Tumors and Fish Oil

This is one of those emails that has to start with a disclaimer because it contains the “C” word e.g. cancer.

Whenever anyone suggests that there is a potential way to prevent, treat, or suppress cancer in anyway that is different than what Big Pharma and our government has spent 3 trillion dollars on (genetic research, gene products and chemo cocktails) they are immediately targeted, vilified and sometimes worse.

So please research everything I say here for yourself and do not take any of it as anything but FYI.

Especially don’t infer imply or even cogitate that anything said here might have any impact on cancer.

This is for entertainment only!

About 5 years ago I was speaking in front of an audience of around 1200 people in California.

I showed a slide that reported the different effects of Omega 6 and Omega 3 on cancer cells and tumor growth. That slide is published in our National Library of Medicine database along with tons of other information on the following topic: How fish oil type Omega 3’s inhibit cancer and may be useful in the treatment of cancer. And how the inflammatory Omega 6 fats drive cancer forward. And how you can add one and then the other to a cancer cell line and play see saw with tumor growth.

Please remember this when the next Big Pharma sponsored anti-fish oil smear campaign comes out and gets tons of press.

An article that was recently released (see reference below) did not get big press. It shows much like I did several years ago how fish oil metabolites get converted into many things that resolve inflammation (prostaglandins/prostacyclins/resolvins/protectins and finally endocannabanoids. Yep that is the chemical you get from the none psychogenic part of dope.

When I was head of my original company I wrote several articles on this topic and frankly I am surprised they have not been reprised by the individuals that now have the company. They have certainly reprised much else of what I wrote years back.

Anyway, the path is clear: inflammation drives cancer and certain anti-inflammatories inhibit that drive and reduce tumor load. Sadly, for Big Pharma their beloved aspirin, statins and NSAIDS are not among them.

Omega 3’s are.

And as I titled one email a while back “Are YOU Getting Enough”, I ask that question again.

It’s a standard trick to do a study with less than 2 grams a day of fish oil to get a negative result. It’s a standard trick to get a major power base like say, the American College of Cardiology to say, “For God’s sake don’t take more than 3 fish oil a day”.

It’s a standard trick to leave out studies that use higher doses and show great results.

It’s a standard trick to call attention only to negative studies and leave out the positive ones.

Don’t be tricked!!!!! 





Reference: Please note information like this has been published many times in the past over the past several years. None of these studies got anything near the air time that the negative ones did. I have only to remind you to the infamous Braskey study of 2012 which insinuated that fish oil caused prostate cancer as an example. As wrong as that study was it got and still gets major air play.

Reference: Antitumorigenic Properties of Omega-3 Endocannabinoid Epoxides
Jahnabi Roy§, Josephine E. Watson⊥, In Sup Hong⊥, Timothy M. Fan‡, and Aditi Das*†⊥¶
†Department of Comparative Biosciences; ‡Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine; §Department of Chemistry; ⊥Department of Biochemistry; ¶Beckman Institute for Advanced Science, Division of Nutritional Sciences, Neuroscience Program, and Department of Bioengineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Illinois 61802, United States
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