The importance of proving TA-65 works

“Hey Doc that stuff really work? What’s the real benefit to taking it?”

That is the most common question I get about [eafl id=”2390″ name=”TA-65″ text=”TA-65″].

My answer is usually one of two things.  The first is “Yes it certainly has for me!”  Or sometimes if I am not in the mood to say a whole lot I simply say “It depends”.

The truth is that nothing works for everyone especially in the way they may actually expect or visualize it to work.

When it comes to TA-65 most people are actually NOT interested in proving it works and debunking the myths around it..  What the heck do I mean by this?

What I mean is that the only real objective way to determine it TA-65 or any other telomerase activator (hint: there are absolutely none with human studies!) is to measure telomere length and to document that your very own telomeres are getting longer and that the number of short telomeres are decreasing. This means you are getting biologically younger.

The Benefits of TA-65

I have documented that very clearly here. I have done 3 separate types of telomere tests. While all these tests have different absolute numbers they all show significant improvement over the years that I have taken TA-65.

Honestly to me this is the most important question anyone can answer when it comes to the “Does TA-65 work?” question.

But only 25% of my clients have done the test and the rate of testing is not likely to change anytime soon.


Because most people are in love with the benefits they get and the way they feel on TA-65.

The increased energy, sex drive, focus, hair and skin changes are enough.  Most of them never read the clinical studies that show improvements in blood sugar, insulin, body weight, bone density, inflammatory markers and cardiac benefits.

No most of them just love looking and feeling younger.

Still TA-65 is the only available telomerase activator that has any human clinical studies.  Just go to PubMed and type in TA-65 to the search bar and you can see for yourself.

Or you can just take the product and understand that the way you are feeling on TA-65 is probably a very clear reflection of how your body is doing and what is going on with your own aging process.

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