Huge news: The Newest Weapons Grade Fish Oil!

Short version: I am introducing the most potent, non-drug fish oil on the market. It is a minimum of 85% EPA and DHA and may range up to 92% at maximum. It is as close to 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Fish oil as you can possibly get. And it has been tested out to parts per trillion for heavy metals and contaminants. It is called Ultra Potent Fish Oil, named after its minimum potency standard (85%), which makes it at least 33% more potent than most of the “best” fish oils on the market today.


Almost two years ago to this day I fulfilled a special dream of mine. Some of you may be thinking it was the ground-breaking book [eafl id=”2395″ name=”The Immortality Edge” text=”The Immortality Edge”] and that is a perfect answer but in this specific case it’s wrong.

Two years ago I created and released 100 bottles of the most potent non-drug fish oil available. Almost a third of it went immediately to family and close friends who were clamoring for it.

That left us with just about 70 bottles. I was the featured keynote speaker at David Wolfe’s “Longevity Now” Conference that year and I decided to do something that made no sense at all. Even though a large portion of this conference is Vegan and Vegetarian, I decided to see what I could do to spread the Omega 3 message to this group of people since I was sure they were desperately in need of Omega 3 Fish oil.

I knew this because this group of individuals primarily got their Omega 3’s from plant sources. If you’ve read anything by me you should be able to recite this fact in your sleep, “Plant-based 18 Carbon Omega 3’s are an inferior source of EPA and DHA (the marine-based end products humans need so desperately!)”. You may also know that the algae-derived omegas are rich in DHA but contain almost no EPA, and that the attempt around that using DPA, another intermediate does not work in people.

I was prepared to be booed off the stage. Would these people think I was attacking their lifestyle?

Much to my surprise I found them to be extremely open-minded and, for the most part, interested in their own health beyond other things. In those that held moral grounds for not eating fish I found at least an understanding of the necessity for most people.

But the proof is in the pudding. Within 18 hours of the introduction of this product, which I called “Ultra Potent Fish Oil” in reference to its MINIMUM 85% of EPA and DHA, the product was gone. And gone it was, almost for good.

You see, it was extremely expensive to make and not at all practical to continue because of this. I basically made it as a special favor to this group of wonderful individuals who welcomed me into their midst in non-judgmental fashion, in an attempt to fix a gigantic hidden health problem.

In case you are wondering, I did run the [eafl id=”2389″ name=”Omega 3 Stick Test” text=”Omega finger stick”] test on these folks. Specifically, I ran 100 tests overall, separated by two conferences and five months.  All but two of the tests were in the abysmally low range, and the two that were not were in people who specifically took fish oil and ate meat. This proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that totally plant-dependent diets are so susceptible to fish oil deficiencies detailed here.

I will tell you one hugely ironic thing.  The actual % of Omega 3’s in the blood of these folks correlates very closely with that of the ‘average American’!  The heart disease risk is therefore likely to be very similar for most of these people who are doing their darndest to eat healthy!

Similarly, I have had a hard time getting people to actually take the large amount, usually a minimum of 6 grams of EPA/DHA, that they need in a day to get to the levels of these essential oils that actually prevent disease and likely prolong life!

Ultra Potent Fish Oil will make it much easier. You will get at least 33% more fish oil per capsule and thus you can take fewer capsules. If you decide to take the same amount, you can expect your Omega levels in blood and tissue to go up by as much as 35%. This will get a lot of people to the goal a whole lot faster!

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