Paleolithic pros and cons of whey

paleolithic dietWhy use a highly purified whey protein like Private Reserve Protein Powder?
Paleo man did not cultivate dairy and our genes are not equipped to handle dairy.
The primary problem is lactose — milk sugar which is absent from “whey protein hydrolysates” like Private Reserve.  A hydrolysate means that there has been some “pre digestion” of the elemental proteins in whey, down to their individual amino acid and branched chain formats.
This means they are more “elemental” and easily absorbed.
But there is no lactose in Private Reserve to cause lactose intolerance and there are  many other added vitamins and minerals as well as berry anthocyanidins (mine is the only product on the market  with these added) making it a far more complete source of vitamins.
Other anti-Paleo arguments against whey:
It stimulates insulin response and causes “growth” via IGF-1 (same as HGH).  This is actually a good thing if you are working out since this how your replace muscle.
Bullet points:
· No lactose
·Anabolic effects of whey proteins for those working out

·No added sugar so overall low insulin response

·Added anthocyanidins and vitamins
·Anti-obesity effects of whey protein: decreased appetite, early satiety and improved fat burning (clearly negate any increase in insulin that why proteins might cause)
Finally, in their elemental forms, amino acids are just that.  The body doesn’t look at an amino acid and say, “Oh that one came from fish  or whey or eggs…” it just uses them for fuel and rebuilding.  So just because whey is a milk protein doesn’t mean the body knows the difference or that it came from milk.  It is by far the most complete source of Aminos we have.  
If you separate out “pure science” and mental masturbation about whey proteins from population based studies where people are using whey as part of a nutritional plan, the positive effects of whey are enormous and the scientific arguments fall by the wayside under the harsh light of reality (I love waxing poetic).


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