Dr. Fish Oil AKA Dr. Dave Woynarowski

Dr. Fish Oil AKA Dr. Dave Woynarowski
Dr. Dave Woynarowski, born in the 1950s in central Pennsylvania, wrote this about becoming “Dr. Fish Oil”

I have been a proponent of fish oil for so long that for better or worse I’ve come to be known worldwide as “Dr. Fish Oil”.  It’s a title I now wear proudly as on of the very first Doc to take and endorse a fish oil regiment.

Starting in 1976, Dr. Fish Oil had first hand experience with fish oil

Decades before most people had considered (or even heard of) taking a fish oil supplement it made it’s way into my house. I had just read the work of one Dr. Dyerborg who found that the Inuit had very little heart disease even though they ate a diet very high in fat, sparking my interest in the golden liquid that would become a big part of my life’s work.

Unbeknownst to me, this first glimpse into the fats found in fish oil would cause me to be known for most of my adult life as “Dr. Fish Oil”, a title I proudly wear to this day.

My journey as “Dr. Fish Oil” hasn’t always been smooth sailing

It took decades for the refining process to get even a remotely palatable product to market, and even then the purity wasn’t good enough for me. I labored for years, working with laboratories and manufacturers to improve the fish oil products that were out there.  Most of my colleagues at the time thought I was nuts, despite all the research that was coming to light about the health benefits of fish oil. It wasn’t until I had a very personal experience with pharmaceutical grade fish oil that they started to come around, and it earned me the title of Dr. Fish Oil.

To this day I’m grateful that back in 1976 my dad (also a MD) introduced me to fish oil and sent me on my path to becoming an expert on the subject and Dr. Fish Oil. He passed away a number of years ago, but his work lives on through me. You might even say he was the original “Dr. Fish Oil”, albeit a much lesser known version.

Dr. Fish Oil goes worldwide

Dr. Fish Oil's Famous Pharmaceutical Grade Fish OilAlmost 2 decades ago now, I launched my first pharmaceutical grade fish oil product. Since then, it’s been tested and refined countless times to this very date (it was last updated just 8 months ago!). Now I can proudly say that I have created the most potent, pure fish oil on the market today. In keeping up with my Dr. Fish Oil title, I’ll continue to reach for the fish oil stars. While there isn’t much room left for improvement with a nearly pure product, I’m constantly on the lookout for new research involving fatty acids.


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