Why Men Are Aging Faster and What YOU Can Do About It!!!

Way back in 2003…

The AMA (yes that AMA-the American Medical Academy) sorta kinda recognized “Age Management” medicine as a real thing.  They apparently didn’t like the term “Anti-Aging” but age management was OK.

Fine by me!

At that juncture they released a very limited number of certificates in that discipline- 30 to be exact. 30 across the entire nation.  By now I am sure there are many more but the point is I was one of the first 30 doctors in the country to be recognized with that certification.

I am not telling you this to brag, but rather to tell you a small bit of history.

In 2003 Omega 3 fish oil

Was still not the multi-billion dollar industry it is now.  I was already several years into developing, testing and making my own brand.  Subsequently inflammation (Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory) became recognized as a major factor in the causes of aging and age related disease.

I am still fighting with the powers that be to recognize that fact and the role of Omega 3 in aging.  I am still fighting to get decent studies done by knowledgeable researchers instead of Big Pharma mouth pieces.

In 2003 stem cell therapies

Were rare as Hen’s teeth.  Now the government is trying to rid the US of anything but glorified PRP. Undoubtedly Big Pharma will swoop in in a few years with some patented cell therapies that are “proven” and make tons of money selling them.  Undoubtedly, they will simply take the stuff we’ve already done and usurp it for their own profit.

Sound familiar?

It might, because way back in 2003 male hormone replacement was considered quackery. I should know, I was there and I was the recipient of many such labels.  By now you may already be tired of hearing the story of how I predicted Big Pharma would swoop in with “proven” therapies (in this case those godawful creams they market) and suddenly it would all be ok and doctors could replace male hormones without fear.

“Is it Low T?”

Flooded the television for a while if you remember. Well in the process they rid the market of any viable nutraceutical alternatives.

And here is the kicker. It took a while but it is now clear that hormone replacement, at least in men, is real viable anti-aging therapy!

So I had to reverse the clock a bit with something that works and whose ingredients have been researched.

Yep, my very own all natural testosterone booster designed by me with the decades of experience in both male and female* hormone replacement I have had.

It’s called Super Male Max X!

It may be 15 years later, but we men need it that much more now.

And its on sale TODAY ONLY – so take advantage and get some Super Male Max X while it is at its lowest price point. Get one for yourself or get one for the special someone in your life..

Anyone who needs the man in you to shine through will love it- including you!!!




*I have gotten several requests from the ladies to do something similar for women but I can only apologize.  After Big Pharma’s version of female hormones, Premarin (pregnant horse pee!) was shown to be carcinogenic and not useful all of us backed out of the female hormone replacement field for our own safety. Big Pharma then went on the attack to try to shut down compounding pharmacies who made bio identical female hormones, for “unfair lack of regulation”.

It’s hard to feel sympathy for an industry that spends more on advertising and a positive image than it does on research and development.  Its hard to feel sympathy for an industry that tries to control every single new and promising development sometimes holding it off or simply buying it out and sitting on it to squash competition from non drug sources.  Its hard to have sympathy for an industry that can raise drug prices at will to astronomical levels as in the case of the life saving Epi Pen where Mylan Pharmaceuticals CEO Heather Bresch shamelessly defended the 7-fold price increase which came for no reason other than there is no regulation of pricing in this industry and they can do anything they want.

But at least I can help my fellow MAN!

Do it now before they come up with some phony excuse to emasculate you further!

4 thoughts on “Why Men Are Aging Faster and What YOU Can Do About It!!!”

  1. Richard Tedder

    Dr. Dave, I have been a follower and customer for years. Congratulations on the new product! I used to use your Regenerizer back in the day and I remember that it had DHEA as an ingredient. How does this product differ?

    1. HI Richard! Very nice to hear from you. Regenerizer was primarily an “energy” product similar to Energy X MAxx and Mito QE. The small amount of DHEA in Regenerizer would not do much to affect hormone balance and could be used by women. Super Male MAxx is for men only and is a hormone support product.

  2. Vitality Seeker

    I have heard that testosterone cremes and injections can decrease and actually atrophy natural testosterone production. Does this product have any of these associated drawbacks?

    1. This product is more of a testosterone signal switch and while it will increase testosterone it does so through a pathway not an end product. This reduces any chance of switching off natural testosterone secretion. Injections and creams do decrease natural testosterone production. Once you are on them you are on them for life-but they are generally legally used in situations where most testosterone production has already stopped.

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