My advice- Take Care Of Your Telomeres NOW! And to help you along, for today ONLY, they are buy 2, get 1 free!

I call it, “Buying Runway!” And today it costs a whole lot less to give it a try!

Dr. Dave

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