Designed to Thrive!

I wanted to remind you a streamlined version of my mentorship will be available over the holidays.

I’ve gotten so many requests for something “more accessible” aka cheaper and less demanding.

Now I have to tell you that this goes against my grain because I am always “all in” on anything I bother to do, but I do understand the times we live in.

So, just a reminder to all those of you who missed last months launch, the things you asked for are coming before the end of this year.

Speaking of which, we are now entering “flu season”. I cannot even begin to comment on the current state of affairs because of the continued and impending censorship so I will simply say this – there are other viruses out there. This is in spite of the observation by one medical journal stating, “Influenza has all but disappeared due to masking and social distancing”.

I sincerely doubt that and suggest it’s an issue of “You find what you are looking for!”. If you ain’t looking or are only looking in one place you ain’t finding.

Example, some cancer screenings have also almost disappeared due to our current focus. This means early detection is not happening the way it used to. Wanna place bets on what would happen IF, and it’s a big If anyone bothers to check on the incidence of more advanced cancers during this time?

You are a complete package, and your immune system is designed to thrive against all odds.

Which brings me to a final reminder as we move into the next quarter.

We still have our amazing masks/essential oil combos in very limited stock. They are on flash sale for a very limited time! Remember the mask is a delivery system for the oils, it’s not the barrier. In all honesty the way people are wearing their masks these days one has to question the barrier efficacy. Or I should say, one should question it but we are not living in times where questions are encouraged or allowed- much less debate!

WE also have a decent supply of Immune Booster 2.0 but given the way thinks went last year NOW would be a good time to get ahead of the curve and stock up.

And finally, the King of Immune supplements, Telokynase the telomerase activator, is now in its next iteration and a recent supply has put us in good stead for the coming months.

Don’t play with your health and don’t take chances. We have seen all too often the results can be devastatingly unpredictable.

Now more than ever- Help yourself to Stay Well!

Dr Dave

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