Happy Easter!!!

I am celebrating with you today… so I hope you are celebrating. Whether you participate in Easter or a different Holiday this time of year is special because it denotes rebirth.

Not sure if you are following the news much but appears the panicdemic is going to be slowly receding over the next couple of weeks.

Of course, don’t let your guard down too soon! We wouldn’t want to waste a good panic now would we!

If you go back as far as February then you know what I have been saying seems lo and behold to be panning out. I don’t need to be right for my own sake. I have a bullet proof immune system.

But I do need to be right for YOUR sake since you have put your trust in me. Some of you reading this have been there for almost 20 years. I am so honored on this day to thank you and remind you how far we both have come in our knowledge and health.

I am working on an email that will forecast out the next couple of weeks but bottom line is this: Things are forever changed no matter how much this current pandemic fails to live up to its hype.

We have been awakened to possibilities whether this was an experiment in control of merely an opportunistic change for people to fight over the same old same old BS: control of your will, control of your future and control of your wallet!

Sound familiar? The bad news is I think there will be more panic/control episodes in the future and not all of them will be based on health. The good news is it feels like the last gasp of the old way of doing things, the old guard losing its grip and showing that we still need our independence and freedom to make this work. The American Spirit is alive and well in the midst of this.

And now for the update: The first batch of masks/and protective oils will ship out This coming Wednesday if not sooner. The next batch will be here beginning of next week so if you are one of the many back orders for the Covid Kit don’t worry it will get to you soon. This pandemic will tail off not drop off a cliff suddenly so there is still a great need for a safe, nontoxic non drug way to protect yourself.

I think today is going to be a turning point but you can never be too prepared .

And of course, to some degree this will all start again this coming fall.

For that reason, I am seriously thinking of bringing back Immune Booster. If you remember than and think it’s a good idea let me know by replying to this email!

As usual I was ahead of my time by a decade and a half lol.

One final thing. If you have some time on your hands make sure you check out my podcast channel. Incredible interviews and info are waiting for you there!!!

Dr Dave

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