Old homes, Old men, Old Pipes and the Corona Virus

My home and I have a lot in common.

Both of us were built in the 1950’s before “modern methods” came into place. My home is primarily stone, brick, and plaster and is built to last, again like its owner. Like me it’s been 1000% reliable and trouble free. And like its owner it was built before any conception of “wireless internet” existed.

This has actually led to 2 problems that ultimately are blessings.

Problem 1: The structure of my house is an EMF sponge and it’s well nigh impossible to use wireless anywhere. It just doesn’t work. Boosters nope, Commercial router nope. The only thing that works reliably is a wired connection.

Honestly, I have taken great pleasure out of watching millennial service people scratch their heads in the past when I was still trying to get this to work. The concept that something was built without the absolute human requirement for life- constant connectivity- escapes them.

But the blessing is of course that no matter how many G (including 5G) they develop I am immune and protected by my home. What a concept, a home that protects you from intrusion and invasion and damaging waves while it keeps you comfortable and facilitates your creativity without compromising your health!

The other problem/blessing is that I have copper pipes in the house and was never coerced enough to replace them. Oh, the insurance agents and home appraisers tried. I even pay more because I have not “upgraded” to PVC piping. After all copper is more expensive to replace, and everyone knows that there is a slow if not dangerous leeching of elemental copper and copper sulfate from those pipes not to mention a bit of zinc from the coating. Mine happen to be lead free as well.

And now here we are in the middle of the COVID-19 panicdemic.

Once again, my house is protecting me! I also wear a copper bracelet most times.

Copper and Zinc are absolutely essential in immune function. The white blood cells that fight bacteria and respond to viruses need copper and zinc as co-factors to do their job.

First, they engulf the foreign invaders, then they incinerate them (oxidation). That second phase – the burning up part is where deficiencies in copper and zinc are really manifest. If the white cells don’t do a good job, or any job, of burning up the invaders, the invasion can continue unabated.

How may critically ill COVID patients are checked for copper or zinc deficiency? Answer- about as many as are checked for an unbalanced Omega6/3 level!

All phagocytic cells, Neutrophils, Macrophages and Natural Killer cells require adequate amounts of these minerals or they cannot be effective.

If you remember the emails on telomeres and immunity from the last few days you know the critical role they play in healthy immunity and aging. Remember I said that immunosenescense from aging causes poor immune function and is a risk for COVID death. I think low copper and zinc levels can do the same thing.

And now let’s complete the circle. Did you know that dietary copper levels are associated with telomere length? Lower levels shorter telomeres, higher levels longer telomeres. Now you might understand why Young Life Daily is currently on back order. I told you it was purpose designed as an “Anti-Aging”multi. That is where the copper and zinc in this product fit in along with other things.

While I am on that topic, Young Life Daily IS SOLD OUT (smart people!) and on back order, but the back order is very short and we are actually getting dribs and drabs more or less weekly to fill the back orders on first come first served. I hate lines, but this is one line you might want to get in.

Zinc is a little different since it plays a more structural role in telomeres, but a central role in immunity. Same with Selenium- all of this is in good doses in Young Life Daily.

I did tell you of all the supplements, this was the hardest one to make. Now you know the tip of the Anti-Aging Iceberg! Just the tip!

So, tell the plastic pipe proponents to put that in their PVC pipe and smoke it!

Again, I apologize that we ran out but, in some ways, it is gratifying. It means you are listening!!!

This whole thing will be over soon (not soon enough) and I am determined to keep the perfect track record. We have of not one of my customers, family or friends having reported any serious illness this season.

I want to take the panic out of the panicdemic!

Lastly the Cold and Flu Essential Oil is here but I’m waiting on masks to put it up on the site. It is (virus) killer and smells amazing. Check out my personal Instagram page for more info on the essential oil and other ways to protect yourself and the ones you love.

Spread the Word-Not the Virus!


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