Have you ever wondered when Male Aging really starts?

Some say it starts as early as age 35.

As a matter of fact, that is pretty much the gold standard for things like telomere length and inflammatory bio markers.  It’s also the age when men begin to flag in their sexual prowess.

At first it seems insidious: a little less desire, a little less passion, a little less performance. None of this is immediately apparent to the male half of the equation, but believe me, women notice.  The usual excuses apply: stress, work, kids and of course familiarity!

But what is often happening is not merely psycho-social!  Often, it’s the subtle beginnings of andropause- the male equivalent of menopause.

In men things often happen over a protracted time frame, as in a decade or two. This is one reason why it’s so often missed.

And in some cases, it really is psycho somatic!!!

But the good news is it doesn’t really matter what the cause is, there is a course of action all healthy men can take to stem the tide of loss of performance in this oh so important department.

I make a supplement called Male Max X which has the only legal true testosterone booster on the market today. This is not a “support system” in the sense that it does something to sex binding globulins or reducing inflammation.  It’s a really honest to goodness natural version of the banned hormone androstenedione. Because it’s a naturally occurring substance and not altered in its format the powers that be have a hard time getting too wound up about it.

For the moment!!

Who knows when this boom will be lowered and we’ll have to quit what we are doing?  It’s happened before!!

But for now, if you are suffering a bit in the performance/passion department go here and get some relief.

Your significant other will thank you for it!!!


Dr Dave

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