In Defense of Keto & a Sneaky New Product Announcement

It was predictable a few years ago.  The current “Keto Craze” was bound to happen.

Back in 2012 the phrase I heard most often was, “Oh it’s like Atkins!”

In point of fact while the oft maligned and dearly departed Dr Atkins did pretty much repackage the Keto Diet under his name, he eventually reduced his moniker to “low carb lifestyle” which continues today under the Atkins name.

Also predictably there are a lot of people who are no longer afraid to go hard core keto, embracing a higher fat lower carb diet.

Rather than recount the numerous blogs I have written that explain the particulars of the Keto Diet, let me just say that I am a big fan because of its potential anti- cancer effects, especially when combined with a lower calorie intake.

If you “can’t” do Keto then I would certainly advocate reducing your carb intake to a much lower level.

For Keto you need to stay under 50 grams of carbs a day (one and half pieces of bread if you even eat that!).  For low carb I would say anything under 100 grams is acceptable.

Focus on reducing anything with sugar in it, breads and pastas, etc.

Now I do want to mention we are “soft launching” our newest product which is indeed a Keto Drink designed to help you get into ketosis, suppress your appetite and carb cravings and destroy your body fat in the process. If you are reading this closely enough and carefully enough to see this sneaky announcement then you deserve the best intro pricing!

Believe it or not that is all I am going to say about it for the moment

I do want to tell you a super important dieting strategy that I use with my Keto routine and recommend for anyone who is adjusting their nutrition in any way: Intermitant Fasting!

It turns out that Keto naturally fosters this kind of “eating window” which is- a 16 hour fast followed by an 8 hour window for one or two meals.  If you are doing 2 meals in this time frame than one (usually the later one) needs to be considerably smaller.  Remmeber that just because you “got to be hungry” does not mean you wake up hungry. Usually its remarkably the opposite!

Allowing a more prolonged fast between meals stimulates something called “autophagy” which literally means self eating!. This is a critical process of cellular recycling especially for the mitochondria- the power houses of the cell.

This process has been linked to a bunch of interventions that have been shown to prolong life and health span. Contrary to what some “thought leaders” are saying, you do not need mTor inhibitors like Rapamycin or autophagy stimulants like the chem drug dasatanib, you just need to eat less and less frequently on a long term basis!

Our society loves drugs but this simple dietary intervention is far safer and just as effective if it is followed!

Now again the appetite suppressive effects of a high fat Keto Diet make this all that much easier.

And if you want some help with this while avoiding expensive and toxic drugs try my new Keto Inducing product!

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