You Can’t Fool Mother Nature

“I can’t eat fish, I am a strict Vegan!”

I have heard that rather often in my career. Now in most cases Vegans and Vegetarians decide to consume at least the oil from fish, sans the capsules and of course the fish itself. But a whole industry has been spawned (no pun intended) around “alternate” sources of Omega 3’s.

These have included both GMO’d bacteria with inserted fish genes, “Frankenfish”- GM’d Salmon that are bigger and fatter than their natural breather, and of course the plethora of algae derived products.

The basic problem with non GMO’d sources is they provide an inferior 18 carbon version of fish oil that has to be changed by your body into the 20 and 22 carbon versions.

Humans do that poorly.

The problem with GMO is, well, they are GMO with all the potential detritus that goes with that name.

In a recent study it was shown that fish oil sources were better than algae derived sources of Omega3.

Another interesting finding came out of this study. The “bad” effects* of dietary saturated fats were negated by the fish oil but not the green sourced Omega 3’s.

Simply put, you cannot fool Mother Nature. Remember people have been eating fish and taking fish oil for centuries. Things like krill are only recent me-too arrivals. Show me a population that eats tiny shrimp for sustenance. There aren’t any!

Remember what Mother Nature put there for you



*Most of the studies done to demonstrate the bad effects of saturated fats take place in along with a high carb diet. Cut the carbs and you will see what is really doing you harm in your diet!


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