Flash Sale! Helping YOU Stay Leaner through the Season

For all for all of the wonderful things we associate with the Holidays one thing that feels wonderful but is not necessarily so is indulging on unhealth food and drink and break our best habits.

It never ceases to amaze me how much easier it is to break good habits than it is to form them. With that in mind the average American gains 12 pounds mostly of fat between now and Easter!

It starts slowly and insidiously but it does start. And it starts RIGHT NOW!!!!!

As wickedly carb addicted turned Keto guy, I can tell you that there is a way around all this while still having your cake and eating too.

My answer has been to replace at least one meal with Ketogen every day during the holidays. Now Ketogen is not going to win any taste contests but it is extremely effective at raising your ketone levels to a moderate degree in a VERY SHORT period of time.

This translates into a more or less immediate suppression of appetite especially for sweets. And when you do eat them the presence of ketones in your metabolism makes it much easier to control portion size and not continue to desire the high calorie high sugar highly addictive “Holiday” foods.

To be honest with you I am now taking two doses a day to just plain old not have to feel like I am punishing myself by avoiding treats.

If you don’t want them you don’t miss them, I promise! And again, you can exercise control and limit yourself which always hard with sugary foods that spike your insulin levels!

Also, if you are an intermittent faster this is also a great thing to help because there are minimal calories and carbs in Ketogen.

To make it even better today only buy 2 Ketogen and I will GIVE you another for FREE! With FREE shipping in the USA!

So, buy 2 get 1 it is for today’s amazing sale!!!!

Stay lean but not hungry!!!!

Dr Dave

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