Just a Simple Thank You

I am a firm believer in appreciation.

So, I wanted to thank you for making the introduction of my new telomere product a huge success.

Apparently, it really was true people were waiting for the replacement to the Telomere Edge Packs of old.

You may have noticed the new product, The Immortality Edge Packs bears the same name as the book I wrote way back in 2010.

Learning is a continuous process and I am not clairvoyant but every day I see more and more and more evidence that the telomere is the most important gateway to longer life and health although not the only one.

As I have said before, much to the chagrin of my critics, the information in that book is if anything, “more true” even than it was 8 years ago.

I also see the expected, I suppose blow back against anything that might achieve those goals. The most recent government interest in all things anti-aging including the restrictive approach to stem cell therapeutics in the United States, and the wide spread legal action against clinics and researchers (this started long before the current administration!) is the fall out for the progress we’ve made.

Oh well, I guess if it weren’t worth trying to regulate and legislate, it wouldn’t be worth anything at all.

Still, I appreciate your personal desire to make a difference in your own life as I do in mine.

We are kindred spirits.

Also, thanks to all of you who wrote in mentioning the book, The Immortality Edge as well as the telomere based products.

Like you, I am my own engine. But its sure nice to be appreciated.

Thanks for sticking with me!!!



Dr Dave.

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