A brief blog about my blog!

The word press blog has become very popular and I have a lot of regular fans and of course some regular detractors.  This is the Yin and Yang of life.

But recently I got an email accusing me of being a “Johnny Come Lately”. Now normally I shrug this stuff off but I have to admit this comment got a little bit under my skin.

The accusation was based on the “fact” that I have only been blogging since 2010 after our book “The Immortality Edge came out. You’ll notice I did not put the customary Amazon link there because Amazon has sold out of our book! You can still get it through them just not from them at the moment.

I expect and hope they’ll order more!

Anyway I thought I would remind some of you who doubt, I have been blogging a long long time on lots of different things. Here is a link to the old Blog Spot blog which spans pretty much of the past decade.

I would also inform those of you who think I am a newbie that what has to have been the very first anti-aging Podcast was recorded by us and published by the long since gobbled up “Podcast Alley” in 2005. It’s out there somewhere I just don’t know where!

That begs the question: why the gap between blogs and other forms of communication.

Frankly I was spending a lot of time and not getting a lot of feedback. It is totally different now- I still spend the time but at least I know people are reading and responding.

Here is my guess: as usual I was ahead of my time! LOL.

These forms of communication simply did not hit mainstream readership for a couple of years after I started and I guess I just figured they never would.

I was certainly wrong about that!

Thanks for your support and engagement. I think you know most of what you read here is not to be found elsewhere. You can always get a parroted back version of what some press release or article said, examples being the fish oil and prostate cancer thing and of course the recent Ornish article.

But if you want thoughtful commentary, you’ve come to the right place.

Speaking of thoughtful check out the old blog when you get a chance. There is some provocative and amusing stuff back there!




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