A Kinder Gentler Covid?

I was outside chopping wood in front of my house when a couple stopped their walk to say “Hello”.

Turns out they were one of my patients from a long time ago. We had fun reminiscing about the “good old” days and of course my Dad came up in conversation as he always does.

Smiles all around.

Then they got serious and asked about Covid. They had both tested positive recently presumable for Omicron since that is what’s going around. One of the couple was vaccinated x3 the other x zero. Both got it and neither could tell the difference based on their vaccine status. Neither had any serious effects.

I mentioned I had had something right around New Years that was very mild, intermittent and lasted a few days. I suspected it was also Omicron because there were brief sudden bouts of coughing 2 or 3x a day for 2 days and I was very mildly short of breath jogging up one of the steep hills near my home. I noted this because it was “new and different” than my usual.

Fortunately, it only lasted 72 hours and then was completely gone. I explained that a strong immune system does not mean you won’t catch something! It means you will have milder symptoms and recover faster without long term sequalae.

Dr Dave were you vaccinated?

My answer, “Not yet! I’m waiting to see more data…” I then quickly caught myself explaining that I had been branded an “anti-vaxxer” though I have had over 15 vaccines in my life and never ever told anyone NOT to get this vaccine. I simply told them my personal stance.

Most of my colleagues have gotten vaccinated because they felt forced to. The comeback by those in power is always the same, “Hey it’s your choice you don’t have to take it.” When one points out that people lose their jobs in many cases, the answer is also, “That is not coercion, that is their choice!”

I am also always reminded that I am more fortunate than most. My bout with what was probably Delta Covid was not physically limiting, and this most recent if it was Omicron would simply have been yet another minor bout of winter snivels that I used to get when I was in full on practice, vaccine or no, and simply chalked it up to that.

I am also self employed and so far, do not have to answer to anyone else!

But now we have a name and a huge fear based media campaign supported by the usual suspects at the end of the dollar tree.

Then they asked another question,” Doc why is it so hard to trust medicine these days and why are so many doctors, nurses and assistants leaving or retiring early?!”

My answer, “Well the medical media says it’s because health care professionals are tired of caring for people who refuse to get vaccinated. This is the narrative we are supposed to believe.”

“Do you believe it Doc?”

I said, “If a professional no longer has the compassion and capacity to tolerate free will and choice in his/her patients then it is best they leave the field until they regain it, if they ever do.”

The look on their faces told me they knew I had used a classic tactic that I had learned from people who don’t know the answer or more commonly have decided to not tell you. This by the way is a classic narcissistic tactic known as “deflection”.

You say something in response to a question but it is in no way an answer to the question. Most people just nod and drop it. IN point of fact if someone uses this tactic on you, you are not likely to get an honest answer no matter what. If it is in the context of a business transaction this is where people say shit like, “I’d have to ask my manager!” Or if there is no manager, a personal favorite of mine, “That is our policy!”

Nothing personal lol.

Still, these were people I liked and cared for in multiple sense of the word so I offered the following in a tone that suggested I was unsure of the answer, “Maybe so many people are leaving because they don’t believe in what they are doing any more either!”

This couple understood exactly and tacitly agreed.

But there is something else: While I try to remain tolerant and open minded most of the people, I know actually do think like I do and believe many if not all the things I do. So once in a while I try to see the “other” point of view but in so many cases it does not ring true to me. You could say it is not MY TRUTH lol.

I will never try to convince you to believe me. I will only ever live and lead by example and you may do or not do as you choose. I will not disrespect you; I will just do my thing while you do yours. There are plenty of people willing to advise you on a completely different belief system or ideology.

Now once in a while I have been accused of being clairvoyant.

So here are some predictions for you 😊.

It is my prediction there will be as many covid variants as public attention will tolerate based on media statistics. It is my prediction that there will be several more boosters recommended and that each and every one of them will magically cover any new variant that materializes.

Keep in mind that mRNA viruses mutate extremely, extremely rapidly.

I’ve detailed in previous emails how scientists force viruses to mutate in order to predict likely variations. I’ve also cited the track record of that research for influenza. Fortunately, even though the same tactics are used and Covid is far more labile and unpredictable and supposedly less well studied that influenza, Covid seems to be a lot more cooperative with predictable mutations.

Um except for the fact that most of the new variants have “spike protein” changes that render the vaccines possibly maybe we are not supposed to suggest less effective. Once anything like this is brought up, fortunately again, media headlines dispel it by saying how effective the current vaccines are at protecting people.

That is why a major medical journal released an opinion piece called, “Omicron, the pandemic of the vaccinated!” They are quick to point out “Rest assured you are far worse off if you didn’t get the vaccine”.

It just means that the people who told you you wouldn’t get sick and die well, maybe they might have toned it down a bit.

It is my prediction that the vulnerable population will continue to get sick and some die from Covid. It is my prediction you will see more headlines claiming the dying words of same patients will be, “I wish I would have been vaccinated!”

It is my prediction that the push for younger and younger vaccinations will continue and eventually prevail.

It is my prediction that travel will continue to be impaired but only to a point where it is financially acceptable to the airlines etc.

It is my prediction that countries with the strictest infection control policies will fair no better than those with more lax policies but there will be statistically manipulations in the media (ala Florida) and that when the final analysis is rendered, those who flaunted these strict policies will be blamed for their failure.

It is my prediction that very few if anyone will “officially” die from a vaccine related side effect (VRSE) that any reported side effects will remain mild and occur infrequently and these vaccines will be reported as among the safest in history.

It is my prediction that mRNA vaccines will be rapidly approved for the resurgence of a disease that pretty much completely disappeared in the past year and a half but is set to make a resurgence any day now: influenza!

Thank god for the brilliant vaccine scientists who will no doubt have the vaccine ready just as cases surge in the media.

It is my prediction that until I see enough data to personally satisfy me to get any of the above vaccines, I will continue to use Immune Booster and the Wellness kit along with Telokynase because I personally believe these keep my immune system strong enough. BTW I would be doing this even if I WERE vaccinated.

YOU must do as you please and as you believe. But if you ever feel a slight wondering or discomfort about what to believe I can offer you 3 suggestions:

  1. Who is benefitting the most from what is happening?
  2. What is REALLY happening that may have little to do with the headlines. In other words what are you being distracted from by fear and a seeming existential crisis?
  3. What is happening to those who voice a different opinion in this cancel culture?

Oh Yeah one last question: Where have you seen this before?!

I plan on thriving no matter what and I plan on sharing my tactics with you to do as you see fit.

Blessings and Best Health Ever in 2022

Dr Dave

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