Are You Feeding the Monster?!

I have watched with great interest over the past 20 months how the power of fear has immobilized, depressed, and divided people. In some nations is worse than others and there is clearly a lack of faith in science and medicine among at least some people.

Others are buying it lock stock and barrel.

I am not hear to feed the monster’s mask. That is the thing that is in front of you, the thing you are allowed to see. What is behind the mask is the real problem and that problem is fear.

I have also watched with great sorrow many people lose things, businesses, relationships, domiciles and faith in the future and self-determination.

I have no doubt there are real threats to all of those things. I have no doubt the monster appears fearsome and huge… impossible to resist. But again, cowards often rely on external appearance to control and steal energy and power.

Fear is the monster. It may disguise itself as many things and is probably the most effective way coerce people.

If you recognize that, then so many great quotes come up.

Here are 2:

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!” FDR

“The only thing the Creator gave mankind absolute control over is thought!”

Within these quotes lies the answer to dealing with uncertainty and fear.

If you are in fear based thinking at best you are in survival mode- Fight or Flight.

Creative and transformative solutions will not appear to you in this state. Whether you meditate, pray or find your peace in physical action or hobbies you must be in one of these states of centeredness to allow your brain to achieve creative or what is often now referred to as “quantum” solutions.

Since this was brought up with some of my coaching clients as a common issue, I will share with you something from one of the sessions. I said that you have to allow for all POSITIVE possibilities to receive a Positive Solution. The biggest sticking point is people know what they want but they cannot see beyond a certain way of getting it. In other words, several things have to happen that are usually dependent on other people, agencies or governments to bring about the desired end result.

Frankly I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. You might even have to reinvent yourself (a terrifying thought for most) but you ALWAYS have a choice.

To keep myself in the Quantum Solutions Realm I use Brain Force One. It works for me when I travel. It works for me when I am tired. And yes, it works for me when I am afraid. It helps me see other possibilities I might not otherwise see, and it makes me less dependent on “them”- those who would steal my power and my independence.

I call it my Secret Weapon and you can get it here. Start now and keep taking it for at least 6 weeks and watch how your thinking changes for the better!!!!

We need true positive thinkers now more than ever. So do the people who love and count on you!!!

Dr Dave

1 thought on “Are You Feeding the Monster?!”

  1. On my second day and I have noticed already a shift in my thinking. Positive shift. Brain fog clearing a bit especially around numbers. I know this is working . I will begin to imagine just how awesome I will feel 6 weeks from now. Hey a few days before Christmas day. What a spectacular present to ME. Thank you Dr. Dave!

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