Worthless Supplement Could Save Millions

Have you read my blog titled “As I Lay Dying”?

That was not the first blog I have written of its type but it is illustrative.

Illustrative of what?!

Illustrative of the crappy science that the media pumps out to cause controversy and fear.

Sound familiar?

Well it seems that this is the basis of all media strategies that grab “eyeballs” these days.  Say something contrary to what is fact and everyone pays attention whether its real or not.

So maybe it won’t surprise you that within 24 hours there were two opposite fish oil headlines.

The first based on a UK study from a major university stated that even a lowly 1 gram of fish oil a day would save the UK health system (which is socialized and very sensitive to costs!) over 25 billion per year (not accounting for the conversion for pounds to dollars!).

That headline got moderate media and internet coverage.

24 hours later splashed ALL OVER every media outlet was the headline “Major study finds fish oil supplements worthless”  That was in the New York times.  Several high ranking doctors at major medical establishments were quoted harrumphing in agreement.  All the best studies in all the best journals were in agreement according to them.

All the best Big Pharma supported (advertising dollars!) and all the meta analysis of the same negative studies showed the same thing.  Talk about a set up!!! If you want to prove something wrong in medicine by all means do a metanalysis.  Pick only the studies that support your view and feed them into the mill and guess what comes out.

The conclusion you want.

Recently I did several interviews with a young well published journalist.  It all started quite innocently enough. His goal was to try to find the real truth behind the fish oil question.  He asked the most important question: Why is this not settled!!!!

Why can you have one headline one day and another the next.  My answer was simple.  Follow the money. Fish oil is a  supplement and Omega 3’s as a whole have been shown to be amazing when it comes to human health.  Yet there is an endless attempt by people who DO NOT understand fatty acid biology or who merely desperately need headlines to justify their existence.  I could not cover this more clearly than I did in “As I Lay Dying”.

I hope I meet Dr. Ted Braskey-the guy who wrote the fish oil associated with prostate cancer nonsense a few years back.

There is something I’d like to give him!!!

Take your fish oil and ignore the nonsense. After all this worthless supplement could save hundreds of millions of dollars and maybe both of our lives!



Acting Your Age Might Actually Have Some Merit!

Over the years I’ve told you to be, act, and think younger than you are.

While there is ongoing debate about the power of the mind to influence the body, more and more evidence suggests that you do indeed have some say in how you look and feel and of course, how you experience life (also known as how you behave!).

But today’s message is just a little different take on things. About 11 months ago a wrote a blog that revealed to you things I might have done differently. One of the things I mentioned was I would warm up more before exercise and I would stretch afterwards. The temptation to jump right in and put a check mark in the “done box” of exercise always made it difficult for me to get ready.

Even the concept of getting ready to exercise was kind of humorous a few decades ago. I mean, did you come to exercise or did you come to be the guy stretching and doing those silly calisthenics for 2 minutes!

Well, I can tell you now the 2 minutes has expanded into more like 20 or 30 and has become the main focus on a daily basis.

Along those lines I can tell you one of the main ironies of aging but it may be better if I tell you a story.

Not all that long ago a somewhat younger doctor colleague of mine who used to be a resident under me told me the tale of his father’s heart attack and subsequent bypass. His dad, also a doctor always “exercised” which consisted of playing tennis 3x a week and swimming once or twice a week.

In his mind that was enough.

My friend told me the tale with a mixture of confusion and knowing. He shook his head in a “no” movement with wide eyes when he said, “He thought the exercise would save him but it didn’t”. Again I cannot stress enough the mixture of confusion and lost puppy-ness on his face.

My response was probably not comforting.

I simply said, “You cannot exercise away a bad diet”. I might have added, “Not with some social tennis and lazy laps in the pool!” But at least I had the good sense to leave that out.

Another conversation about 2 friends well into their 50’s: “How are Joe and Johnny doing?”
“Oh, fine both of them tell me they are really working out hard these days.”
“Gee that’s funny, every time I see them they look exactly the same!”

And in those conversations my friends is the kernel of today’s message.

Exercise as therapy needs to be fairly aggressive within the limits of what is healthy for you. The current recommendation for “anti-aging” benefits is 40 minutes 5 days a week.

Going back to my doctor friend and his doctor dad, I saw the lifestyle close up. Eating out more nights than eating at home. A glass of wine or 2 every night (I can hear you saying, “But I thought that is healthy!”* Ad libitum eating under the guise of “Oh well I worked out today”.

Sorry, that will not help you age better. As a matter of fact, the great irony of aging is truly “Youth is Wasted on the Young!” In simple terms that means most people start to coast in their 50’s and onward.
They eat worse they drink more and they exercise less and with less vigor. Many have more financial means than ever and somehow being financially secure leads to a behavior of being secure in your health.

The inconvenient truth is you should spend more time exercising stretching and working out than ever as you age, again within the limits of your joints and health. Most people could do far more than they do safely**. Coasting may be a natural tendency but it is in fact deadly!

And exercise is not an excuse to eat poorly.

If you are one who works out don’t forget your multi and don’t forget to be on the higher end of fish oil consumption so you can reduce post workout soreness and help your muscle intake of nutrients and insulin response. All that will make your work outs more healthful and effective.

No one said successful aging was easy. But it sure can be fun especially when someone 20 years younger is panting to keep up!

Treat your body to the best so you can be your best.

Yours in having fun and staying young!
Dr. Dave



*As we dive into “personal omics” the so called use of genes to look at “personalized medicine” it becomes more apparent that some of the “healthy” habits are not healthy for everyone. 2 glasses of wine a day, supported buy the so-called French Paradox ignores the rest of the French life style and epigenetics of that population and lays all the benefit to red wine. I have ALWAYS doubted that although I am sure red wine sales have gone up over the past 20 years. You can do just as well taking red wine extract and avoiding the alcohol. Similarly some people can smoke a few cigarettes a day or an occasional cigar and have no issues. Some cannot. Aging well does have a wee bit of denial associated with it but let’s not get dramatic. You do not need wine every night, cigars and cognac every weekend and a fancy gourmet meal 5 days a week to enjoy life. If all this sounds foreign to you I can assure you there are plenty of people between 55 and 75 who do this all the time!

** Always consult your doctor when it comes to your exercise program.

All that Glitters!

The Omega 3 industry has expanded in logarithmic fashion since I first introduced my own fish oil  back in 2002.

I am not sure which number to believe but in spite of the best attempts by Big Pharma and major medical journals to convince you that fish oil does not work and/or you should only expect real results from prescription fish oil, people are still investing in their health and controlling their health with their own choices of product.

As a result, the fish oil market now rivals the “male enhancement” market which is upwards of 15 billion dollars a year when I last bothered to check.

When I started in 2002 it was a 30 million dollar a year market and the best you could get was my PGFO at 55% purity.

Now of course we come pretty close to the purity of prescription fish oil!

It’s not all that surprising that there would be all kinds of permutations of marine Omega 3’s nowadays.
Krill which you couldn’t give away 10 years ago has benefited from the fish oil market immensely now garnering about 13% of all marine Omega 3 sales.

And clever marketers with deep pockets have acquired what used to be known as green lipped muscle oil and managed to sell that as “something different”.

Finally, there are all the plants that contain some form of Omega 3 oil like hemp, chia, flax and so forth that have enjoyed the success of fish oil.

But buyer beware.

All that glitters is not gold.

A recent study compared the anti-tumor effects of marine Omega 3’s were compared to plant-based Omega’s like flax listed above.

The tumor inhibiting power of marine based Omega 3’s (in this case fish derived NOT krill derived) was 8X greater than that of plant derived Omega 3’s. I have been over the 18 Carbon vs 20 and 22 carbon argument at least 50 times in the past 15 years so I’ll skip it today except to say your body runs better on Fish Oil!!!!!

Don’t be fooled by the alternatives.

The original article does glitter and is gold!!!


Dr. Dave

Fish Oil Lowers Resting Heart Rate- The Native Americans were Right

A well known Native American Adage is that you only get so many heart beats. You can hasten your death by hastening your heart rate or slow it down by doing the opposite.

Ironically (or maybe not!) modern science has confirmed just that. Now the key feature is you DO NOT have to have a resting heart rate above “normal” to benefit.

A recent study showed that fish oil may lower resting heart rate from 73 to 68 beats per minute or 5 beats a minute in normal health people who are considered to have healthy hearts.

While the actual number of lives saved by this mechanism is unclear it is estimated at over 6% reduction in sudden cardiac death. The dose required is relatively low for this specific effect because it seems to act on your fight or flight nervous system.

A reminder that over 18 years ago the GISSI study showed an almost 30% reduction in all cause mortality at a dose of between 2-3 grams a day.

I will still tell you, you should aim for an Omega 6/3 ratio of greater than 60% and this will take the average person between 4 and 6 grams of my Super Potent Fish Oil every day.

But the good news is a little is better than none and some is better than a little and so forth.
Now beware! Given the rapid tendency for Big Pharma and some of my anti-aging colleagues to still cling to drugs for all salvation, watch out for a recommendation for low dose Beta Blockers as a way to achieve this very same effect.

If you don’t mind impotence, light headedness and lethargy with blunted exerciser performance go ahead and do the typical MD thing.

ME? I ‘ll stick with fish oil and a bit of ancient wisdom!!!!


Poise In the Noise!

This brief phrase uttered during the recent NFL regional championships got me thinking.

Over my 18-year career as a nutraceutical designer and anti-aging guru I have heard an awful lot of noise.

The fact that I do not stop getting pretty much the same questions as I have from day one tells me the noise continues unabated. I also think of the phrase “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Bottom line on this one: the mere passage of time is all it takes to bring back the noise because no one in our sound bullet instant gratification society seems to remember much of anything for any longer than the news cycle.

Here is a classic noise piece for you from July 2012: “Fish oil increases the risk of prostate cancer!”. Do you remember that study from one DR. Braskey who ended his analysis by saying we should all take more Omega 6’s. That article made the rounds as gospel truth and several high ranking nationally famous urologist got on the “Ban Fish Oil Now” bandwagon.

Of course, we now know that putting it mildly that whole study was grandstanding nonsense. But it does point out the ongoing resistance by many of my scientific colleagues to admit that fish oil does more good and less harm than many drugs. But, since it is basically unpatentable Big Pharma continues to stone wall it. Even the “pharmaceutical” versions of fish oil are limited to tiny niches in the treatment of things like sky high triglycerides.

But above this noise, there continues to be dozens and even hundreds of Omega 3 fish oil based studies.

Here are some of the most recent fish oil studies you will not hear about because they are positive.

  • Fish oil improves athletes immune function and reduces markers of oxidative stress. Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2014 Apr;24(2):206-14
  • Fish oil is useful for moderate knee arthritis Efficacy and Safety of Fish Oil in Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis.
  • Fish oil improved the outcomes in heart disease with people already on statins above and beyond just statin therapy. I wonder how much noise there is not to take fish oil with prescription drugs and how much push there is away from self-treatment with fish oil towards prescription only modified fish oil.
  • J Am. Heart Assoc. 2017 Dec 15;6(12). pii: e006981. doi: 10.1161/JAHA.117.006981.
    Effect of Eicosapentaenoic and Docosahexaenoic Acids Added to Statin Therapy on Coronary Artery Plaque in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
    Alfaddagh A1, Elajami TK1, Ashfaque H1, Saleh M1, Bistrian BR1, Welty FK2.
  • So, the noise continues unabated and will do so forever as long as we are owned by a Pharmaceutical only future that demands our retirement be spent on drugs. Prevention is dead cures only please they say.

But you can break that chain by remaining poised above the noise!


What’s Golden, Pure, and Super Good For YOU?!

If you said my world beating Ultra Pure Pharmaceutical Fish Oil you get a gold start.

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Health is an incredible gift to give!


Do You need a “Balanced” Fat Supplement

A rather famous biochemist made a fortune selling “balanced” fat  formulation for human consumption.

I have to take umbrage with the concept and ask the critical question: Balanced for whom?

It’s nice to simplify and package the whole fatty acid biology thing into a pretty mix of pastels that all blend together in a pretty picture. Omega3’s 6’s 7’s 9’s etc. all sound sexy especially if you don’t know or care what the effect is in people.

Or maybe you’ve never been responsible for human life the way I have.

You and I are already unbalanced in a big way if we follow anything close to the diet recommended by the gurus of the Food Pyramid and most other Western Diets.

I have often told you the story of my Omega6/3 ratio testing amongst Vegans and Vegetarians but I will repeat it here: they were just as unbalanced as the rest of the population with an average Omega 3 content of 23%.

The best range should be between 60 and 70%.

My meat eating Paleo buddies come in at around 45% on average disputing what another (this time Paleo guru) said when he related, “You don’t need fish oil”.

Sorry, but most of us do myself included.

If we live on the coast and eat predominantly sea food, sea weed and vegetables we could conceivably get away with no fish oil supplements. That is of course if we could tolerate the lead, mercury, and plastics that are part of that food chain and are removed from high quality fish oil.

Now one of my heroes, Dr Bill Lands, to whom we owe the Omega6/3 fingerstick ratio test reminded me that diet alone can be adjusted to give a very favorable Omega 3 ratio. A moment later he confided that taking fish oil was actually much easier.

That is true for all of us!

Now I firmly believe in eating healthy but I have never successfully adopted a low Omega 6 high Omega 3 diet.

I like some fish and seafood but not that much. Eating free range meat and eggs helps a lot and the Horrendous Diet will reduce your need for Omega 3’s.

But if you are over 40 and run, lift or play sports for your health, odds are you will generate inflammation and start the aging program going in the wrong direction.

Sounds completely contrary to what we are being told right? After all exercise is good isn’t it?

The truth is all the exercise parameters we measure in the lab look at individual chemical reactions and the effects are “good”. They do not look at long term effects on joints however and many of the exercises that are tested and stressed are damaging to joints.

Now add to that the effects of elderly epigenetics, poor posture and faulty biomechanics and you have at least something that will blunt the effectiveness of exercise as an anti-aging tool.

In the words of everyone who ever wrote a scientific article that got published, “More research is needed!”.

I will tell you that the simplest answer is not to worry about it and do your exercise, but take your Fish Oil to blunt that inflammation and level the playing field!

Unless you are a perfect biomechanical specimen!

The search for perfection should never stop but neither should you as a result of that pursuit so make it easier on yourself!

Your body will Thank You for it.



The Enemy At The Gates: Inflamation

When we look at aging objectively there are a few common themes. At the head of the class is inflammation.

Indeed, inflammation seems to guaranteed for anyone over 40. Its not just external factors like EM from all the electronic devices, poorer air quality, poorer water quality and lousy diet with nutritionally poorer food, there is an internal change in our body as well.

No one is sure which is the chicken and which is the egg here but it is clear that those genes that are responsible for more inflammation are “turned on” and those that suppress it are turned off.

I have searched long and hard for the answer but frankly I am more interested in the result- suppressing that inflammation that seems to be a body wide attack.

The most important things you can do involved maintaining a higher level of an essential oil, Omega 3 as compared to your Omega 6 fats. Now a while back someone tried to get fish oil certified as an anti- inflammatory compound. The powers that be denied this “claim” because the standard way of measuring known as ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) was actually zero for fish oil.

This is a classic case of people in power not knowing anything about what they are regulating. Fish oil does indeed have no direct free radical suppression. It is however the “Master Switch” of the entire anti-inflammatory cascade. Another way of saying this is it’s the beginning not the end, but without beginning you cannot get to the end.

So, in this battle against the Enemy at the Gates- Inflammation, it is the biggest most important weapon you can harness.

Now what about the role of the so-called known anti-oxidants like Vitamin E, Curcumin, Bromelain etc. etc.?

Well, coupled with co factors such as B vitamins, zinc, selenium, magnesium and the like these guys form the actual soldiers. But an army without a general is defeated quickly.

Fish oil is the general!

Young Life Daily is the generals’ army.

You need them both to fight and win this battle against what will soon be recognized as a disease- Aging!

Fight it to win!


Faster Stronger Younger and Better Part 1- The Lost Art of Prevention

To Quote Daniel Craig in one of the more recent James Bond movies, “Youth is no guarantee of innovation!”

I was thinking about this after I read an article that predicts that super intelligent machines (designed no doubt by youthful engineers) will soon replace Cardiologists and allow us to predict heart attacks within a few weeks of their “due date” allowing much more accuracy and saving many more lives.

I am all for it but I have to wonder what kind of malpractice those machines will have to carry or whether as always, the human doctor will bear the ultimate responsibility for the wrong decision even if it’s made by a machine.

Perhaps the most enlightening statement of this article was and I paraphase, half the fatal heart attacks in men and 2/3 rds fatal heart attacks in women are occur without symptoms.

Couple this with the long term upcoming blood pressure recommendations of 110/60 and everyone should have a cholesterol less than 200 total no matter what the make up and the risks and you can see where this is going.

More drugs and more interventions.

I would have a lot more faith in all this if it weren’t for the bevy of drugs pulled off the market for hurting and killing people, cancer death rates exactly the same as in 1970 and the use of mitochondrial toxins like metformin and resveratrol as “anti-aging drugs”.

Most of these things are going to go the way of “evidence based medicine” and die a quiet death because we will find that the machine will only be as good as the person programing and frankly we are in the dark about a lot of things still even after trillions of dollars in drugs and research.

I have an idea!

While you are waiting for the AI machines to slowly take over the world and your responsibility (think cell phones!) you might want to practice the lost art of prevention!
Here is where I start my “prevention” every day with Ultra Potent Fish Oil and Young Life Daily
Then later in the day I add my Mito QE to help those little powerhouses do the power and recovery thing better.

Now keep in mind I can only speak about prevention for myself since any other use of the word will be interpreted and a medical claim, even when the problem is not classified as a disease.

Aging is a case in point.

I have been a physician for 27 years now and nothing I have seen gives me confidence in where we are going. I am allowed to tell you that.

As always I encourage you to educate yourself as to the truth of what I am saying using other unbiased sources, specifically Pub Med. Actually almost exclusively Pub Med!!!!

Don’t wait for AI to practice the lost art of prevention, or it really will be a lost art!!!


P.S. If you missed the most recent Telecon, you can still hear it free at <<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>


Is it a Disease or Are YOU Just Getting Old?

As you may know if you have been with me for a while, my main areas of expertise are relatively few.

They include Omega 3’s, Telomeres, Stem Cells, Nutrition and Exercise. I suppose I could claim a “minor” in Sleep Meditation and the like.

I have been at it a while and I have to tell you it’s a mixed blessing.

I am always reminded of the famous Schopenhauer quote about the truth paraphrased here: “ The truth is first ridiculed and vilified, then violently opposed, then accepted as self-evident.”

So along with the new bevy of non-medical bio hackers, I am laughing a bit at the numerous articles and blogs that are coming out suggesting that aging may in fact be a disease.

LOL is all I can say- never heard that before did we?

But the good part is that if that concept is beginning to take root we can expect more research and “cures” of some kind to be in the works. After all who would work on something that is an impossible chore?!

As we wait I want to re-introduce for the 50th time the concept of “buying runway”.

Using the airplane analogy and aging, the more runway you have, the longer you can continue your take off. The longer you are around and at least initially, healthy, the more likely you are to be there when the next big breakthrough comes along.

Someone once asked me if they did all the things I recommended in the book “The Immortality Edge” some 8 years ago, how much longer could they hypothetically expect to live.

Now I stress the hypothetical aspect of this lest the FTC and FDA accuse me of making claims about something that is not actually recognized by them as a disease (it’s funny how the people who make the rules can bend them to suit their agendas!).

Anyway, the best-case scenario is about a decade- 10 year more with a decent chance at health.

Now only you can decide if this hypothetical answer is worth the time, money and discipline it takes to live (another DR Dave original) “The Anti-Aging Life Style”.

Here is where I usually launch into the “You need to take Your Fish Oil” pitch,  but I want to you remind you that the book I wrote has 6 other chapters devoted to life style changes, not just supplements as one Amazon reviewer suggested.

Simply put, diet and exercise rank high, but we don’t know and haven’t really studied their effects on healthy adults all that much except to say they are “good”. What diet and how much exercise remains very much in the bias of the person writing the article.

Them that does likes, so runner say its running, cross county skiers says its skiing, interval trainers (HIIT) say its intervals and everyone else from Yoga to Zumba jumps on board claiming by default to be good for you.

Power lifters need not apply. Although there are studies on power and longevity. Until there is a power lifter researcher who publishes we are stuck with running, cycling and skiing. Interesting how all science geeks tend to be aerobes if anything!

Sleep is critical for all the reasons I have written to you about, and lectured about worldwide.

But controlling inflammation is still the fastest most accepted way to influence the biology of aging.

I do it with 4 to 6 grams of fish oil and my aptly named multi-vite, Young Life Daily.

In my opinion the above will get you some runway while I work on the rest of it.

I will be talking to you about telomeres, stem cells, mitochondria and lots of other age-related things but start with what I just told you and buy some runway!!!!

Hey, did you hear, “Aging might actually be a disease!”

Yours as always,

Dr Dave