A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Market

Way back in 2002 I created my own line of supplements designed by me and created to my own specific specifications.  They were available only through my office initially and then a year and a half later on line as well.

The initial success was phenomenal and far beyond what I thought would happen.  I pretty much went through this whole wonderful exercise because I had fixed a health problem that I developed with Omega 3’s.

I have oft told the story of my love affair with the Omega’s and I am proud to say it dates back to my dad and 1974 when I was still in High School.  My dad had read the research of Dr Dyerberg who detailed the low incidence of heart disease in the Inuit as well as other health benefits attributed to Omega 3’s.

I have to tell you though the fish oil dad brought home was awful.  It stunk and was clearly rancid fish oil.  The whole family develop reflux and a nasty case of fish burp.   It turns out in my teenage bliss I was completely ignorant that the rest of the family stopped taking it after 2 days!

I lasted 2 weeks but I imagine it was not particularly good for my social life!

Years later I would become an expert in the field and be able to speak with another living legend- Bill Lands who may have contributed even more to the Omega field than anyone else.  I still have the nearly 3-hour conversation I had with him just a few years back on archive.

At some point when the smoke settles from the current situation I will let you in on it.

In the meantime, I am exercising my 1st Amendment Right to free speech.

While that is the situation I decided to stay in touch with you and tell you how I feel about a lot of different things.  You will get my unique perspective on many current issues in typical unleashed and uncensored fashion.

As a matter of fact, no longer will lawyers be looking over what I write.  I was told that actually had to happen in the former situation although strangely enough there were almost never any edits and I certainly never got any letters from a lawyer about my writing.

Go figure.

Then again a man who is kept in the dark doesn’t always know what is right in front of him!

So in this my inaugural post I can promise you a few things have not changed.

While I am hashing out the details of what the words “non-compete” really mean, I can promise you I will still be as honest as the day is long.  I will continue to explode both sacred cows and other animals, figuratively of course. But as always I will lambaste the lame brained pseudo-scientific nonsense that is accepted as the real anti-establishment truth.

I’ve never played to a bandwagon, not establishment, not new age, not conspiracy theory, not hippie, not traditional allopathic medicine.

All have truth and all have BS!  I will try to help you decide which is which.

I will also admit when I have been wrong even if it was for the right reasons!

I will be telling you more war stories from the front lines of health care from my unique perspective.

Finally, when it serves you, I will give you some specifics of what to do and what to look for.  I just won’t tell you what to buy.

The funny thing is, as long as you don’t make money from what you say, and you don’t damage someone else’s ability to make money, you can pretty much say anything you want!

I of course cannot say anything I want.  But I can tell you about some things that I have learned that will help you live longer healthier and happier.  I just can’t tell you where to buy them!

So for the moment you are alone in the market place. But rest assured I will not be far away.

Besides you can always always always tell the real deal from the pretenders.

Welcome to the brave new world!

Today’s Health Secret: If you want great health listen to people who actually know something about it and have experience helping other attain it.

Next time I will tell you about what it is like to be fired!  I am suspecting you may not have ever experienced that!

Dr Dave

PS if you have some sacred something or others you want me to weigh in on or just questions you’d like a semi enlightened but legally non-medical opinion on send them into me over on my new Facebook Page.

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