Seven Steps to Keto Success

A lot of people are interested in Keto for the weight loss aspect.

A noble desire to be sure but there are so many wonderful metabolic, brain and hormonal effects as well a a real potential to control if not prevent neurological disease and cancer.

But for most people there is still a gap between trusting the process of Keto as healthy and truly effective.

As a matter of fact the number one case of failure on any diet is NOT lack of will power, its lack of Faith that the diet will actually work for them. Strange as it may sound most people who have tried and failed to lose weight feel there is some magical inhibition that pertains only to them… it works for everyone else just no for them.

If you do Keto it will work for you.

Here are Seven Steps to make it easy.

  1. I would strongly suggest you do not do Keto by just avoiding carbs and eating a lot of fat to start with. Here is how I induce ketosis: Get some low sugar vegetable juice and drink one large glass 3-4X a day for 1 to 2 days. That is your sole food source and drink nothing else other than water.
  2. For the next 2 days dilute the juice with 30-50% water. Again this is your sole source of calories. You can and should drink a fair amount of water (1 liter minimum) and add one teaspoon of salt to each liter. Your body will get rid of water and salt on its on so if you need more salt use it as long as you are not on a salt restriction from your doctor.
  3. Count your carbs! Do not exceed 50 grams a day
  4. Hit the fish oil hard– minimum 6 grams but you can even shoot for 10 grams for a few days in a row.
  5. Reduce your strength training and endurance training by 50% during this induction phase
  6. After 5 days or so of the above, start to add in fatty meats or cheeses unless you are dairy or lactose limited. If you want to accelorate your trip into keto and stave off the “keto flu” you definately want to use KetoGen, especially in the first month or two. Ultimately depending on your current body weight and mass you should ultimately shoot for 1000 to 1500 calories with a proportion of minimum 60% fat 25 % protein and 15% carbs. You can go higher on the fat and lower on the rest of the proportions as needed. You need to get to at least 60% fat to really see the fat loss kick in. Remember carbs make this diet super unhealthy so be committed not to cheat.
  7. Remember to get adequate sleep- 7 hours minimum. If you need help with that I have an incredible supplement for sleep


It’s more than just a fad. Use it to lose weight and look great, or do what I do…. make it a lifestyle!

Dr Dave

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