High Performance Athletics- How to Cheat the Decline in Performance that Comes with Ketogenic Diets

You may have noticed my Brand New Keto-Gen product to support your Ketogenic Diet.

We have gotten a lot of questions about how to maintain high performance levels during this diet. So first a bit of background:

High performance training especially full blow HIIT training requires instantly accessible ATP.  ATP is the currency of energy that is used for all action, motion, active transport, secreting, squirting and well you get the idea: Movement!

There are lots of ways to get it but when you are in Ketosis you are getting it from the Ketone body Beta Hydroxy Butyrate- the exact same thing in Keto-Gen.

While BHB is a super clean, super efficient fuel for your body it is a slower way to generate ATP than sugar- and it takes a while for your body to become Keto Adapted.

This leads a lot of HIIT people to become frustrated because their performance levels, especially explosive speed decreases for a while- sometimes weeks until they become adapted.

The solution to this problem is simple!  Its called Energy X Maxx and I have detailed how amazing the benefits in speed strength and performance are at various times over the past year.

Because it provides your body with Pure ATP

It solves the issue of slower production and delivery that occurs in Ketosis. And it solves it PERMANENTLY for as long as you use it.

Because of the recent explosion in Ketogenic Diet interest I am making it available at special pricing for the next 48 hours only –  Buy 2 and get 1 free.  This will kick you into high gear fast, solve any issues with lack of performance you are having (strength and endurance both!!!) and help keep you on track with ketosis!

If you are not a Ketogenic Athlete the same benefits accrue but be advised it takes a couple of weeks to build up your levels.

As always You and I can be one step ahead!!!!

Dr Dave

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