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Funny doings on the internet where egos including my own are wounded, defended, and brutalized, But first the sales pitch in case you are one of those rare people who doesn’t read my long winded but heart felt stuff!

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The probiotic is something you will want to stay on for a bunch of reasons including gut health “support”, and getting the most out of the nutrients and supplements you eat/consume.

Nothing supports healthy digestion and absorption better than a health microbiome!

Speaking of which, if you are trying to lose weight, no matter what diet you are on, I truly believe this will help.  But like so many things it might take a little longer than a day or a week.

As a matter of fact, the reason we are only doing this special based on 3 months subscription (which you can cancel!) is because it will take a minimum of 6 weeks of daily use to change over those little helpers in your gut.  That number is for ANY probiotic, not just mine which includes enteric absorption enhancement and a pre-biotic all rolled into one!

Ok on to today’s rant.

I have a confession to make.  You and I are in the minority.

I say this because you are reading what I am writing and pretty much very few people have ever heard of me! Right now, I have about 30,000 regular readers and that is it.  Its been that number for the past 10 years or so.  And pretty much it’s the same people as 10 years ago too thank goodness.

Loyalty is beyond value!

Next confession: I have learned far more about the business side of things than I ever wanted to.  I still don’t know very much mind you and its clear to me by the unending rash of “super docs” that come and go on the internet for a quick hit and gone that I should be very happy there is you and me for all these years!

Loyalty is beyond value!

One of the things the business side has taught me is how much nonsense and down right repetition is out there.  The “problem agitate solve” formula for copywriting never seems to get old and if people are aware of it they forget more or less immediately.

Speaking of forgetting- before you forget, I am running this limited time special of buy 3 Of our Wonderful and thank goodness great selling probiotic here and I will ship you a bottle of our equally wonderful Sweet Sleep Z free!  If you wonder what the connection is between the gut and sleep you missed this email.

Back to the “rant”.  I am as I said a bit sensitive to the newbie medical docs who appear out of nowhere usually manufactured by an ad or copywriting agency. Most recently I saw a long super well done (in other words costly!) video by a now retired pediatric heart surgeon who discovered “revolutionary new secrets about lectins”. Of course the obligatory book was released first.

I admit it I bit and watched some of the video, mainly because I wanted to see how it was done.

OMG as they say!

There was absolutely nothing new here at all! Those of you familiar with Paleo and Loren Cordain (whom I had the privilege of interviewing several years ago) are intimately familiar with the “anti-nutrients” known as lectins.  The video went on to talk about “leaky gut syndrome” in an almost comical way ending with “It’s not your Fault You’re Sick its because of the Ignorance of Your Doctors!” * Classic problem agitate solve!

Finally, there was some vague memory that it triggered and I remembered a blog I wrote, tongue in cheek of course called, “I want a Date With DR. Suzanne!”

Do you remember Suzanne Gundakust DC?**  She of the gut microbes are making you fat scenario!!!! Well Dr. Suzanne pretty much said what Dr pediatric heart surgeon said and she did it at least 8 years ago.  Cordain and company said it 10 years ago and the war between China Study author Colin Campbell still rages although frankly Cordain has won the debates in my book.

Well Dr Suzanne also did something very smart (or her handlers did). She bought up all the negatives like “fraud” and “scam” and so forth and erected a wall of positive sites and comments that would foil everyone looking to find out who she really was and what her credentials really are.

So does our pediatric heart surgeon friend!  Except he made the mistake of mentioning one Dr. T Colin Campbell (The China Study guy) who then wrote a pretty accurate scathing review of our retired friend’s stuff, even mentioning lectins as the “darlings of the Paleo crowd”.  Sour grapes Colin?

But then even Campbell (the China study guy) made some questionable remarks like citing foods that are grass fed and free range as “hard to find”.  Maybe in the market you shop at, but frankly this stuff is all over the place these days. Though I bet in China they are far more “free range” markets than here still.

Now I had an original observation which I will share with you before I make a dietary recommendation of sorts. Our pediatric surgeon friend made a hysterically funny statement about heart disease and its risks ending with “after all I am a cardiologist”.  Well, uh sort of.  I have not doubt he had basic cardiology training years ago when he started his practice and before he did surgery. But I question how many pediatric cases require bypass surgery the way adult’s do when they get heart disease.  I would guess probably correctly almost NONE, and the illustrious doctor’s career was fed by fixing patent ducti and aberrant valves that kids are born with.

The final interesting thing was how fat and out of shape he was.  70 pounds overweight in spite of going to the gym and running 30 miles a week.  Now again I wasn’t there to witness this but I have to cast aspersion on these claims.  The 70-pound overweight guy in the picture did not look like ANYONE I know who runs 30 miles a week and works out for an hour in the gym unless overeating is considered a workout.  I would bet the slim trim version we see now emerged AFTER he retired, not while he was in active practice simply because I have first hand knowledge of just how toxic medicine can be to its practitioners!

So here is my simple dietary advice: If you are gluten intolerant (or far more rarely allergic) avoid gluten and other lectins by processing those foods that have them appropriately. Are night shades like tomato and egg plant toxic. Maybe in large doses but they also have some health benefits. Personally, I do not eat a ton of either so I can’t comment!

Do you need to take a “lectin blocker” as sold by our buddy above?  Probably not- and by the way these have been around for a long time again making all of this old, outdated and redundant as a health pitch. Frankly if you really believe they are harmful its not that hard to avoid them completely. Try that first.

And of course since I make one and take one I am going to tell you that “Leaky Gut Syndrome” and other GI maladies may be better served by our special ProBiotic.

Now what kind of diet should you be on.  I have written much about Ketogenic Diets long before they became the rage they are now but I also say they may not be forever or for everyone!

I detail this in “THE Horrendous Diet” with my friend Matt Furey who has had similar experiences.

Bottom line: reduce your calories, reduce (not necessarily avoid completely carbs and especially sugars) simple carbs and thus manage your insulin.  I don’t care if you do it with bacon or broccoli.

But your gut might-hence today’s special which runs out at the end of today!


Dr Dave

*Prior to succumbing to what I can only guess is a group of people who understand marketing and the internet the Pediatric Heart Surgeon above did at least patent many useful devices in his field and held a prestigious position at a reputable med school. So, in life he’s no slouch.  I hope his internet endeavors greatly exceed my own and give him the freedom to pursue a wonderful life full of REAL discoveries for humanity. He would be blessed to have as many loyal customers as I do!

*this in and of itself is not necessarily a false statement!

** And where is she now?!


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