This Combo Could Attack an Epidemic

When you are dealing with the alphabet agencies like the FDA and the FTC you have to be very careful about what you say.  So up front right here and right now-everything I am about to tell you is not approved by either above agency or any agency for that matter.  Nothing I tell you here has been proven to impact, cure, mitigate or diagnose any disease.

OK with that out of the way, many people are walking around about to become diabetic. WE have an epidemic of diabetes, just like an epidemic of obesity, hypertension, cancer and so on.  It is an age-related epidemic in the sense that your chances of getting it go up with each year statistically.

But there are plenty of not so old people and even more and more young people running around with diabetes.

About 70% of these people will go through a phase known as pre-diabetes and this is an Epidemic as well- affecting millions of people.  But no one including the alphabet agencies has called it a disease. It’s referred to as a “concept” or a “condition” and therefore legally should fall out of the realm of rules that apply to disease.  This is a fancy way of saying I can actually say more about it.

Now the usual things would apply for reversing this “concept” and they do seem to work to cure this condition in some cases.

That would be: regularly scheduled cardiovascular exercise and weight management.  If you read my recent stuff on sleep deprivation you might suspect sleep disruption has something to do with it as well.

I have long written to you about the ravages of diabetes but we’ve never talked all that much about pre-diabetes and supplementation.

You might suspect that my amazing Sugar Balance Support Formula (SBSF) would be an excellent addition.

What you might not know is that Co Q is also implicated seriously implicated in pre-diabetes as well.


For that reason, and because we now have now have an epidemic of pre-diabetes..

I have created the Sugar Support Bundle which combines both of these products, Sugar Balance Support Formula, and Toco Q.

Don’t let high sugar lay you low!!!!


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