The Truth About Vitamin F!!!

Way back ion the 1920’s…

When the first RDA’s were established there was serious talk about including fish oil (cod liver oil at the time) to the minimum daily requirements and classifying it as a vitamin.

That did not happen for unknown reasons but I really wish it would have.  This one action would have made people think very differently about the health benefits of fish oil and cleared up a lot of misconceptions.

Over the years I have taken a ton of criticism for suggesting “high dose” fish oil as a “panacea” for everything.  I have refuted this by saying that what I am suggesting is not high dose but just normal dose as found by the Omega6/3 ratios.  This work was pioneered by Dr Bill Lands and there is so much credible research backing up what he has told us.

The bottom line

Is the multitudinous benefits of fish oil have to do with what is essentially an epidemic lack of Omega 3 in the diet resulting in all kinds of things that you would normally associate with nutritional deficiency.

That means lots and lots of things go wrong.

I have also said that Omega 3 levels are the primary way in which the body decides to be inflamed or not.  Short sighted critics have said, “How can this be!! Omega 3’s have no anti-oxidant capacity except for what it takes to make them go rancid in the body!”  While the former is true, they have a zero ORAC value, it does not take a rocket scientist to understand inflammation is a pathway with a bunch of off/on switches along the way.  IF you flip the master switch to “Off” as in with high Omega 3 levels you suppress unwanted inflammation in the body.

Its no coincidence that inflammation a primary driver of aging in the body as well.

So now you start looking at all the places and all the pathways where inflammation is bad for you and you start to see the bigger picture emerging.

I have written hundreds of emails on this topic over the last decade and a half and none of it has changed one iota.

Using fish oil to raise your Omega 3 levels is safe, effective and all natural!

Get it!!!  Take it!!! And make sure you are taking enough!!!!



Dr Dave (DD)

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