The Road Warrior Work Out

Dr. Dave doing resisted running with Raw Food and health Guru David Wolfe high above Guadalajara
Over the past 12 years of writing emails to you I have often included sample workouts that I do to stay fit on the road.

By far my favorite tool is the SuperBands. Bands are super portable so I carry 3 sometimes 4 different sizes all the way from 1/2 inch to 2 inches. This type of variety also lets me work out with other people who may be at different strength levels than I am that may be traveling with me. I am not always the strongest person in the bunch by far!

The other amazing thing is the total versatility of the Super Bands. You can do legs arms and tons of core work.  You can work out with a partner or just use a door way and the simple attachment that comes with every band.

OK now to the workout.

I am in Guadalajara right now and the day time temps are in the 90’s. But 18 floors up in the hotel there is a strong breeze that makes the heat and sun much more tolerable. What does not change is the 5300 foot altitude. You feel it very quickly even if you are in decent shape. This time one of my travel companions was a JC Santana alumnus so I knew I was in for a Class A butt kicking. We played tag your it which means each of us alternatively gets to choose the exercise.

Warm up  30 reps jumping jacks 30 reps crossing arms jumping jacks, then the Matrix ( see for more on the matrix)

Then dynamic core work including band walking ( band over head in full extension with partner holding the band or band attached to  a railing or wall.

Next was band runs: Runner loops the band around his/her waist and other partner provides resistance by holding or looping band around their waste and running at a slower pace to provide band resistance. Again this can be done with the band anchored anywhere stable and the running can be full tilt or not.

Next was a non band exercise: mountain climbers and mountain climbers with arm to leg and leg to elbow touches. 20 reps of each which gives you 3 sets.

Then jump squats with 180 degree rotations. 20 reps 2 sets. Careful with this one if you get vertigo easily.

We then moved inside because the wind was so strong it was blowing our matts away. The next series can be done with or without matts but since we were touching knees to the ground in full lunges the matts were needed.

First is the lunge with punch . Lunge with one leg and punch with the opposite arm as you drop into the lunge. If you have tight hip flexors (quads or adductors) do not go down all the way with the lunge because the end point of the exercise is a big stretch with rotational ( torque) force on the hip joint. 10 reps each side.

After that step backwards and do a reverse lunge while pulling with the opposite hand.

In each case the partner provides the desired resistance or you tie the band off to a railing or wall.

The final band work was simple arms. Overhead presses 2 sets of 10 with the biggest band you can handle. Next shrugs and power cleans 2 sets of 10 with same band.

Finally 2 sets of 60 reps: Triceps extensions and biceps curls. You do these back to back with minimal rest and as fast as you can.

Then we cooled down with some ab work and stretching.  The total time of the workout was about 40 minutes with the actual band portion taking about 20.  Rest between sets were mostly 30 seconds with a rare 1 minute break.

This is clearly a metabolic circuit and would be classified as HIIT for sure.  I can only estimate the calorie burn but I’d say between 350 and 400 plus whatever else you get from the left over recovery period the rest of the day.

Not only is this a great way to shed weight and get general fitness it will shred you up for summer if you are looking for that “look”.

If you are having trouble with your appetite and weight control as the beach body days are getting closer don’t forget Energy X Maxx!  I am so glad to have it when I need it!



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