What we really know about aging- an update with critical advice

The strangest things come up in science. Every week there is a “new pathway” or a new “possibility of a drug that will help in the fight against cancer”. Sometimes it’s new dietary advice or a reiteration of some previous advice.

But what do we really know and what can we actually hang our hats on in terms of truly effective anti-aging therapy?

Well let me tell you something I hear a lot. It goes like this:” Doc you can’t prove anything you do has any effect on aging. Nothing has been shown to work so far and all of it is speculation!”

Truth is this is usually someone who is pissed off about how much [eafl id=”2390″ name=”TA-65″ text=”TA-65″] costs and is justifying not using it for that reason.

Telomerase activation in the form of TA-65 has a growing body of human data. But don’t take my word for it! Look it up for yourself on Pub Med!

Now the speculation part is partly true. There is absolutely nothing out there at this very red hot moment that will work for every single person on the planet under every single situation. The bottom line is that you probably need to do a lot of things to get the maximum benefit out of any anti-aging program. It’s also true that most people are not going to go to the extent I do or spend the money, time and effort I do or pursue staying young and healthy with the same passion I do. There are people out there who are trying but most of them are following some guru for advice and frankly most of those gurus are wrong. Many of them will die younger than they should and in an unhealthy situation.

I just read about one of the icons in the alternative medicine world who just passed away. He influenced a ton of people and tons more quote him or follow his advice or the advice of one of his “disciples”.

He died of a chronic age related illness and was at least a few years younger than the average age of death for most men. Adele Davis one of the early pioneers of healthy diet and vitamin supplementation died at age 70 of cancer. Famous health publisher (Clean Eating) died of cancer at age 73. Jim Fixx who along with along with Kenneth Cooper MD probably started the running revolution died in his 50’s of heart disease.

My point is we need different advice than we have been given because as it stands now most people are probably going to die at about the very age they would had they simply done nothing special.

Also I would be careful who you follow and manage your expectations.

Personally I do expect to live a long and health life.

I do expect that the advice and life style I am giving will work for many if not most people.

But you will notice it is not “typical” advice in any way. Telomerase activation, high dose fish oil  ketogenic diets and most of the other stuff I advocate have been panned by every major alphabet agency out their including those representing my field of traditional allopathic medicine (the MD kind).

No one can prove anything for human longevity for one very simple reason: no one has done a lifelong study on a cohort of people and controlled for every single variable that there ever was. If you are getting the idea that no one ever will do this kind of study you are right. So it will always be correct to say “I dare you to prove anything you say works”.

But since it can never be done it’s basically a cheap shot. The converse is true as well. If you do nothing you are absolutely 100% guaranteed to not have anything different happen in your life or death.

I am not one to sit on my ass and let the years pass by gently accepting the same fate as my parents or of the rest of my species. Frankly you should not be either since neither of us have anything to lose and much to gain.

More life and more health! What a wonderful concept and what a wonderful desire. But you can’t follow someone who is not making that the center of their lifestyle. My whole goal has been to give a step wise program for anyone who wants to do SOMETHING!

I don’t expect you do to what I do. There are only about 6 other people in the world who are and I know all of them!

But you can choose something simple like taking more and higher quality Omega 3.

And you can now even try the new low dose TA-65 at a much lower price,

As to the more complex things, I am working on them. Those things are what is the healthiest way to eat, how much should we sleep and how much should we exercise and what kind.” Those questions will be a lot harder to answer than what you should be taking!

But don’t fret. I will get you that answer before I shed this mortal coil!

Best, Doc
PS here is a list of my current gurus:

  • Maria Blasco
  • Matt Furey
  • JC Santana
  • Rafael Gonzalez
  • Undurti Das
  • Bill Lands

Note that not one of them is an MD!!!!!


UPDATE!! I’ve posted part 2 “What do we really know about aging“ and part 3 “The Exercise Industry’s Dirty Little Secret” of this series!

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