End of Sale Sale- Almost Over!

Well, my friend it’s a wrap for 2021…. Sort of!

You can look for a few little stocking stuffer surprises over the next few days to ring in the New Year.

Speaking of which let me extend my wishes for the best New Year!  May you and yours be Happy, Health and Prosperous!!!!

Today as the official last day of the sale there are few items, we need to add in.

First here is a buy 3 get the book (The Keto Edge Signed Copy) free.   So, if keto is in your New Year’s Plans this is the way to start!

Also, as you may know we have several bundles including the Telomere Edge Pack Bundle and the Cold and Flu Wellness Bundle.  These are all on sale along with our Emu Scrub. Young Life Daily, and Brain Force One.

Now you may be wondering, “Where is the Fish Oil?!”.

A few weeks before the sale started, I wrote to you telling you we had solved all of our supply chain issues and that we expected the next big big stock in of fish oil the first week of January.  We would have put it on sale with a minor back order except the following happened.

2 days into our sale this year (about 2 weeks ago) our supplier of 12 years said what apparently many small businesses are hearing lately, “Your business is no longer worth it to us- we are going big box only!”  Thanks for the timely heads up and thanks for leaving us no time at all to prepare for this.

Now we are not alone.  Small businesses all over the country are being threatened by what has to be an imaginary supply crisis designed to funnel the wealth of the Republic into the pockets of the wealthiest of the wealthy- Big Business.

Now for the good news:  I mean no one ill, but Karma is a bitch.

And the even better news!  We hustled and found one other supplier who can provide the level of distillation and product quality in the larger capsules that we use and that order was placed last week again for much bigger amount so we should not have to experience this again in the immediate future. That order will arrive in March so for those on continuity, we can fill into early February and will have a shorter back order than last year. Provided of course we are not being lied to as we were last year.  For the moment I have a very good feeling about our solution.

The plan will be to have the Christmas sale in March for the Fish Oil, so hang tight it’s coming!

Finally, a little more less than good news.  Inflation has hit us at all levels so there must be a small price increase.  If you are locked into your products by being on continuity/subscription you will not see it.  But in the coming year one by one, slowly but surely as new inventory arrives the cost will go up.

So, I hope you stock up during the last few days of the year, and lock in the prices that we are able to offer today!! If you missed an item during our sale, for the next 24 hours you’ll be able to find them on sale here!

Joy, Hope and Blessings!

Dr Dave

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