Tammi’s Revenge!!!

Boy did I just get an ear full!

Tami is a long time customer- like in since 2003!

Apparently, she was out of the country until this Monday and completely missed the Immortality Edge Pack intro.

And she was not the only one, she was just the most vociferous.

And she was equally pissed at missing the Life Length Telomere Test Deal (see below).

“ I have been waiting for the price to come down to do this and now you yank it back!” she said only half joking.

Now you can’t put a price on loyalty, and you can’t beat a super accurate, repeatable telomere assay that tells you your true Biologic Age!

But honestly THIS IS IT!  I can’t put off the inevitable so this is the LAST DAY to get both the new Packs and the Life Length Telomere Test (also known as TAT).

Then we got to go to retail pricing on both!

Now, in case you forgot, I arranged for a special deal for you on Telomere Testing with my friends in Madrid at Life Length.

Lot’s of people have asked me about measuring their telomeres before they start therapies. I have always thought that is a fantastic idea. And now that I have a new “telomere centric” product I encourage you to take the Life Length test because its at the best possible price I could arrange for you and you really SHOULD KNOW where you stand.

Normally this test would cost you a minimum of $600 depending on where you get it done. In Southern California its often closer to $1000! These fees include the test and the doctors interpretation.

But since I have probably done more interpretations than any other single physician out there I thought, “Why not donate my time, encourage YOU to get the test and have a great chance to talk one on one with you when the results are ready!!!”  So if you buy the product you get a special code to save big on the test.  The price has been reduced to $320* which is almost 50% less than what you would pay ANYWHERE in the U.S.

AND you get an hour of my time free to go over the test one on one with me.  A little secret: I don’t set a timer so sometimes we go longer and talk about all kinds of things after we are done with the telomeres!

It’s actually one of the most fun things a I do and everyone that does it with me universally says it was far more than they could have expected. And remember this is the one and only test that can predict your true cellular biologic age (functionally how old your cells are).

So, get the product and take the test!!!!**

Here is what you do:

Once you’ve ordered your Longevity Edge Packs at the special pricing you email mailto: customerservice@lifelength.com    Put USDRDV in the subject line, that is your special savings code.

A very nice smart young man named Michael will get back to you via email and other if needed and make sure you get this special savings for my customers only!

And take advantage of everything I have learned in the past 8 years and give your body the upgrade it deserves!!!

Limited Time Only!!!

The one and only Dr. Dave who by the way is really really really looking forward to discussing your telomere results with you.

PS You may want to check out the FAQ’s page and ingredients which will tell you the main differences between this and the old product but one big thing is the packet is much simpler to take- its 3 caps and can be taken as little as once a day!

PSS as you can probably tell this announcement is for my best loyal long-time customers because only YOU know the importance of telomeres to health and longevity.  Newbies will have to read all the stuff I have written for the past 8 years. You already know it!

*This is a blood test. You will need to have your blood drawn.  You can arrange for a phlebotomist yourself or through your local doctor’s office if you like. Or Life Length can make those arrangements for you with a mobile phlebotomy service for an additional $50.  To get your test you will pay them not me- my time to you is free. I can email your results to your physician if you like and provide me with an email address. The kit comes with everything you need to send your blood including the correct tubes and pre paid airbill.  You just need to have someone draw it for you. Allow 3-4 weeks to get the results back.

** Telomeres do not change rapidly so its OK for you to get the pack and start the supplements.  If you get your test done within the first 2 months it would still be considered “baseline” as if you had not taken anything.

PSS if you want to see how simple the test is to do you can see me do it here.

Just remember I am no longer Dr Dave’s Best,  I am www.TheLongevityEdge.com only  Don’t get confused by the old logo!

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