I was asked one of the best questions I ever heard about Omega 3 fish oils by a reporter who was doing a story on them 2 years ago.

He said, “Why is it so hard to get the truth about them! Do they work or don’t they!”

The easy answer was of course they do but that is not what I told him. I told him about all the different studies both pro and con. I pointed out that almost all of the “con” studies were exactly that: cons pre designed to show a failure of fish oil to achieve whatever end point they were focusing on. The big one seems to be heart disease, but with the advent of Vascepa and the REDUCE-IT trial many people are re examining their belief systems.

The only con Big Pharma mouth piece docs and journals can come out with is “Hey that is not fish oil it’s a drug derived from fish oil. Don’t imagine fish oil works!”

I don’t have to.

A recent study in the Journal of Medicine which apparently does not survive on drug company ad money, basically showed between 15-18% overall mortality in the people consuming the highest amounts. The results were linear meaning the higher the Omega 3 consumption, the lower the overall mortality and the lower the less positive results. Do you understand now why I continuously cry foul at the major mouthpiece journals when they publish negative results with less than one gram a day (less than one capsule of my fish oil).

The other important thing is that this may be the longest running and largest study ever done. It looked at over 420,000 people, both men and women, and ran for 16 years. Pretty hard to debate that but I am sure the naysayers will try.

The other important point is there were positive impacts on various diseases of aging including whopping reductions in Alzheimer’s and cancer. Now I am not allowed to tell you my fish oil will do this-you need to draw your own conclusions.

Also this week studies were released on reduction of breast cancer spread (metastatic spreading cancers are the large reason people die from cancer.

And another study showing improved brain function in the elderly and yet another in young children.

And finally earlier this year another study showed that Omega 3 levels ( understand that fish oil supplementation raises Omega 3 levels- you DO NOT need to eat fish to get this increase) are better predictors of death than cholesterol.

None of this should be new to you if you have read my emails or seen me speak live.

This data has been out there since 1999 and has been repeated. In my opinion there is simply been a now failed attempt to suppress it by using science to hide the truth.

Well science also reveals the truth especially good science.

My personal non medical advice/opinion is Omega 3’s are not miracle workers or panaceas. They are simply missing essential ingredients in our diet. If we stopped looking at them as a “supplement” and an essential vitamin the suppression of these benefits would not be necessary by people who are threatened by YOUR better health and longer life!

Take your Fish Oil everyday! And you might want to buy it by the case!



Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia
June 2018, Volume 23, Issue 1–2, pp 43–58 | Cite as
Long-Chain Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Modulate Mammary Gland Composition and Inflammation

The internet and other information sources are swamped with information on healthy Omega 3 fats. Sometime the terminology can be really confusing, especially when it’s attached to marketing hype. The truth is there are pro’s and con’s to what type or “format” the Omega 3 is in. There are the basic formats, Triglyceride, Phospholipid and Ethyl Ester.

So what is the difference in all these different forms, and more importantly what does this mean for you.

The triglyceride is often called “natural” because it exactly what comes out of the fish.  It is minimally processed other than being pressed in a cold environment.

Triglyceride simply means three things attached to a central single chain. Think of a coat hanger with three belts hanging from the bottom left, center, and right.

What should you know:  The fact that it is natural and unprocessed means that only one of these is actually a useful Omega 3 fat. The other two can pretty much be any other fat including the not so healthy Omega.  In addition toxins tend to accumulate in these areas as well. That said if the ocean is as clean as it can be where these fish come from, you will not face immediate issues with toxins.  Long term can be another matter.

The other issue mentioned above, only one of the three fat is in the useful Omega 3 format.  For this reason the absolute theoretical maximum concentration of essential Omega 3 fats in this kind of fish oil is 33%. In practice it varies between 25% and 30%.  If you are trying to get to a higher level of Omega 3 in your body this is a tough way to do it. The human gut efficiently absorbs all fats over a 24 hour period of time no matter which format you are taking.

The Phospholipid form is next and it is often called the “membrane” form because human cell membranes store essential fats and other fats this way. Using the hanger analogy from above, this hanger only has a left and right chain.

What you should know: This type of Omega 3 is usually restricted to shellfish and crustacean types of seafood rather than fish.  In terms of human consumption and supplement marketing this is currently the least common.  It is however considered natural since it does come from a sea creature.

While it may be slightly better absorbed than the other formats it, like the natural triglyceride format provides a limited amount of Omega 3 and retains toxins found in the oceans where it is fished.  In certain areas the primary source called krill is endangered. Krill remain a primary food source for many types of fish and whales.  Fish will take the phospholipid form of Omega 3 and convert it to the triglyceride form naturally. Some marketers argue that since phospholipids do not require enzymes to convert to the membrane format, they are superior to other forms. This has not been proven to be the case in studies where clinical outcomes are measured. Processing of this kind of Omega 3 must be minimal to retain the natural format.

Ethyl Esters: These are the most common form of fish oil and by far the most often consumed in human populations and human studies on fish oil

What you should know:  Some marketers claim they are not really even fish oil since they rarely occur naturally in fish. They do however occur naturally in the billions of Calanus shrimp found in the North Atlantic. In addition once Omega 3’s are released from cell membranes (remember the storage form is phopsholipid) they usually pass through the ester stage and sometimes remain that way as a very potent anti-inflammatory derivative of fish oil. So in a very real sense they are natural to the human body and its enzyme system.

In addition because they do not have extra molecules (like the hanger in the above analogy) they can be packaged much tighter with concentrations of essential oils reaching 90%. This is often referred to as “Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil” because it is exactly the potency drug companies use in their versions of fish oil. The high potency of these oils makes them ideal for people who need or want to increase their Omega 3 levels quickly and easily. You have to be careful though because “Pharmaceutical Grade” has no legal meaning and the term can be used by anyone selling fish oil.

Finally because of their purity and potency they have almost no measurable toxins and minimal fish burp that is sometimes seen with lower potency non distilled oils.

All across the world people are consuming each of these types safely and effectively.  This information is presented so you know what to expect and how to use the brand of your choice

It’s time for me to remind you of some information that has been circulated for quite some time.  In the process more and more data from scientific studies has supported the role of fish oil and Omega 3’s in Preventing and or/treating cancer.  Now you may recall last year at this time a nonsensical study came out suggesting that “higher doses” of fish oil led to prostate cancer.  I was shocked at how gullible the scientific community  (e.g. doctors) were at accepting the headline without looking at the data.

The study was massively flawed to begin with as anyone who bothered to read it would have seen. I guess that is the lesson: even the experts don’t bother to read.  If there was a score card out there somewhere that took note of the name of people who said stuff that was clearly not true versus true and we actually publically called out the people who made these statements, there would be a lot of ‘experts” who would be eating crow or worse right now!

In last summer’s study, the “higher dose” of omega 3 boiled down to a 2% difference which means absolutely nothing.  Bottom line: everyone they looked at had very low Omega 3 levels to begin with. The real conclusion should have been that low Omega 3 can lead to prostate cancer.

For more on this you can look at my blog Fish oil and Prostate Cancer More Bad News.

You may have also seen the latest Fish oil no good for Heart Disease info coming out of Canadian Journal of Cardiology.  This “study” is a review article not an actual study so bias abounds.  Again the above blog pretty much says it all.

If you want to get published these days you better have bad news.  In the meantime there is much more good news.

One of the reasons I knew immediately that the prostate cancer stuff was nonsense is that there is a long history of science backing up and embracing the use of omega 3’s and fish oil in every hormonally sensitive cancer out there.

This includes prostate, breast (in men and women!) and most recently endometrial cancer.

There are several different ways that this particular cancer of the uterus may benefit, but in a nutshell, Omega 3’s slow down and inhibit cancer cell growth, reduce spread and induce “apoptosis” the destruction of malignant and sick cells so a healthy population can take their place.

Apoptosis in general is a topic am very interested in form the standpoint of how the body ages.  Apoptosis is part of a recycling mechanism that allows you and me to preserve critical parts of our cell structures and reuse them without keeping the bad stuff.

This by the way is why there are only 10 essential amino acids (protein building blocks) instead of 20.  You can recycle half of them and reuse them without having to eat them every day!

The same is not true of the two major essential fatty acids in fish oil:  EPA and DHA. Your body needs a constant supply.  In populations where those 2 essential fats have been kept high there is a lot less disease including all of the cancers mentioned above.

Now I cannot legally tell you fish oil prevents cancer, at least until big Pharma has a patent on it for that purpose.  I can tell you most of us do not get nearly enough to benefit the way we should.

I can also tell you there is nothing magic about fish oil’s continued and amazing benefits.  It’s not rocket science. It’s just giving your body what it needs and what it uses to stay healthy every day.

The strangest things come up in science. Every week there is a “new pathway” or a new “possibility of a drug that will help in the fight against cancer”. Sometimes it’s new dietary advice or a reiteration of some previous advice.

But what do we really know and what can we actually hang our hats on in terms of truly effective anti-aging therapy?

Well let me tell you something I hear a lot. It goes like this:” Doc you can’t prove anything you do has any effect on aging. Nothing has been shown to work so far and all of it is speculation!”

Truth is this is usually someone who is pissed off about how much TA-65 costs and is justifying not using it for that reason.

Telomerase activation in the form of TA-65 has a growing body of human data. But don’t take my word for it! Look it up for yourself on Pub Med!

Now the speculation part is partly true. There is absolutely nothing out there at this very red hot moment that will work for every single person on the planet under every single situation. The bottom line is that you probably need to do a lot of things to get the maximum benefit out of any anti-aging program. It’s also true that most people are not going to go to the extent I do or spend the money, time and effort I do or pursue staying young and healthy with the same passion I do. There are people out there who are trying but most of them are following some guru for advice and frankly most of those gurus are wrong. Many of them will die younger than they should and in an unhealthy situation.

I just read about one of the icons in the alternative medicine world who just passed away. He influenced a ton of people and tons more quote him or follow his advice or the advice of one of his “disciples”.

He died of a chronic age related illness and was at least a few years younger than the average age of death for most men. Adele Davis one of the early pioneers of healthy diet and vitamin supplementation died at age 70 of cancer. Famous health publisher (Clean Eating) died of cancer at age 73. Jim Fixx who along with along with Kenneth Cooper MD probably started the running revolution died in his 50’s of heart disease.

My point is we need different advice than we have been given because as it stands now most people are probably going to die at about the very age they would had they simply done nothing special.

Also I would be careful who you follow and manage your expectations.

Personally I do expect to live a long and health life.

I do expect that the advice and life style I am giving will work for many if not most people.

But you will notice it is not “typical” advice in any way. Telomerase activation, high dose fish oil  ketogenic diets and most of the other stuff I advocate have been panned by every major alphabet agency out their including those representing my field of traditional allopathic medicine (the MD kind).

No one can prove anything for human longevity for one very simple reason: no one has done a lifelong study on a cohort of people and controlled for every single variable that there ever was. If you are getting the idea that no one ever will do this kind of study you are right. So it will always be correct to say “I dare you to prove anything you say works”.

But since it can never be done it’s basically a cheap shot. The converse is true as well. If you do nothing you are absolutely 100% guaranteed to not have anything different happen in your life or death.

I am not one to sit on my ass and let the years pass by gently accepting the same fate as my parents or of the rest of my species. Frankly you should not be either since neither of us have anything to lose and much to gain.

More life and more health! What a wonderful concept and what a wonderful desire. But you can’t follow someone who is not making that the center of their lifestyle. My whole goal has been to give a step wise program for anyone who wants to do SOMETHING!

I don’t expect you do to what I do. There are only about 6 other people in the world who are and I know all of them!

But you can choose something simple like taking more and higher quality Omega 3.

And you can now even try the new low dose TA-65 at a much lower price,

As to the more complex things, I am working on them. Those things are what is the healthiest way to eat, how much should we sleep and how much should we exercise and what kind.” Those questions will be a lot harder to answer than what you should be taking!

But don’t fret. I will get you that answer before I shed this mortal coil!

Best, Doc
PS here is a list of my current gurus:

  • Maria Blasco
  • Matt Furey
  • JC Santana
  • Rafael Gonzalez
  • Undurti Das
  • Bill Lands

Note that not one of them is an MD!!!!!


UPDATE!! I’ve posted part 2 “What do we really know about aging“ and part 3 “The Exercise Industry’s Dirty Little Secret” of this series!

I hope you caught the initial installment of this yesterday along with the recent blogs on exercise, diet and obesity.

Whenever I talk about longevity I always get hit with the “cost factor”

It is as if I am personally responsible for the cost of things that maintain telomeressuper high quality fish oil, stem cell therapy and the like. Ask anyone who knows me and my company – I do everything I humanly can to get this into as many hands as I can.

More than a few people stated our book The Immortality Edge was all about expensive supplements. Somehow the fact that there were 7 chapters in the book and only one of them was about supplements seems to have been over looked.

Now it is true that the Immortality Edge Packs are the most telomere centric supplement on the planet. It is true that I have added more than 1300 base pairs to my telomeres after years of other interventions I did – all were a factor in that.  It is true that I correlated those results by checking 3 different forms of telomere tests from 3 different companies using 3 different technologies and they were ALL significantly improved well beyond anything that could have been test variations. And it is true that you are normally going to shorten your telomeres and get both chronologically and biologically older instead of chronologically older and biologically younger the way I have and many of my clients have as well.

It is also true that there is nothing else out there that seems to be able to come close to those results. Finally it is true that this product, unique among others does cost a fair amount of money.

The sum total of these truths boils down to this for most people though not all.  Are you worth it? Do you feel that your life and your health are worth that investment , that chance at Improvement? Only you can answer that but the rest of this writing is going to be about something that is pretty much free.

This intervention will not reverse telomere loss

But it will slow it down significantly. This intervention depends not on expensive supplements, or bleeding edge stem cell technology but on you and your ability to control your eating habits.

This intervention requires you to eat a healthy diet long term in order to see both short term immediate benefits and long term health benefits

A recent study In Korea showed that a decade worth of healthy eating with adequate Omegas, vitamins and phytonutrients from a reasonably balanced diet versus a crappy sugar grain fed meat diet could improve the length of the telomere segments.

Now it did take a while but the benefits stayed with people over that time and did not erode. In other words healthy eating led to stable long term improvements in telomere length versus unhealthy eating.  Please do not confuse this with longer telomeres. The healthy eaters did not have longer telomeres 10 years later. The healthy eaters did have longer telomeres than their crappy diet compatriots in this study but EVERYONES telomeres were shorter than 10 years ago. It was a matter of degrees.

Still slowing the loss is a good thing and not to be ignored. Even if you are on a telomere centric supplement such as mine, you should do everything you can to help it do its job.  And if you are not, then it’s a must!


I always introduce new concepts and alert people to what to watch out for.

One of the small chunks of what I am going to talk about is mitochondrial medicine. If you don’t know what that is have no fear most people don’t either!

Probably because it does not really exist yet!  But it will so here we go.  The story goes like this. Life on planet earth started somewhere around 4 gigayears (that is a 4 followed by 9 zeros!) 2 giga years later oxygen became a major gas in the atmosphere and breathing oxygen enhanced life forms’ ability to generate energy.

Now I can’t resist telling you

That what we now call fish oil was most probably there from the beginning even before fish! Those oils are essential parts of life giving membranes as well as many other critical functions.

But let’s move ahead a couple hundred millions years to a time when life was beginning to organize itself into more complex forms. Somewhere in this period the story changes big time and the mitochondria becomes engulfed by a series of other cells. But something special and strange happens. Instead of eating the mitochondria for food, a partnership developed and these new hybrids were able to make the absolute most efficient use of oxygen and energy the world had ever seen.  This gave those life forms a special advantage energetically, movement wise and reproductively so they expanded to occupy a giant niche on this planet.

A billion and a half years ago our ancestors showed up. They still had the mitochondrial energy generating power houses as do we today.

Now you would think that because of their central role in metabolism, energetic, and epigentics the mitochondria would be front and center stage in our medical efforts.

Not so.

As a matter of fact doctors and scientists are just beginning to take notice.

Well at least in this country. It is my prediction that in the next 10 years or so these will be front in center in the discussion of health span, life span and multiple diseases, especially the ones there is no cure for like cancer, Alzheimer’s, congestive heart failure and so on.

Yeah all the stuff that has us stumped at the moment!

What DO we know?

  • We know that there are 5 main steps in energy metabolism using oxygen and fat. We do know these are located inside the walls of the mitochondria.
  • We know that the very first step is dependent on something call Ubiquinol, aka reduced Co Q 10.
  • We know that as we hit 40 years and beyond, the time when aging starts to really catch up with most of us, that the levels of Co Q 10 go down.

And we do know that it is pretty easy to prevent that loss with Coenzyme Q10.

Now you can wait until Big Pharma comes out with a drug for this if you want.  You can wait for science to say, “We knew it all along!”.  And you can wait for the central of Co Q and the mitochondria to take center stage a decade or so from now when you are a decade older.

Or you can do something about it now.

Don’t wait: Later is not longer in terms of your life and health!


….Continued in Later is Not Longer Part 2

The progressive loss of muscle with aging is recognized as a problem but not considered a disease. Like most things associated with aging I personally consider aging the disease and the muscle loss, known as sarcopenia, as a symptom or sign if you prefer of aging.

It is often associated with dynopenia which is the loss of strength- kinda makes sense no?!

While there are some very high tech and expensive ways to combat this using gene therapy good ol’fish oil might also be a tool to fight sarcopenia. Please understand its fish oil, not krill, not eating fish, but fish oil. In other words a fish oil supplement!!!

There is a huge attempt by the medical and food establishment to tell people eating fish is better. Show me someone who eats enough to get to a good tissue level of Omega 3 and I’ll show you someone from Alaska, Okinawa, or Greenland.

And I’ll also show you evidence of the accumulation of heavy metals and plastic derivatives that can do nothing good in the human body.

Like it or not fish oil is the most efficient, proven and reliable way to increase tissue Omega 3 levels.

And I happen to make an amazing one.

Right now, the only recommendations for combatting sarcopenia are regular exercise and maybe a high protein diet. The later might not be all that healthy for aging kidneys. I suspect creatine might help but that has not been tested in the aged.

Now there are a lot of reasons that are easy to come up with for muscle loss with aging such as doing less, arthritis, other illnesses, loss of bone mass (remember too men are often testosterone deficient in their later years which can make loss of bone a serious problem) and of course age-related fatigue.

But sarcopenia seems to be something more than just an aged life style. It appears that something is going on with protein metabolism and repair that currently defies description and can happen even in older people who are considered healthy.

Studies with adequate amounts of fish oil (4grams a day) for adequate time periods (6 months before reevaluation) showed improved results in training strength, muscle mass and function.

Other studies have suggested this happens in healthy younger individuals to the point where fish oil is commonly recommended by men’s and women’s health and body building magazines.

And then there is the potential added benefit of fat loss.

I am so glad some of the researchers decided not to listen to the current “don’t take more than 2 or 3 grams of fish oil a day!” nonsense.

Remember the amount you need is based on your diet, not your sex or your age. And if you want you can do a simple finger stick blood test to measure your Omega3’s simple finger stick blood test to measure your Omega3’s. I used to work with a company that did this but they mistakenly put their office in NYC a few months before NYC passed a law that said no blood can be imported into the city from outside. End of story. But just google it and you’ll find the test!

Again, personally speaking I wouldn’t wait to take fish oil until you “need” it. Do it now!!!! 


Reference: Gray SR, Mittendorfer B. Fish oil-derived n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids for the prevention and treatment of sarcopenia. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care. 2017 Dec 9.

You may have seen the recent connections between “medical” marijuana and Omega 3 fish oil.

I must tell you that this is not really new information.

A while back I wrote several blogs and emails about the endocannabinoid system that was discovered in the brain. The initial research suggested that fish oil was indeed a raw material for one of the end products that binds to cannabinoid receptors and produces very much the same pain relieving effects in your body.

I actually became interested from a medical political stand point. About 8 years ago the giant French drug company Rhone, tried to penetrate the U.S. diet pill market with a drug called Remonabant. This drug was the first I had seen that attempted to utilize the cannabinoid system to prevent over eating.

I guess it was the first anti-munchie drug as well. The reason it was not accepted into the lucrative U.S. market was supposedly that it had a placebo (tested out the same as inert pills) effect of 50%. Which meant that half the people that took the so-called sugar pill lost weight to the same degree as people who took the drug!

I was surprised to see this report as the reports from Europe were very different. Then I noticed that Orilistat now called “Alli” was just released off patent. As a prescription drug Orlistat could be considered a failure in terms of gross revenues. Speaking of gross, the orange fatty trail of poop that was often left inadvertently by its users was probably one reason its sales did not hit the mark. Having been involved in the cleanup detail at the office back in the day, I did not prescribe it for my patients very often.

I think Remonabant, the first endocannabinoid drug may have died a quiet death for other reasons than its placebo effect.

But one thing I think it did do was validate the research into medical marijuana. Even the hard core anti-dope lobby had to look at the fact that a natural system of receptors existed in the human body for cannabis. And if you believe in evolution it had probably been there for millions of years in the species that eventually became homo sapiens. Maybe just maybe there was some use for this social pariah aside from lazy people getting stoned and eating too much.

Of course, the proponents of medical marijuana knew this all along! What everyone seemed to forget was the protean (global or wide spread) effect of fish oil in the human body. This includes stimulation of the “anti-pain” receptors in the brain and spinal cord to lessen discomfort and improve mood.

This effect by the way is separate and distinct from the wide spread anti-inflammatory effects of fish oil. The latter is the reason why fish oil may be effective in treating arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.
But here is the good and not so good part of the equation.

You cannot get “stoned” from fish oil. You might however get “high” especially if you are someone down in your mood. The mood elevation effects of fish oil are no doubt due to its effect on endocannabinoid systems in your brain.

I will close today’s email with a question that comes up over and over again often from people who question my veracity. It goes like this, “Doc according to you fish oil is good for just about everything. How comes the drug companies don’t make it and how can it be good for everything!”

Well the above diatribe gives you some insight into what motivates drug companies. Remember the best you can do with a natural product is a “use patent” and that does not leave you with a whole lot of profit margin!

As far as the good for everything part: I think we forget the word “essential” when talking about fish oil and the essential fatty acids that make it up. It is essential for human health and function the way food and water are. If you get no Omega 3’s and only Omega 6’s you will die plain and simple.

If you get enough (which is usually far more than people realize hence my 4-6 pills a day recommendation) you can literally soar with better health according to most studies.

And, you don’t have to smoke anything!


PS I had a conversation recently with a lovely stem cell client. We were talking telomeres and stem cells. As you have seen I often sprinkle my personal experiences in with the science. I hope you enjoy the real-world aspect of things that comes from my background as a practicing physician in a changing world. I promise you it’s not something you will find anywhere else. Experience counts and you can’t find it on google!

Have you read my blog titled “As I Lay Dying”?

That was not the first blog I have written of its type but it is illustrative.

Illustrative of what?!

Illustrative of the crappy science that the media pumps out to cause controversy and fear.

Sound familiar?

Well it seems that this is the basis of all media strategies that grab “eyeballs” these days.  Say something contrary to what is fact and everyone pays attention whether its real or not.

So maybe it won’t surprise you that within 24 hours there were two opposite fish oil headlines.

The first based on a UK study from a major university stated that even a lowly 1 gram of fish oil a day would save the UK health system (which is socialized and very sensitive to costs!) over 25 billion per year (not accounting for the conversion for pounds to dollars!).

That headline got moderate media and internet coverage.

24 hours later splashed ALL OVER every media outlet was the headline “Major study finds fish oil supplements worthless”  That was in the New York times.  Several high ranking doctors at major medical establishments were quoted harrumphing in agreement.  All the best studies in all the best journals were in agreement according to them.

All the best Big Pharma supported (advertising dollars!) and all the meta analysis of the same negative studies showed the same thing.  Talk about a set up!!! If you want to prove something wrong in medicine by all means do a metanalysis.  Pick only the studies that support your view and feed them into the mill and guess what comes out.

The conclusion you want.

Recently I did several interviews with a young well published journalist.  It all started quite innocently enough. His goal was to try to find the real truth behind the fish oil question.  He asked the most important question: Why is this not settled!!!!

Why can you have one headline one day and another the next.  My answer was simple.  Follow the money. Fish oil is a  supplement and Omega 3’s as a whole have been shown to be amazing when it comes to human health.  Yet there is an endless attempt by people who DO NOT understand fatty acid biology or who merely desperately need headlines to justify their existence.  I could not cover this more clearly than I did in “As I Lay Dying”.

I hope I meet Dr. Ted Braskey-the guy who wrote the fish oil associated with prostate cancer nonsense a few years back.

There is something I’d like to give him!!!

Take your fish oil and ignore the nonsense. After all this worthless supplement could save hundreds of millions of dollars and maybe both of our lives!


Over the years I’ve told you to be, act, and think younger than you are.

While there is ongoing debate about the power of the mind to influence the body, more and more evidence suggests that you do indeed have some say in how you look and feel and of course, how you experience life (also known as how you behave!).

But today’s message is just a little different take on things. About 11 months ago a wrote a blog that revealed to you things I might have done differently. One of the things I mentioned was I would warm up more before exercise and I would stretch afterwards. The temptation to jump right in and put a check mark in the “done box” of exercise always made it difficult for me to get ready.

Even the concept of getting ready to exercise was kind of humorous a few decades ago. I mean, did you come to exercise or did you come to be the guy stretching and doing those silly calisthenics for 2 minutes!

Well, I can tell you now the 2 minutes has expanded into more like 20 or 30 and has become the main focus on a daily basis.

Along those lines I can tell you one of the main ironies of aging but it may be better if I tell you a story.

Not all that long ago a somewhat younger doctor colleague of mine who used to be a resident under me told me the tale of his father’s heart attack and subsequent bypass. His dad, also a doctor always “exercised” which consisted of playing tennis 3x a week and swimming once or twice a week.

In his mind that was enough.

My friend told me the tale with a mixture of confusion and knowing. He shook his head in a “no” movement with wide eyes when he said, “He thought the exercise would save him but it didn’t”. Again I cannot stress enough the mixture of confusion and lost puppy-ness on his face.

My response was probably not comforting.

I simply said, “You cannot exercise away a bad diet”. I might have added, “Not with some social tennis and lazy laps in the pool!” But at least I had the good sense to leave that out.

Another conversation about 2 friends well into their 50’s: “How are Joe and Johnny doing?”
“Oh, fine both of them tell me they are really working out hard these days.”
“Gee that’s funny, every time I see them they look exactly the same!”

And in those conversations my friends is the kernel of today’s message.

Exercise as therapy needs to be fairly aggressive within the limits of what is healthy for you. The current recommendation for “anti-aging” benefits is 40 minutes 5 days a week.

Going back to my doctor friend and his doctor dad, I saw the lifestyle close up. Eating out more nights than eating at home. A glass of wine or 2 every night (I can hear you saying, “But I thought that is healthy!”* Ad libitum eating under the guise of “Oh well I worked out today”.

Sorry, that will not help you age better. As a matter of fact, the great irony of aging is truly “Youth is Wasted on the Young!” In simple terms that means most people start to coast in their 50’s and onward.
They eat worse they drink more and they exercise less and with less vigor. Many have more financial means than ever and somehow being financially secure leads to a behavior of being secure in your health.

The inconvenient truth is you should spend more time exercising stretching and working out than ever as you age, again within the limits of your joints and health. Most people could do far more than they do safely**. Coasting may be a natural tendency but it is in fact deadly!

And exercise is not an excuse to eat poorly.

If you are one who works out don’t forget your multi and don’t forget to be on the higher end of fish oil consumption so you can reduce post workout soreness and help your muscle intake of nutrients and insulin response. All that will make your work outs more healthful and effective.

No one said successful aging was easy. But it sure can be fun especially when someone 20 years younger is panting to keep up!

Treat your body to the best so you can be your best.

Yours in having fun and staying young!
Dr. Dave



*As we dive into “personal omics” the so called use of genes to look at “personalized medicine” it becomes more apparent that some of the “healthy” habits are not healthy for everyone. 2 glasses of wine a day, supported buy the so-called French Paradox ignores the rest of the French life style and epigenetics of that population and lays all the benefit to red wine. I have ALWAYS doubted that although I am sure red wine sales have gone up over the past 20 years. You can do just as well taking red wine extract and avoiding the alcohol. Similarly some people can smoke a few cigarettes a day or an occasional cigar and have no issues. Some cannot. Aging well does have a wee bit of denial associated with it but let’s not get dramatic. You do not need wine every night, cigars and cognac every weekend and a fancy gourmet meal 5 days a week to enjoy life. If all this sounds foreign to you I can assure you there are plenty of people between 55 and 75 who do this all the time!

** Always consult your doctor when it comes to your exercise program.