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Ok since specials are popular here is today’s.  I am offering a one-time free bottle of Sweet Sleep Z to anyone who signs up for 3 months of our Pro Life Ultra PB probiotic/prebiotic combo.
The probiotic is something you will want to stay on for a bunch of reasons including gut health “support”, and getting the most out of the nutrients and supplements you eat/consume.
Nothing supports healthy digestion and absorption better!
Now you may be thinking, “OK I get the probiotic, but I am not sure about the sleep thing!”
Think about the past year.  Odds are there were a bunch of occasions when you could have used an all-natural, non-habit forming, non-drug sleep support aid to get a restful night’s sleep. Now read on and learn a bit more about:
Sleep and the Gut- the Brain to Brain connection
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As a male I have to be careful about talking about the “second brain” lest I be misinterpreted.  For our purposes today, we’ll call the first brain the one inside your skull and the second one your gut!
Now it may be a bit of a stretch to connect the two but you may be surprised at the relationship.
First there are a whole hose of holisticky terms for the aging dysfunction of the gut.
The one you are likely to hear about most goes by the term “leaky gut syndrome”.  The word syndrome is a tip off. It basically means there is not a clear single definition or a clear single treatment.  It also usually means a very wide spread and nonspecific batch of symptoms that are not usually useful to your doctor since they point in numerous different directions. 
Antibiotic use (and according to the leaky gut web sites this means any, ever, at any time for any reason justified or not).
Things like ADD, Carb Craving, fatigue, arthritis and or joint pain are typical of the protean symptoms of leaky gut. The prevalence of a batch of other symptoms actually related to the gut in the complete absence of any diagnosable abnormality often leads to physician/patient frustration and the all too common article on someone health blog stating that “finally I figured out what the doctors couldn’t- I have Leaky Gut!”.
Pathophysiologically leaky gut is caused by damage (and inflammation) to the intestinal cell adhesion points that then allows particles from gut bacteria (ingested and or already part of your microbiome) to get into the bloodstream and cause low grade chronic inflammation.  Said inflammation can then cause problems in the nervous resulting in “brain fog” and fatigue and sleep disturbances.
It’s also suggested that via hormonal mechanisms poor sleep habits can cause or exacerbate leaky gut.
So, this is our first brain gut connection.
The second is caused by neuro toxic microbiome metabolites.  That is a mouthful but here’s how it works.  If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while you know that the gut bacteria provide at least 20% of our calories by producing short chain fatty acids and other metabolites.  This is one of the reasons why calorie counting and different diets seem to yield different results.  Simply put it’s the REAL reason why what I said 12 years ago “Calories are Calories” is fundamentally incorrect.  The different types of bacteria yield different metabolites with different calorie content!
Now the next part of the story is NOT a stretch.  If you have the wrong kind of bacteria (or maybe even just disrupted sleep!) you can produce the wrong kind of metabolites or too much of one kind or another.
The result is toxicity to your brain and nervous system.  Now this is not the kind that will kill you, at least not right away.  But research suggests (see below) it is possible to have brain gut linked dysfunctions that impair your neuro cognitive (brain function!) ability.
I need all of that I can get on a daily basis and I suspect so do you!
So that is the reason I’ve decided to offer the special buy 3 get one free special as detailed above.
Remember this is a one time offer so take advantage now!




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