Mask Update – Mas Proteccion – Time to Order!

Ok So, I have a guaranteed mask delivery by next Monday and will ship out the COVID 2020 kits as I’m calling them. Everything else is already here ready and waiting to go.

The kit includes 2 masks (so you can wash one while you wear the other) 2 washable scent pads which is where you put the Cold and Flu Essential oil, and a ½ ounce bottle of the Cold and Flu Essential oil.

Cost is $85 / set and for now we are only selling them as sets. I may sell the oil separately after the pandemic is over but not now – it makes no sense!

We have 50 of these ready to go and have already gotten half as many inquiries so we are putting them up on a very brief “pre order”.

A couple of points:

½ ounce may not seem like a lot but it will easily last you one month or more with typical use. That includes 5 drops into the mask pad daily and a few drops in your bath of if you simply want to put it on your (washed!) hands and inhale it.

Always remember to shake well before use!

Store in a cool dry place.

The masks are fabric for several reasons:

1) The mask and pad are just holders, the oil vapors are the viral and cold protectant, not the mask!

2) Fabric masks are durable and can be washed dozens of times.

3) The oils will degrade paper masks rapidly so if you are trying to use the oil in paper its not going to be a nice or protective experience!

I have not been able to obtain COVID samples to test ANY of my products against for what should be obvious reasons, the active ingredients in the right amounts blended by me contain terpenes which are effective against all 3 infective agents, bacteria fungi AND VIRUSES! The oil can be considered viristatic meaning it inhibits the growth of viruses and these viruses as you know get in primarily through the nose, sinuses and upper airways which is why I have you inhale them!!!

AS always, I make no claims of diagnosis, cure, or mitigation of active infections. The mask/oil combination is meant to be preventative, not curative.

Again, remember the barrier is created by the vapors in your sinuses and upper airways from inhalation, the very route COVID and Influenza and other “cold like” viruses take. Unlike so many other strategies this one does not require a fully intact immune system so if you know people who have multiple medical issues or immune issues this is a good thing for them!

That’s it for today, 50 left, first come first served. I have already put in another order based on the already significant non advertised (except my personal Instagram page) demand.

They will ship out early next week so Order Now before there is another line to wait in!

Stay Young Stay Strong Stay Calm and Stay Alive and Kickin’ !!!

Dr Dave

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